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Alter Ego Fetish party
Alter Ego is the largest monthly strict dress code fetish party in North America. Alter Ego is hosted the second Saturday of every month in the Hollywood-Fort lauderdale area. Our typical attendence is 800+ every month. The venue is a 10,0000 sf Historic Building with 7 rooms an outdoor courtyard, 2 dance floors and 6 full service liquor bars. Crystal chandeliers, ornate wood trim, murals make this venue stand apart and is perfect for a sexy party.

Anakosha is a community of friends who have given themselves permission to add to the beauty of friendship the close personal intimacy of sexual expression.
We believe the desire for sexual intimacy with others is normal, an inherent part of our human nature, and that by adopting standards of considerate behavior, it can be channeled into a way of living that affirms friendship, marriage, responsibility, sensitivity and trust.
The reason Anakosha exists is to offer a different entry into this culture. There are plenty of nightclubs which offer fun and excitement, a "wild and crazy" time, and that works for some people. But we think most people want to approach an intimate culture such as ours by taking enough time to learn about it and become comfortable with it. Our approach is to offer a gradual, thoughtful pilgrimage into a circle of friends ready to welcome newcomers on the basis of solid values of honesty, trust and sensitivity and consideration for others. The time required may take a day or it may take years. It shouldn't be rushed, but when the comfort is there, it shouldn't be delayed.
Women in the Lifestyle: Anakosha is especially supportive of women, not only those who need time to adapt their feelings to something as unconventional as sexual sharing, but also those who are naturally enthusiastic about it.
No matter how wide the range of sexual enthusiasm, women have a lot to tell men about how to go about intimate connections. Nature made their sexual roles different, and if men don't understand both the obvious and the subtle differences, they won't get together. That's why we sponsor regular conferences in which women meet, and men meet, and the two groups share information and concerns.
In fact, we like to say that feminine values predominate in Anakosha, and that Anakosha is more Venusian than Martian. To a considerable extent, the direction of Anakosha is determined by women, because most Anakosha men are wise enough to know that a harmonious balance in sexual sharing results from that.
Anakosha is a non-profit corporation organized for the purposes of education and exploration of human sexuality and love in the context of marriage and alternative relationships, and the spiritual connotations of those relationships, with emphasis on the concept of sexual sharing.
Our goals include bringing people together to learn about this concept, establishing local circles of friendship wherever there are like-minded people, around the country and around the world, and establishing landed facilities, similar to nudist resorts, where adherents of the concept may visit and interact with each other in an atmosphere of freedom and support, and live there if they choose. We at Anakosha call this kind of ultimate dream community -- The Village of Freedom, and it is a major goal. But first, we must build a network which supports the Village.
Anakoshans are proud of their values. They may not be the family values of everyone in America, or the world, but they are OUR family values. We demand that they have the same tolerance as other models.
In aid of that, Anakosha is a founding member of the Institute for Twenty-first Century Relationships, and has a seat on the board of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. We intend to do our best to raise the dignity of the lifestyle of sexual sharing. that advocacy is done of course apart from any reference to members, who are protected by our privacy agreement.

What we offer to our members:
We offer information, education, and spiritual exploration, but most importantly of all, the opportunity for social interaction. We do this in a lot of ways.
Website as community center. We are expanding the private members area of this website to expand the opportunities for contact among members, and to back those up with other tools, such as conferences on PalTalk, which will allow members from all over the world to visit with each other. and to permit members to have their own web page for $3 a month.
Special Interest Groups. We have different interests and want different things in our exploration of our lifestyle. So we have SIGS for members near in age to each other, for members who enjoy ethnic diversity, for spiritual members, for single members, and members interested on polyamory. The private area of the website is the place where you can sign up for those activities and make contact with others.
Members' Photo Album. This is a section of the private area of this website where members can get a web page, including as much narrative or other information they wanted to provide, for $3 a month.
There are several kinds of social events, each offering a low-key way to get acquainted with us. Our restaurant socials are the most frequent example. We have beach parties now and then, too. And some online conferences don't require a privacy agreement.
This site now provides a private members area for Anakosha members, where they can meet each other and keep in touch. Each member can post a web page and photo as part of their membership. It's a great way for Anakoshans to meet each other as far away as Australia -- where we have members.
Current Anakosha-sponsored events in Southwest Florida: Various events are happening in the Naples/Ft. Myers, Florida area that are Anakosha-sponsored.
Orientations are held monthly in Naples at Anakosha headquarters into the Anakosha way.
Dinner and dancing follow the monthly orientations, at local restaurants.
A discreet private network unofficially exists within the membership of Anakosha. Contacts and activities between couples is encouraged, as are small parties and gatherings by invitation. Members are eligible to be invited. All it takes is getting to know the people who are doing the hosting.

Anakosha has its roots in two lifestyles: swinging and polyamory (pollie-AM-ory).

Swinging is a networked lifestyle that developed in the last fifty years, arising from many individual explorations in mate-swapping. Its focus is on recreational sex. Its origin, by all accounts, was male. Many men realized that they had a non-monogamous sexuality, and to the extent that they could persuade their wives to accept that same tendency in themselves, small networks formed. The advantage of traditional swinging is that, because it is focused entirely on sex, one's emotional relationship is never put at risk. The disadvantage is that robust, caring friendships are a secondary consideration. They often happen, but they are not the primary focus. The result is an atmosphere that is more "meat market" than circle of friends.

Polyamory is a more recent concept, which supports openness to loving more, and developing intense love relationships beyond two-person relationships, with a de--emphasis on sex before such a relationship has flowered. Anakosha believes that most human beings have a need to form a primary bond, such that it is impossible to just decide to have several co-equal bonds. We think that multiple relationships that are deeply romantic will produce competition for the primary bond. That is, letting love go that far risks the relationship you started out with.

Anakosha supports free sexual and emotional expression between committed couples, but only to the extent that the primary bond is respected and protected.
All our teaching emphasizes the sensitivity, consideration and trust which are indispensable to intimate friendship. We love our friends. But we primarily support committed couple relationships, especially conventional marriage, and we warn against involvements which distract from those relationships.
We believe sex is fun, and should be kept light-hearted, though it is also an intimate communion. Sex can actually be a great way to jump-start an intimate friendship. So some of us call ourselves social polyamorists, because we care about the whole person and not just one's sexual aspect. You are more than just a body to us.
The first question is, why should we do this? Why should we open our marriage or committed relationship to sexual intimacy with others?
Well, its a lot of fun, but there are other reasons, and if we ignore those reasons, unhappiness is likely to result.
There are two important drives in the area of human sexuality: (1) human beings overwhelmingly want to form a primary bond with one other person, that results in deep emotional interdependence and love; the evolutionary reason for this of course was to support a family; and (2) we need to have sex with others. Human beings are not inherently monogamous. Men are especially driven to spread their seed among the most females possible in order for their genes to survive. Women have a less powerful drive to diversity, but they too alter their choice of the most survival-prone male to partner with from time to time.

The adultery statistics are strong evidence of the non-monogamous tendencies of human beings. Various surveys over many decades average out to say this: about 50% of all American men will commit adultery at some point, and about 20-25% of all women. (In July 2004, Newseek magazine did a cover story on female adultery in which they said that the true number was more like 35%, because women tended to fib to interviewers.) These surveys do NOT measure the number of men and women who WANT to have sexual experiences with others but dont because they are taught that it is wrong. There is evidence that almost all men have those feelings, and a great many women fantasize about extramarital sex at least occasionally. The surveys only measure the number of people who actually go out and get it on with others.

Those numbers tell us that a lot of people cheat and at the very least feel guilty, and at worst suffer the breakup of their relationships, with all the financial hardship, heartbreak, dislocation of family, loss of friends, and disappointment of ones intimate circle that that involves. Or, they dont act on their desires, and feel something is missing from their lives, an itch they cant scratch without doing violence to their principles, or those of their partner, whom they committed to without ever discussing why monogamy was, or was not, so important.
So the system created by Western society requires most of us to experience, all our lives in a committed relationship, either guilt or frustration. That is because the system presumes that the two primary sexual needs of human beings, to form a primary bond and to reach out to others, are in conflict and are irreconcilable. Well, it's not true.
That notion had a lot to do with the way societies organized, which typically involved passing power and wealth through bloodlines. The identity of ones progeny was very important; it wouldnt do for some other man to father a son of the wife of a king or a duke. And many common people depended on their children to take care of them in their old age, which they might not do knowing they were not actually their children.
But all that was before birth control and retirement plans. Actually, there was birth control as early as the Egyptians. Cleopatra used a sponge soaked in vinegar, a technique no doubt passed down for generations and dynasties. But the early Christian leaders came out against sex, and the Jews before them were pretty strong against adultery (by women, though concubines were OK), to the point of stoning violators, so those practices were suppressed, and along with them considerable choice about sexual behavior. (Interestingly, Mediterranean Jews practiced polygamy until about 1000 A.D.)
But if one is brave enough to be more liberal about sex, to the extent that it is not regarded as inherently evil outside marriage, other possibilities open. In America in the 20th century, a majority of the population came to accept that sex outside marriage is not inherently evil, at least if you were single. The stigma for married people to be sexual with others largely remains. Jealousy and possessiveness has a lot to do with that.
But what if you extend tolerance to extramarital sex? Is it then possible that the two needs, primary bond and sex with others, are not in conflict? Is it possible to honor the primary bond yet permit sex with others? Is it possible that the result will be happy for everyone?
The answer is Yes.
The genius of the lifestyle known as popularly as swinging is that it is based on a simple framework that is very familiar to committed couples: the couple stays together for the activity, goes home together, knows almost everything about what each other does during the activity (if not in the same room, at least under the same roof), consents to it, and hopefully derives almost as much enjoyment from the partners enjoyment as from his or her own.
There are several shades of swinging, and they have something to do with the history of the Lifestyle.


Some kind of secret sharing has no doubt occurred in Western culture for a long time, but very little has been documented until the 20th century, except for the Oneida community in New York in the early 1800s. The modern Lifestyle is completely separate from that experience. That was a religious community, and modern swinging begn with Air Force pilots in World War II. Originally, swinging was led by the men, and it occasionally had overtones of the kind of male crassness about sex that you can find in the pages of Hustler magazine. Gradually, and corresponding roughly with the womens liberation movement, women became more assertive and insisted that the tone of Lifestyle interactions and parties be a lot gentler and more civilized. Anakosha believes that the Lifestyle is at its richest when it is expressed in a style in which the women are most comfortable. For that reason, we say that the women play the leading role in Anakosha. The men do not lightly ignore what the women want, or object to.
Similarly, friendship is important in the Lifestyle. Back in the days of suburban wife-swapping, which occasionally got written about in tabloids before the organized network of swinging evolved, couples knew each other and were friendly if not close friends. When commercial swing clubs came into being, the pull was toward an exciting nightclub experience, and the gentler approach in those settings was replaced by almost anonymous interactions with complete strangers. Commercial clubs, even those who try to relate in a warm and friendly way to their members, still tend to portray evenings with them as wild and crazy times to be had. Home-based clubs, almost uniformly, offer a warmer, gentler environment.

Anakoshas way
Anakosha has enshrined the importance of friendship in its statement of values. In that regard, it differs from the official definition of swinging written by Robert McGinley, founder of NASCA (formerly North American Swing Club Association): social interaction for the purpose of recreational sex. We think that definition is a little too sex-focused. Instead, Anakosha promotes friendship, with permission for consensual sexual intimacy when it feels right for those involved. The friendship comes first, even if it is only by a few hours or minutes, and the sex falls into place as it will, understanding the participants are inclined in that direction to begin with, but with no pressure to do anything.
Of course, youre not going to have warm feelings about everyone you meet, and sometimes the chemistry can be negative. All we expect when that happens is civility and cordiality. But most people who are attracted to the Anakosha way are themselves pretty nice people, so most of the time youll be meeting people you will enjoy getting to know.
Another leader of the Lifestyle, the late George Pittman, described the result as intimate friendships, a phrase which fits Anakosha like a glove. So in Anakosha, while many members conveniently describe themselves as swingers, it is more accurate to think of us as intimate friends, or sexual sharers, or social polyamorists. Also, a lot of people in the Lifestyle of sexual sharing dont like the word swinger because it sounds too hedonistic, and their approach is more complex and idealistic than mere hedonism.
Whether you prefer the McGinley or the Anakosha definition, specific interactions work best when all participants have friendly feelings toward each other. Indeed, the better friends you are with another couple you are being sexual with, the easier it is to feel comfort and trust about the situation. It is the exact opposite of the straight world, where your partner having sex with your best friend is the most brutal betrayal of all. In the Lifestyle, best friends are the most logical, and most welcome playmates of all for your spouse.
There are literally millions of couples in America now, and many others around the world, who can testify that swinging in general, and the friendship-oriented version especially, work. They have had many happy experiences, and they describe their lives as relieved of sexual frustration of the look but dont touch kind, and they speak of improved communication between themselves as primary partners, and of feeling closer and more trusting of their special friends.
Statistics vary, but we believe around 4% of American couples participate in the Lifestyle regularly or occasionally. That may not sound like much, but it's more than 10 million people -- more than several prominent religious denominations: more than the Lutherans standing alone, or the Presbyterians, or the Pentecostals, and more than all the Episcopalians, Mormons and Jews put together. And we believe that once American couples come to understand the joys and rewards of the Lifestyle, and the stigma of its taboo begins to fade, much larger numbers of Americans will embrace the philosophy.

There are various other possibilities for non-monogamous behavior.
We have all heard of couples who have an understanding, or open marriage, such that one or both of them occasionally or frequently go their own way sexually with their partners consent. The trouble with that is that it puts distance in between the extramarital sex and the primary bond, and that tends to evoke a fear of loss of the primary bond, that is, jealousy. And the two partners (or more) of the one marital partner are typically not close, and that means at the very least that one is experiencing rich intimate experiences that the other has no connection with at all. Worse yet, those disconnected intimate relationships typically resemble the primary one, and often involve romantic love, which can be confusing and distracting to the partner with the lover, and unless that partner is truly committed to his or her primary partner, that primary relationship might be undermined or destroyed.
There is another arrangement, known these days as polyamory, a word which was originally coined to mean all forms of responsible non-monogamy, but in recent usage has been co-opted to mean situations in which all the participants form a committed, loving relationship together. The most common version is a triad (three people), but it can be a quad or quintet or even more. In many such relationships, the members enter into the arrangement professing that all branches of it have equal status -- that there is no primary bond. We believe that in doing so, most are making the mistake of ignoring the primary bond, such that if the group pretends it doesnt exist, there will in fact be a subconscious competition for it, with the result that someone will come away disappointed and hurt, and maybe the original primary bond will be destroyed. We think it is better to identify any primary bonds that exist in the group and defer to them.
It is because of such problems that most swingers avoid deep emotional entanglements with their lovers like the plague. In Anakosha, we think it is perfectly normal to love your friends just as straight people do, without becoming romantically entangled. Still, we dont deny that some people can manage multiple romantic relationships. Indeed, polyamory has a place under the Anakosha umbrella. We just warn that it is riskier, and certainly more work, than the simple model of one primary bond-couple sharing as friends with others.

More detailed guidance is contained in the Members Area of our website.

Barbi's World-Famous Sexy Party Club for Swingers, Voyeurs and Exhibitionists.
So Fun, No Wonder We're #1, With over $7,000 in vacations & prizes given away at every party. Parties are held at the nicest swing clubs in Florida giving all party-goers opportunities to experience different swing clubs regardless of where they are a member. Everyone is welcome, Swingers, Couples, Exhibitionist, Voyeurs, Singles, Fetish-Seekers, Anyone & everyone that is looking for an evening of erotic fun in a wild "New Years Eve style" party atmosphere that you've got to see to believe.

Most people have the wrong idea of what a swing club is. Many think that its just one big orgy and you check your clothes at the door and then dive right in, doing anything you want with whomever you like. At our parties, this is COMPLETELY not the case! More than anything else, our parties are a social club where youll meet and form friendships with some of the nicest people youve ever met. In some cases, youll form bonds that will last a lifetime. Heres how it works...
When you walk into a swing club for the very first time, you and or your partner are probably very nervous. You dont know anyone there and you might feel like everyone is watching you. Thats a good sign! That means youre normal. Thats exactly how everyone feels their first time.
You might expect a lot when you first come to a club and thats probably the biggest cause of anxiety for first time visitors. I realize that for many men its hard to not think about fulfilling all your fantasies about orgies and threesomes involving the man with two women, etc... That could be a huge mistake. As a first time visitor, wives are usually more nervous about the evening, and one sure way to add fuel to that nervous fire is for her to see her husband bouncing off the walls with excitement about jumping into an orgy or looking overly anxious about being with anyone new and that is not his mate.
The best way to approach the evening is with only one single expectation, and that is to have a fun time together. For your first visit to a swing club plan on having a nice dinner and enjoying the sexually charged dance floor. This way youll both be completely comfortable, shes not worried about him wanting to dive into the first orgy he sees and hes not worried about deciding who is worthy of touching his precious wife.

Then one (or a few) of the following things will definitely happen...

# 1 - At the end of the night after dinner and dancing, you will both go home with each other and after dancing all evening in such a sexually charged environment you will both have the best mind-blowing orgasms during your love-making that youve had in years, probably recharging your sex life and supercharging your relationship and your marriage.

# 2 - While on the crowded dance floor during one of the slow songs, youre dancing together and an attractive couple is dancing beside you and her clothes are coming off and you find her body rubbing against yours on the dance floor. You both respond by touching and caressing them back. Then after the song, you disappear into the crowd enjoying the excitement of the nameless pleasure of this slight sexy anonymous encounter.

# 3 - You are both so turned on by the evening that you go into one of our many cozy, private rooms, lock the door behind you, dim the chandelier, and seeing each other in the mirrors that surround you on all four walls, you enjoy great sex together by being in a different place and knowing that right on the other side of the wall, another couple (or threesome, foursome or moresome) is doing the same. In fact you can even hear their sexy sounds through the walls which multiplies your excitement.

# 4 - You both decide to be a little adventurous. You secure your clothes in a locker and wrap up in two giant beach towels, both provided complimentarily by our playroom attendant. You go to the giant Jacuzzi for a bit where you can enjoy being naked but since youre shy your first visit you feel more comfortable being in the water where your hands can roam, playing with each other (and maybe others too) under water and not in obvious plain view of everyone, (even though others might be engaged in all sorts of easily viewable activities in and around the Jacuzzi and you).

# 5 - You both know that you want to see more, but youre not sure about how much you want to participate in. So wrapped in your little security blanket beach towels you venture into the main upstairs "Luvnasium" party complex. Over 5,000 square feet of sensual paradise, one gigantic mattress covering several entire rooms, surrounded by mirrored walls with tropical plants, lighting, ceiling fans and naked bodies.... Lots of them. You dont get on the mattress, but instead you climb into one of the several observation cubby-holes up above, close enough to easily view all the exciting activities in the room down below you, yet far enough away to accommodate your comfort zone. You feel like youre part of the activities though not needing to participate in them. Its like youre sitting in an adult theater watching the most erotic orgy youve ever seen, except this time it isnt a movie... The action is real and live!

# 6 - You see the couple you were slow dancing beside on the dance floor. There is room next to them so you spread your beach towels out on the mattress beside them and lay down. You begin kissing and playing with your mate, when after a little while the pretty girl of the couple beside you gently touches your arm to extend an invitation to touch them back. You respond to her touch not really knowing yet how much touching or caressing will take place, but knowing full well that either couple can say no at any time and set any limits they desire. Maybe the ladies only touch each other while the men each pleasure their own wives. Maybe the men are massaging both the ladies entire bodies or maybe the ladies are stroking the other man while having sex with her husband. Who knows what might happen this special magical night, its all up to you and those involved with you. Maybe she might enjoy giving you oral while her husband services her from behind, youll be sure to see plenty of that going on here. And maybe youll engage in full partner sharing with a complete exchange of partners... Its entirely up to you and those involved, this is your night, you set your own limits.

Keep reading because below are a set of rules and suggestions to familiarize yourself with to be sure you have the best time possible.
With this approach you are certain to have the greatest night of your life.
At the end of the night, maybe you'll exchange phone numbers with this other couple or maybe you'll just enjoy seeing them at "Your" club once in a while,,, Remember, it's all up to you.
These Monthly Internet Parties are the best night for first time visitors wanting to come check out any swing club and the lifestyle to see what it is like, here's why. First of all, you don't need to be a long-term member to attend because short term memberships are available making it very affordable for everyone to attend. Over 200 couples flood to our parties (about 25% which are first time visitors so why don't you be one of them?) And since short term Memberships are available for the Internet parties this makes them super affordable!
The price is by far the best price for any party. Be sure to check out the "Sexy Ladies From The WebGirls Internet Chatroom" pages on our web site to see pictures of lots of the OnLine Ladies that come to our Monthly Internet Parties. We must warn you, these photographs taken at our parties are XXX-Rated and very graphic. You'll find all these ladies chatting daily in the Town Square - Florida Couples Chatroom on Internet and most are happy to answer any questions you have.

So Be Sure To Cum To The Original Internet Party. It's going to be tons of fun and that's the perfect night to finally take the plunge and check out the club that everyone's been talking about!
Come to our parties with an open mind and a desire for fun. You'll make some great friends and have a great time.

A Special Note To Single Guys:
We appreciate single gentlemen and realize that you play an important role in the swinging lifestyle so select single males are permitted. "Select" means that you must be clean, polite, well dressed and well mannered. If you're not all of these things then our parties are not for you. This link is required reading for All Single Men Wishing To Attend Our Parties.

Rules To Live By For A Guaranteed Great Time
* The Golden Rule: "NO means NO". Anyone may say "NO" for any reason at any time even if you are in the middle of a swinging encounter and have changed your mind and want to stop it right there! If you are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, just say "No". Do not jeopardize your happiness and satisfaction with this lifestyle, or that of your partner, by doing something against your will just because you are afraid to say no. The friendliest way is to say, "oh no thank you, but thanks for asking". Be honest initially, and you will avoid any misunderstandings. Dont forget that peoples attitudes change and who knows? Maybe sometime in the future you may meet again with a different opinion.

* Always treat one another with respect. After all, this is a party! Besides, you dont want to be rude or judgmental, because you wouldnt want it to happen to you. If a single gentleman talks to you and you are interested in swinging with couples only, that doesnt mean you cant be nice to him. Hes a person just like you! Just politely let him know.

* If you are rejected (and it happens to everyone, including women), Do NOT take personal offense. Rejection is a very personal thing, and its almost as hard to reject as it is to be rejected. Honesty with each other is crucial. Who knows? You could end up with a great friendship if you handle the situation right.

* Deal with jealousy head on! It is a normal reaction. Remember that this is strictly a physical & recreational pleasure, not an emotional one. Discover what triggers jealousy in your relationship and work it out together. It may mean modifying your activities, but your relationship together is not worth jeopardizing over swinging.

* Always let your steady partner know she/he is number one. Arrive together, take time to caress them, touch base often, it makes one feel secure. And always leave together.

* Use your common sense and good judgment when you are involved in a swinging situation. Be kind, thoughtful, and sensitive. Swingers, couples & single guys are people and have feelings too!!!

* Honor any and all prior understandings & rules you have made between each other, and be sure to COMMUNICATE with each other openly and honestly so there are no misunderstandings about your rules.

* Respect the guidelines you set as a couple and communicate them to prospective partners. Open, honest communication is imperative to forming relationships! And please dont forget to respect the guidelines of others. Dont try to "talk them into" changing the rules because you dont happen to agree with them!

* Pay attention to body language. There is more to interaction than words. Consider the body language of the person you are talking with and it will tell you more than the conversation you are having! Be sensitive to the person and you will know what makes them uncomfortable or happy and excited.

* Demand absolute discretion! And be worthy of the same. Discretion is paramount in this lifestyle! Privacy is imperative!!! Never, ever discuss details inappropriately. Everything you do, everything you see, MUST remain private. We have a saying, "Everything you see here, Everything you hear here, must remain here when you leave here".


Thank you very much for your interest in our parties. I will now try to answer all your questions and give you as much information as possible and I will also give you "blue links" for you to click on that will take you to even more detailed information on our web site. First of all....

Most our parties are held at an "On-Premise" couples club. (on premise means that there are special areas where sex takes place). It looks just like any other very upscale night club, bars, disco, flashing lights, chrome & glass. But it also has several TV sets throughout playing adult movies, lounge areas, hot tubs, several private 2-8 person play rooms and a few giant playrooms, ("Luvnaziums"), locker room and unisex showers.

It is not necessary to participate in the "activities" in the large group activity room if that is not your desire. There are observation couches & cubby holes for you to sit or lay in comfort and enjoy your viewing pleasure, close enough to see and enjoy, yet not so close as to get swept up and be part of the activities. So you can sit near the "action" but not participate, just watching and being watched if that is your comfort level since some members are super soft swingers and only like to watch with minimal touching of others, and some are soft swingers who like to do all sorts of "Hand Play" with others but only penetrate their partner.

It is not necessary for you to be completely naked in these activity rooms, but to go into these special areas, you are required to check your clothes in a locker and you will be provided you with large beach towels to cover yourselves. If you've never been to a swing club before, then I strongly suggest that you visit the section on our website titled, "What To Expect On Your First Visit To A Swing Club" This is filled with lots of great information about the lifestyle and what your first night will be like.

Included in your admission price is a full gourmet' dinner buffet served all night long. All Swing Clubs are a BYOB club, which means you will Bring Your Own Bottle of beer, wine or alcohol and the club provides all the juice, sodas and mixers for free.

The rules in all swing clubs all around the world is that no guests may bring cameras of any kind ever inside the club. This is for the privacy and protection of all everyone. The pictures you see on our website are taken at our monthly Internet party and Ken, our official photographer, takes pictures only of couples that request them to be taken and who sign a models release. So if you'd ever like sexy digital pictures taken of yourself for FREE, then be sure to come to our next Internet party.

The best night for first time visitors to visit any swing club, is our monthly Internet Party. Several hundred fun couples, swingers, exhibitionists and voyeurs all attend for what has become the wildest and biggest Internet parties anywhere in the world. Go to our Party Pixxx to see pictures from past parties! We get big discounts at the swing clubs for our big party group and the party starts early at 8:00 that night for our famously popular, "Beat The Clock Night", where you save tons of money by arriving early and only paying $35. Complete details are available in the prices section.

Everything is included in your party package price (We do not accept reservations, Memberships are available at the door).

Florida law is very strict about private membership clubs ONLY admitting Members and their guests. So for anyone to enter, you must be a Member even if you are only going to visit for one night. You will love it and think it's well worth the price. Most people spend more on dinner, dancing & drinks than they do for a night at our parties... And you won't find our wild and crazy events at Denny's or IHOP!

Clean, polite, well-dressed unescorted gentlemen are welcome to come to our parties. Single gentlemen MUST Click Here and read this before attending. You will be asked if you've read this. If you have not, then you will not be admitted.

The accepted dress code (which is strictly enforced) is clean & neat. The ladies pull out all the stops in dressing very sexy & erotic in sexy sheer outfits & lingerie or glamorous long gowns, (for ladies nudity is welcome in most areas of the club as the night progresses and the evening heats up), while the gents dress in slacks and a neat shirt, (no shorts, sandals torn jeans, printed T-shirts or ball caps for the guys, you will be turned away if you are not dressed properly).

If we have not answered all your questions and you need more information, please feel free to email us at BlondeFlasher@aol.com or call the Night Club where our upcoming party is scheduled.

Thank you very much, we hope to see you at our next Internet Party!

Barbi Leigh

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