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Indiana Clubs

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Club Utopia
Utopia is a place for Open Minded adults to come enjoy themselves. There is no room for judgment or bias. At Utopia status is left at the door and we are who we are. Nothing More! The club is well kept for your enjoyment. 7500 square feet of space, 1 floor of quality, clean atmosphere, with plenty of open and private meeting rooms. Well lit parking area with lot security for your safety! Dart board, pool tables, big screen TV, music and dancing. Bring a good attitude, we'll supply the soda and finger food.


What is swinging?
Swinging is defined as the interaction between people for the purpose of intimate encounters with someone other than their spouse or significant other.

What if I get jealous?
Being uncomfortable or uptight is normal in the beginning stages. If you are not excited by the encounter, maybe this lifestyle isn't for you. Remember, you don't have to be with everyone who approaches you. You have the right to say NO or STOP anytime it quits being fun. This should be a pleasurable experience, not painful.

How should I dress?
You should dress however you are comfortable. We have a locker room if you prefer to change upon arrival. The attire will range anywhere from risqu' to covered from head to toe. It's up to you to decide what's right for you.

What can I expect?
Expectations are as many as there are people. Some people like to watch, others like to be watched. There are those who are looking for a third and others who would like to trade. Some like to separate and some prefer to stay within an arms length. As you can see, the list goes on.

What is an on-premise club?
An on-premise club is a club with party rooms and an off-premise club is a social get together with any interaction taking place after you leave the club. We are an On-Premise club.

I'm single and looking for some action, is this the place to get it?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This is a social club for all members to enjoy equally. Your rights STOP where theirs start. Club Utopia is not to be viewed as anything but a social get together with people of similar interest's. If it progresses it is due to mutual consent only. No pressure of any kind will be tolerated.!

Klub Layden
Klub Layden is set upon 2 acres in Muncie Indiana. It is a private membership on premise adult social club set in 7300 sq ft. Twin billards tables, great DJs, theme rooms, large hot tub and custom shower. Open 4 nights a week to Couples, Single Males and Single Females. Clean friendly relaxed atmosphere that everyone is welcome in.
Inside Klub Layden we have spacious couch areas for quieter conversations, twin pool tables, electronic darts, multi-lighted dance floor, 6 person hot tub, A large locker area, Custom multiple person shower and many sensually designed theme rooms in progress.
On Friday & Saturday evenings you can enjoy the freshly prepared food buffet, the non alcoholic drinks and the musical tunes of our own in house DJ's. We are a BYOB establishment so of course bring along your favorite, to come relax with.
During the weekends at Klub Layden the music will fill the Klub. Many Fridays that the Klub is open special parties are booked into it with a variety of themes in each one. So mark the dates on your calendar and plan to come spend an evening at Klub Layden.
We hope you enjoy your visit here and that you come see us soon at Klub Layden in Muncie Indiana.
It is said "The lifestyle will make a good relationship wonderful and is no place for an unhealthy relationship."

Constant & Fundamental Rules include:
Safe, Sane Consensual:
At Klub Layden we operate beneath this statement. Everything at all times must be safe, safe and consensual between consenting adults.

No means No!
No matter how it is said, or implied. If in question, ask. Stop immediately. Go no further. Communication, and respect for people's limitations. No does not mean maybe, does not mean slow down it means absolutely stop right now.

Do no harm!
This simple phrase says it all. Common Courtesy is the rule. If you choose to party with others, or not, please do not forget the club policies. Do not ever attempt to bring harm to any member, guest of staff member inside or on Klub Premises. We will handle the situations if they ever arise.

About Rejection:
It is tough but if it happens to you please accept it and move on. Not everyone is everyone else's cup of tea. What you may find attractive another may not. So keep dignity about yourself and politely remove yourself from the situation.

The Lifestyle is self-regulated:
We are each and all responsible for guests, our club, and ourselves. The more experienced you become the more you will be able to recognize if something is amiss. If you are bothered by something or have a question find a staff member to check it out, explain it to you, or make changes. Its ok to ask. If a corrective action needs to be taken, the staff will convey that in an appropriate manner. Never be afraid to approach one of them. They are there for that reason.

Customs and Costumes:
Clothes and gender usually don't tell you anything about a person's interests, predilections, or experience levels. Unless the party rules specify a dress code, people generally dress however they like to dress. Some people use clothes as flags to signal their interests, but in practice many players that incorporate clothing and costumes into their lifestyle do so as a separate pleasure for themselves.

In some circles, hugging a stranger hello and goodbye is normal watch and see if someone goes to hug you or greet you with a kiss. Friendly touch and hugging way is usually welcomed in Swinging/Lifestyles circles, (however in BDSM circles it is considered overstepping the bounds to do any touching without permission.) No one likes to feel vulnerable, so get permission in some manner. Just because a woman (or man) is standing nude or partially clothed next to you, getting a soda and smiling, does not make it ok to stroke the person's ass or breast! Ask, and you will often get an indication that its ok to hug, stoke, fondle, kiss, or look at the piercing someone is flaunting. If the answer is not what you wanted dont act snubbed. Be Polite, keep your balance, there may be a later.

It's a small world. The rule of thumb is that parties are not mentionable publicly. Of course, we all want to express our joy and pleasures. If you do, please be discreet. Be aware of what you say and do. If you are in doubt whether the party is mentionable, first ask the staff. It is customary to ask first before mentioning a specific individual or situation. Especially do not post to any forum in a way that identifies someone else without permission. Even mentioning someone in email without that person's permission can be considered a violation of etiquette. It is customary to email copies of anything you post to all people referenced in advance, particularly if you are unsure of anything.

At the Klub:
Relax, flirt, be yourself, be open and friendly; ask questions about the Lifestyle, various styles, comfort levels, interests; or the Internet if you want to make conversation (try not to be a geek); listen to what others have to say. Some feel if they can't have a conversation with you nothing else will happen either.

Bring your sense of humor:
Typically, many of our thoughts, fantasies, and ideas are concealed. One of the best things about the Lifestyle is that you can openly express your admiring thoughts, feelings, and sexuality. Share your energy, flirt, speak sincerely, and make eye contact! Don't be afraid to smile.

In the Lifestyle your attentiveness is usually welcomed! This experience is not based on logic or reason; so if it doest click for both of you, move on. Do not come-on in a clueless manner. Hounding, harassing, or puppy-dogging after the object of your sexual interest will guarantee that you will not be invited to parties; you might even be asked to leave the one you are at. Dont whine.

Try to use the social space to chat:
Party styles and individual styles differ, and some parties have more background noise and conversation than others in social-areas and the play-space. Even at casual gatherings, try to make sure that yours is not the remark that spoils a wonderful moment for someoneremember conversation is a type of foreplay. (I know we all make goofs, so dont let that worry you.)

Play Space: Be courteous, quiet and conscious of what is going on. Be polite, and don't talk or whisper unduly. Partners may be very focused on each other and on the intimacy of whatever they are doing together, they may want to maintain that focus even during short breaks to get a toy, put on a condom, or readjust. The admiring or joking comment, or worse the judgmental, brash, or inattentive comment that you think you are whispering is often heard. Would you want someone critiquing you, right before you reach a point of climax? If something is too much for you to enjoy watching, then simply leave the room quietly.
We are emotional beings - engaging in "sex as play" - so remember to be considerate of the well being of your play-partner, and that of your spouse. Talk about this one. After sex, some may cuddle together; shower together, quickly part, or seek out a spouse. Remember this is a multi-faceted experience and each individual needs to be cared for. Ask your partner(s) and spouse how they are - be sensitive to the moment. The emotional needs, closeness, and care following sex usually lasts longer than it looks to outsiders. Give people time to come down.

Joining In:
Do we have to participate in swinging? Definitely Not!!! We are glad to have you just attend the Klub. If you just love to dance, see sexy and flirting adults play, are tolerant of others, and can be friendly when someone says no thanks, you are welcome. We are a No-Pressure, Sex Positive, Adult Social Dance Club. Klub Layden is great place to come to if you are new to the Lifestyle - so don't be shy!!
If in doubt check. Even if it looks like they are free-for-alls. What might look to you like lots of folks joining in pleasure or otherwise play maybe some signaling going on to those that join in. The players may look casual when in fact play may be pre-arranged. If it is not a designated free form orgy room - Join in only if beckoned, or if asked and accepted. If a group room is too crowded, circulate and return later, or stand back.
There is a fine line between: Open-minded curiosity---the desire to learn and understand something from those who indicate that they are willing to take the time to share and converse with you about their play styles and sexual interests; and Prurient judgmental, gawking, or tiresomely asking of someone who is does not welcome of being asked what he or she can possibly enjoy by doing whatever astonishing thing you saw the person do.
Be tolerant of things you didn't expect, even if you've heard of such things and wished for years you could actually see it. Yes, you may be taken aback by what you didn't expect and suddenly encounter. The Lifestyle is very much about gaining perspective and expanding horizons. Even if you are fascinated, try not to gawk at stuff you have never personally encountered.
If you have never seen two women playing together across the room (making you really hot as a voyeur), or if you have never talked to a cross-dresser close enough to actually hold a social conversation while you are standing around getting soda in the social space, or maybe you have just walked in on a fisting. Get a grip on yourself before you start! Be sensitive to what each individual is offering to strangers. Its ok to be polite, don't rudely assume they are offering you a private show.

Clean up after yourself:
Keep things fresh as possible. Straighten up a play area/bed when you are done. Pick up your toys, condoms, tissues, etc., so someone else can use the area. Carry a towel it may come in handy, and leave shower areas tidy. The Klub often provides appropriate cleaning materials if you don't have them on hand. If play furniture and play space are scarce, ask the staff for an estimate for a reasonable time of use.

After the Party:
You can and should talk to the staff during the party or, possibly afterwards to ask unanswered questions, and follow up in any ways you like. If you felt comfortable or uncomfortable about anything at all at the party, talking to the staff afterwards is an excellent idea!

Klub Layden & The Krew genuinely want feedback so they can create environments that accommodate a variety of comfort levels and so they can decide what kinds of play and which attendees make for enjoyable parties. They want to help their guests feel safe, comfortable, and at liberty to enjoy themselves. If they never hear about the individual you felt harassed you, or that you felt some kind of play was upsetting or risky, or you didn't know the customs about how to handle a situation, Klub Layden cannot possibly make the necessary adjustments. Klub Layden wants to know, and it is our responsibility as an attendee to take the initiative to inform them.

The Midwest's Premier "Couples Only" Club ! "Couples Only Safe Environment"
Phone: 765 - 622 - 0103
In our lounge area you’ll find a self-serve back bar (bring your own beverage) where we provide snacks, soft drinks, ice and coffee. A complimentary buffet dinner is also provided for our guests on Saturday evenings. For your entertainment and enjoyment we have a pool table, DJ booth with a state-of-the-art sound system, beautiful multi-lighted dance floor, a brass dance pole and seating for 200 persons. The informal atmosphere and rustic décor provide an easy setting for good company and casual dining. Smoking is permitted anywhere in this area and we have three ceiling mounted ‘smoke eaters’ to keep theair quality very comfortable.
In another setting that is separate from the lounge is our smoke-free intimate party area where you’ll enjoy our large great room with lots of comfortable seating, soft lights and color television for your entertainment. The atmosphere here invites relaxation and conversation. There is a shower and lockers nearby for your convenience. Also in this area is a sink with counter and two restrooms. Wander the halls in the “play” area and discover party rooms where the amount of privacy (or lack of) that you desire is at your own discretion. The great room and play area are softly lighted and nicely decorated, creating a sensuous atmosphere that is sure to encourage playful intimacy. Just outside this area is the bus stop where a lot of our club members gather for a cigarette break and conversation. Dress is casual with most changing later into something more comfortable. We hope that Shenanigans becomes your favorite club, because at Shenanigans there are no strangers, only friends who haven’t met.

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