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Swingers Clubs:

Rhode Island Clubs

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The Black Key Club — New England's Premiere Private Club for Sexually Adventurous Adults  
Whether you're completely new to the swing lifestyle or a veteran swinger, you'll find what you're looking for at The Black Key Club. An elegant, private club, we are open every Firday and Saturday. membership is strictly required to attend on of our upscale events. Our facilities include:

Six themed private rooms

Two orgy rooms

A fully stocked dungeon

A high tech dance floor

Love swings, LuvSeats, and more...

B.Y.O.B. bar service

Friendly, attentive service

Visit us on the web at WWW.BLACKKEYCLUB.COM or call us at (401) 274-3700.

The Black Key CLub is currently accepting applications from couples, single women, and select single men.

Conveniently located near route I-95 and Route 6 in Providence, Rhode Island, the Black Key Club is less than an hour from Boston and Worcester, and less than two hours from New Haven. Directions to the club are available only to members.
In order to provide for the maximum comfort of our Members, we have designated certain areas of the Club for specific activities:

Social Spaces - Nudity and intimate activity are not permitted in social space. These areas are reserved for conversation, introductions, and social interaction. It provides the perfect opportunity to meet people with similar interests or to discuss new interests without judgment, pressure or presumption.

Play Spaces - These are areas in which nudity and intimate activity are allowed, but not required. Members may participate in group, couple, or individual intimate activities in these areas. Please do not bring food into the Play Space.

Below is an interactive photo map to the club. Pass your mouse over the map. When a room lights up, click on it. Click on the cameras inside the room to see a picture of that room!

In addition to the regular parties (we hold between four and six each month), the Black Key Club sponsors a variety of different kinds of events.

We teach classes on everything from BDSM for Beginners to The Art of the Striptease to Erotic Foods. Classes are generally held on Saturday afternoons, before an evening event. Classes have a fee for attending (which varies from class to class) and usually have limited spaces, so require signing up in advance.

Outings and Adventures
Want to go shopping for something special, but don't know where? The Black Key Club comes to the rescue, with guided excursions to the areas naughtiest merchants or -- even better -- private parties where you can try on outfits and test out toys. Tupperware was never like this!
Can't get enough of the Black Key Club lifestyle? Neither can we. That's why we're trying to put together plans for a Club trip. The details are still up in the air, but you can be certain it'll be someplace exciting, relaxing, unusual, and very romantic.

In March 2002, the Providence Police department stopped by. They had read our website and were concerned that we were violating some of the licensing laws of the city (for example, that we were selling alcohol). They were not there because swing clubs are illegal, nor were they there to shut us down. They were very polite, and said that they understood that this was a lifestyle club and that they wanted to avoid disrupting the party. After a quick conversation, Mike and Scratch decided to let them into the club. They declined, saying that they really didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. We scheduled an appointment with the two officers for the following Monday morning. On Monday, March 25, 2002, we met with thems at the club. They did a walkthrough that lasted about 15 minutes, decided that there were no licensing violations going on, and thanked us for our cooperation. All in all, we were pretty pleased with the experience -- and we haven't seen the police since.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that all activities at the Black Key Club are 100% legal. The inverse of that is that no illegal activities of any kind will be tolerated at the club. Certain illegal activities are grounds for expulsion from the club. Others, such as drug use, will get you held until the police arrive. We have an excellent relationship with the local police and intend to maintain it.

Q. Where is the Black Key Club Located?
The Club is located in Providence, Rhode Island. The exact location is revealed only to Members in order to protect their privacy.
Q. What is the difference between an Adult Lifestyles Club and a Swinger's Party?
An Adult Lifestyles Club caters to many different aspects of adult sexuality, where traditional swingers parties primarily cater to heterosexual encounters between couples and single females. As an example, an Adult Lifestyles Club may include heterosexuals, bisexual and gay males and females, transgendered persons, and those interested in fetish (bd/sm, body worship, and just about anything else thats legal!). The mission of the Black Key Club is to provide a safe, sane, non-judgmental atmosphere in which consenting adults may explore their sexuality at their own pace.
Q. When are the parties?
Currently the Black Key Club operates 4-6 events per month, usually on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8:30pm to 2am. The schedule can be found in our News Section
Q. What are your Members like?
The top five professions in the Membership are Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Salespersons, and those who are self-employed. The age of our Members ranges from 21 (our minimum) to 67 years old, with the majority of the members falling between 25 and 50 years old. The Membership is racially and culturally diverse, and includes persons identifying as every type of gender preference and identity.
Q. How many people attend a given event?
A. Attendance varies from 50 to 90, with an average of 60. Because of space constraints, you must have a reservation to attend an event.
Q. How can I attend a party?
Only Members of the Black Key Club and invited guests can attend Black Key Club Events. If you're a member, please read our section on events for more information on reservations.
Q. I'm a member, and I'd like to bring a guest. What do I do?
1) Members can bring guests provided both the member and the guest make reservations at least 48 hours in advance. A single member may bring up to two guests in an evening; a couple may bring up to four guests. There is no limit to the number of guests you may bring over the course of your membership. Our parties do sell out, so when making a reservation for a guest, please allow more time than usual.
2) When making the reservation, please provide us with the guests' full names and the last four digits of a government issued photo I.D. (most people use their drivers licenses). There are no exceptions to this.

3) You and your guests must arrive at 8:30pm, in order to take a tour and orientation. there are no exceptions to this. If you show up late, you may be turned away. Your guests may stay as long as you do. They may leave before you, but you cannot leave your guests unescorted at the club. You are responsible for your guests behavior. Please make sure they understand the rules of the club (no hard liquor, dress code, no smoking, no means no, etc.).

4) All guests must sign a privacy and confidentiality waiver at the door. There are no exceptions to this.

5) Guest admission is not free. Guests are responsible for the event fees for the evening. All guests are considered prospective members. If a guest would like to return for a second visit, they are expected to apply for membership.

Q. I'm a member and I'd like to renew my membership.
Please mail a check or money-order to:
Black Key Club
PO Box 19141
Johnston, RI 02919
**Please make sure to include your name and membership number.**

Of course, you can also renew at the Club. pon receipt of renewal funds your membership will be reviewed by our membership comittee. If your membership is found to be ineligible for renewal, your money will be returned to you.
Q. How do I become a Member?
To become a Member, you must request and complete a brief telephone interview. If your interview is successful you will be sent a written application to complete and return with the appropriate Membership Fees. The information provided in the interview and on the written application is then reviewed and acted upon by the Membership Commitee of the Black Key Club. If the application is accepted, a Membership Card and other information will be forwarded. If the application is denied for some reason, the Membership Fee will be refunded, less a $25 application processing fee.
Q. Can a single man join?
There are a number of single men in the Membership of the Black Key Club, who attend events alone. While we maintain a strict balance in gender at most events, a recent rise in popularity amongst single women, has made more room in the membership for single men. We are currently accepting applications from single men (as well as single women and couples, of course.


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