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Swingers Clubs:

Oklahoma Clubs

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4-SPC is an off premise club, for couples only. We are located in the corner of all
4 States Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas & Arkansas. It is BYOB, we provide the snacks & soft drinks. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, and the couples are great!
Our party's are on the 4th Sat of each month unless we have to work around a Holiday like Thanksgiving, our December party is always on the 31st (NYE) We never give out the exact location over the net to insure the privacy of our members. We always speak with each couple over the phone to make sure they are a real couple, I'm sure you understand that, you just never know on the internet. This protects both you and our club members. So if you are still interested email us and give us a # where we can speak with both of you and we will be glad to give you a call, without a phone call we can not approve your membership to our club site or give you any club info. We will always be very discrete.

4-SPC is a Member of NASCA

Brick House  
5000 SQ FT - Large Dance Floor - Full Service Bar - 225 Seats w/ Occ. Load of 320 - Pool Tables - Jute Box - Live DJ &or Bands - Video Game - And Much More to Come.

What is the Alternative Lifestyle?
The Alternative Lifestyle is social and sexual intercourse with someone other than your mate, boyfriend or girlfriend, excepting the traditional one-on-one dating. It may be defined as recreational social sex. The activity may occur at a Lifestyle club, a couple-to-couple encounter, a liaison, or with a third person in a threesome. Though single men and women are involved, it is primarily an activity of couples.

How do I get into the Alternative Lifestyle community?
Some clubs have no requirements to join. Others are couples only clubs. The Main Bar of Brick House is an 'open door' lounge, and, with the exception of special events such as couples only nights, everyone's welcome to just stop in.
The clubs that allow single men in are usually unbalanced in the ratio of women to men. It is for this reason that our Couples Night event restricts access to uninvited single males. Invited single males are those who have been invited by a couple to join them.
The clubs that only allow couples also allow single women in, as is the case with Brick House, where single women are always welcome.

What is a Alternative Lifestyle club?
An Alternative Lifestyle club is just like any other socials club with one exception, sex. In the case of Brick House, our CLUB consists of a fully stocked open bar which caters to people in the Alternative Lifestyle. The whole point is to have a place to meet, socialize, dance and have a good time. You should never feel obligated to participate at any time. If you feel pressured, you should notify one of the owners, security, or the host and the problem will be rectified. Unless you are very outgoing, take it slow. Don't be rushed. Talk to the people you meet and get comfortable. There is nothing worse than getting into a situation that you are not happy with. Understand and respect the word NO .Generally, this is the golden rule that's common from club to club. If you are approached by someone that you are not interested in, all you have to do is say no thank you. Most people will respect that and move on. If someone turns you down, don't take it personally. Just understand that they are not interested. It's rare that it ever happens at Brick House, but if this was the case, the offending party, who wouldn't take "NO" for an answer will find themselves quickly removed from the premises.

What do Alternative Lifestyle people look like?
Walk down any street and you will get an idea of what the people at the swingers clubs look like. They look like you and I, the average age is in the 30s to 40s range.

What would I be expected to do at a Alternative Lifestyle party?
You are not expected to participate in any function. Like we said earlier, go slow and get a feel for the people before you jump in. And remember that the golden rule in virtually every swing club is that the word "NO" means exactly that "NO .You should never feel that you are under any type pressure or obligation to do anything you do not want to do!

What happens at an Alternative Lifestyle party?
The parties usually start with dancing and drinks. This gives the people an opportunity to meet and mingle. This is the perfect time to find someone that you enjoy. Dont be a wall flower, get up and mingle. You will only get out of it what you put into it.

What about Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
STDs have always been a concern amongst the Alternative Lifestyle community. If it is a concern to you, use a condom. Most people are very careful.

What if I'm gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual?
The Alternative Lifestyle community accepts all people and does not look down upon any sexual preferences or proclivities. A large number of the women that attend the club functions are bi-sexual. A small number of the men in some clubs are bi-sexual. There are also a small number of gays and lesbians that attend. Again, all are welcome.

What if I think I'm kinky?
You may think that you are the only one that has that special little fantasy but you aren't. If you look hard enough, you will find out that you are not alone. Who knows? Chances are we'll touch on your personal fantasy, and if we don't, you're ALWAYS welcome to suggest a theme for an upcoming party.

I'm interested, but how do I get my partner interested in the Alternative Lifestyle?
First you must determine whether your partner could handle the Alternative Lifestyle even if he or she became interested. The next step is to get them interested. This can be easy, because most people think that their fantasies can never become a reality. The fact is - they can! But, you have to be prepared. Start by getting your partner to talk openly about sex. The more open minded people are - the more likely they are to try new things. Ask them about their fantasies. Everyone has them, but many people are afraid to talk about them. To help things along, you might try discussing your thoughts and fantasies with your partner. Next, move on to imagination, story telling, or role playing. Grab a copy of Penthouse Forum or a similar story magazine. Read out loud to each other. Then discuss the stories... What turns you on? What about your partner? You might try watching some X-Rated movies together. The key here is to take your time. Rushing someone is "pressure", and no one likes to be pressured into doing anything. It takes time to become comfortable with the whole idea of the Alternative Lifestyle. For some, moral issues have to be dealt with. Remember: Don't ever pressure your partner or make him or her feel guilty for not being interested in the Alternative Lifestyle.

How do I talk to couples who in the Alternative Lifestyle or are curious about the Alternative Lifestyle?
The easiest way is to "chat" with them using an online chat forum. Some couples would rather look through some Alternative Lifestyle ads and talk with someone that they have an interest in. You can make arrangements to e-mail them, chat with them, or maybe even talk on the phone. Remember, though, we recommend that you meet in a public place before ever divulging residence or telephone information.

How do I bring up the subject of the Alternative Lifestyle with my partner?
Communication! This is biggest cause of couples problems. You should have good communications, or develop it, if you are going to swing. Talk about your fantasies. Communications is an essential element in a successful Alternative Lifestyle relationship!

Where do I begin?
As we've indicated, Brick House is an 'open bar' club, which means we don't have a membership requirement for you to attend and meet in the club. The best place to start is to drop in and visit Brick House, or your favorite local club, meet and mingle. In our case, as is the case with most clubs, there's no pressure to perform. In fact, we recommend that you take it slow in the beginning, and explore your surroundings. We know that you'll meet a lot of really nice people, and it won't be long before you're comfortable!

What about Personal Ads?
Personal Ads are a good way to look for the kind of person or people you're interested in.
This website offers links to websites that offer interactive personal ads area, which allows you to place a personal ad. AND, one of the most important parts of our ads system is that it allows you to place an ad in total anonymity. Persons responding to your ad DO NOT have access to personal information, such as your email address or any other data that you don't specifically include in your ad. All responses to your ad go through the Ad Systems mail system, and are sent to you anonymously, giving YOU the choice of whether or not to respond to the persons answering your ad, and giving YOU the option of giving them your address.

If we place an ad, what should we say?
Say the truth. Honestly describe yourselves and what you are looking for. Be specific. If you are placing an ad, photos will increase your response. Remember, sexy is better than slutty. When answering ads it is recommended that you don't send nude photos until you know the person on the other end is for real. There are many "photo collectors" posing as couples. Photocopies or g-rated GIF's or JPG's are fine for first letters.

What do we do when meeting people in response to an Ad?
When it comes to meeting someone for the first time in response to an ad, there are a few important rules you should keep in mind First, always make first meetings in a public place. While they are, in almost every case, a decent person and someone who is sincere in their response and simply wants to meet you, it's only reasonable to take precautions, and making that first meeting in a public place, such as Brick House, or your favorite local club, is a good way to protect your privacy, and insure your safety.
Second, never give out your home address or your telephone number by email. You should ALWAYS meet the person(s) in a public place first, on one or more occasions, to satisfy yourself of their sincerity before divulging any information such as addresses or phone numbers. Third and lastly, sort of as an extension of both of the above, if you're using a personal ad in a print publication or anyplace that requires that people respond by mail, it's a really good idea to have them reach you through a post office box or mail drop address. The idea here is not to scare you, or put you off from placing a personal ad, since, as we've said before, in most cases, the people responding are decent people who just want to meet you. We just believe in advocating being cautious, as a safety measure.

I'm a single guy. How come so many ads say "No single males"?
This is quite simple and often misunderstood. The majority of people in the Alternative Lifestyle are couples. The majority of the women in these relationships are bisexual. Very few of the men are bisexual. Most often when a couple is looking for a "threesome", it is because the guy AND the woman want to be with another woman. It benefits both of them. Only in situations where the woman would like two men at once, are single males sought. And single men outnumber single women looking to swing by about 10 to 1.

What about diseases (STDs)?
Many couples insist on condoms, some don't. It is a personal decision for you. Don't ever trust tests though. There is no such thing as "PROOF" of being "disease free". There are diseases out there so, do what you feel comfortable with. We recommend condoms for EVERY sexual encounter. Remember that diseases can be transmitted by sexual contact. Never let anyone tell you not to use protection, if that is your choice.

On a final note.
Brick Houses philosophy is that the Alternative Lifestyle is an expression of our individual sexuality, and an enhancement to our individual relationships. As a result, our goal is not just to share our lifestyle, but to do so in a responsible manner. That means that it's important to point out that the Alternative Lifestyle is not for everyone, and can in fact do great harm to your life long relationship, if you haven't properly prepared yourself before getting involved in the lifestyle. It's important to note, if you should choose to explore the Alternative Lifestyle that you do so responsibly as well.
One of the most important things to remember is that the Alternative Lifestyle should be an enhancement to your own relationship, and not an end in itself. This means that it's important that you leave your insecurities and jealousies at the door.
If you're seriously considering joining us in what is, admittedly, a highly sexual lifestyle, make sure that you are first and foremost secure in your own personal relationship. Communication is a key element here. Set your ground rules and dont break them at any cost. This key will keep your personal relationship strong. You need to talk about your feelings before getting involved, and work to communicate and resolve any lingering issues you might have about getting involved before you do so, we think that you'll find that your experiences will not only be better, but will also only serve to make your own relationship more exciting than it was before! We hope that we've provided some information which gives you some insights into the Alternative Lifestyle, and hope that your experiences are an enhancement of a lifetime!

Club Dreamers  
Club Dreamers is an off premise lifestyle club in Oklahoma City providing a comfortable, no pressure atmosphere for your enjoyment. The club is open to couples and single females. The regular parties are held on the third Saturday of each month. RSVP to receive details. Club Dreamers is a BYOL club. Setups, ice and snacks are furnished. We have an 11,000 watt sound system and a variety of lighting effects for the large dance floor. A pool table and electronic darts are also available. Smoking is allowed in the club

Club Okc Obsessions  
We are the newest Swingers Club in Oklahoma City. We cater to the next generation of swingers. So if you are young or young at heart and prefer a club with high energy music and a very sexy atmosphere then Check us out at Club Okc Obsessions. We are an off premise club so you can feel comfortable that this will be a no pressure place for you to hook up with local couples that share your same open minded views on marrage and sexual fantasy

Eden in Oklahoma City  
Eden is a private off premise club for committed, secure COUPLES into alternative / open lifestyles. Our club meets on Saturdays. Check our Upcomming Parties Link for the Days We ask for a $35.00 donation to help pay for the party cost and building. Parties start at 9:00 pm unless posted different. We have our own private building and are in a very private location within the city limits. We are close to hotels and have a group rate at one of the cities finest hotels. Any couples interested in becoming members must set up a time for an meeting or fill out an application from our application Link above, and we will contact you with an meeting time, so you can be filled in on what goes on at the parties. For all those interested please E-Mail us for general questions or click on the above links to find out more! Please note that Eden is for committed couples and single women only, no single men will be considered for membership. Now, enjoy your visit to The Eden Website. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming party!

Eden's philosophy is to provide a friendly atmosphere where couples can socialize with others of similar interests. It is an ideal environment that allows you to move at your own pace with everyone on common ground. Relax in the social area of our club where you can discuss your wildest fantasies with other members with similar interests.

New to the lifestyle? Go HERE for Tips
We were all new at one time and we can understand your feelings. You will find that those who are experienced in this lifestyle are very understanding and caring people who are extremely sensitive to your feelings. Your presence at our social does not obligate you into the lifestyle. There are no aggressive or pushy people allowed, only friendly open minded people who enjoy meeting others. There will be pleasant conversations while they help you begin your journey into this most enjoyable alternative lifestyle . We can almost assure, you will find lasting friendships with our club members. That is why Eden's motto is: Friends first.

Theme Nights
Eden tries to keep the club exciting with theme nights throughout the year. Some examples are
Roman Night, Toga Night, Beach Night, Costume Parties, etc.

Eden is an off premise altenative lifestyles club
for couples and single women only!

Their are a few steps to attend a Eden party.

1. Must be at least 21 years old.

2. Fill out our membership application. (Click here to go to App. Page)

3. Must attend a scheduled meeting
so you can be filled in on what goes on at the parties.

Each party requires a $35.00 donation


What is Swinging?

Swinging is social and sexual intercourse with someone other than your mate, boyfriend or girlfriend, excepting the traditional one-on-one dating. It may be defined as recreational social sex. The activity may occur at a swing party, a couple-to-couple encounter, a liason, or with a third person in a threesome. Though single men and women are involved, it is primarily an activity of couples.

Who the Swingers Are

People who swing come from all economic levels. Every job classification, all races and nationalities are represented, though the majority are Caucasian, middle to upper middle socio-economic class, and married. Swingers, married and single, tend to be adventuresome, emotionally mature, and have excellent relationships with their mates and friends. Single people are involved in swinging but not to the extent of couples. Many single women have joined swing clubs, finding them a refreshing alternative to the traditional bar scene.

Couples in Swinging

Swinging is "the recreation" for couples whether they are married, committed (having an ongoing emotional commitment), living together (co-habitating, with or without an on-going intimate relationship) or single couples who date. A study of swinging couples (McGinley, 1979) reported increased enjoyment and satisfaction in the relationships accompanied by a better understanding of self and mate, greater intimacy between the partners and a decrease in sex role playing and sexist expectations.

Swinging enables a couple to explore sexual and social feelings and needs together, permitting a demystification of sex which allows sex to assume a place in the relationship unhindered by the standard ties to love, duty, sex roles and morals of others.

Women in Swinging

It is certainly an understatement to say that the role of women in our society has greatly changed over the past several decades. The humanistic and womans movements have had an impact on sexuality also. The number of women choosing involvement in swinging during the past few years is remarkable. Sexual and social assertiveness on the part of women at swing parties and other swing activities is not only acceptable, it has come to be expected.

To openly be oneself without fear of seeming unfeminine is a delightful experience for a woman and a welcome experience for the man. Swinging provides the environment to alter sex-role playing for both sexes, allowing men and women to participate with each other in a uniquely human experience.

Men in Swinging

Whether married, in a relationship or single, swinging can be a wonderful experience for a man. Not surprisingly, most women who are into swinging were introduced to the lifestyle by a man in their life. Also not surprising, many men would swing if only they could. They are hindered from the experience by their marriage, or if single, their inability to find a woman for a swinging partner. Of course, guilt feelings about sex and pleasure, and sex roles, also hinder men from swinging.

Men are not the macho, always ready, self-reliant persons of fiction. They are as human as their female counterparts. They experience loneliness and fear rejection. A man, on convincing his wife to try swinging, may experience unexpected jealousy and a feeling of loss when she walks hand in hand, partially nude and obviously excited, toward a bedroom with another towel-clad man. He had fantasized himself in swinging but had not comprehended the reality of his wife or mate swinging.

As with women, the experience of swinging can be growth producing for a man. It alters forever traditional concepts of man-woman relationships with sexist overtones. Through swinging, a man can experience a great deal of pleasure.

What is a Swing Club?

NASCA defines swing clubs as any organization, formal or informal, which exists to provide swinging activities. Swing clubs exist in a variety of forms. These include Swing Clubs, Party Houses, Circles and Socials, Bars and Cocktail Lounges and Contact Services. All but the contact services may be on-premises or off-premises. Contact services work through the mail or telephone and rarely provide swing parties although they may promote group travel. Parties given by on-premises swing clubs may have from ten to sixty or more couples, though twenty to forty couples is the common average. On-premises means that sexual activity occurs at the party. Off premises swing clubs, cocktail lounges and bars help you to meet other swingers. Swinging will be elsewhere with the interested couples and singles responsible for the arrangements. The arrangements include who is to be invited, the location, date and time.

The on premises party offers a wide possibility of social interaction, selection, potential of swinging with others in a foursome, threesome, one-on-one, or in a group scene. Bisexual as well as heterosexual swinging is possible, principally among women. And the club on-premises party offers this without pressure in a structured environment. Private, semi-private and group rooms are generally provided to meet the desires of virtually everyone. Heated pools, Jacuzzis and hot tubs may be available to accent the social environment.

What is a Swing Publication?

Swing publications serve the swing community by publishing personal ads.

Many also publish photos of the advertisers. A few carry ads only. Most offer articles about swinging and sexual behavior. Personal ads offer a form of swinging that many find exciting. The placing and answering of ads is a swing activity in itself. It is exciting to open a letter describing a new couple, perhaps with photos. Socially meeting someone following an exchange of letters, photos and phone calls, with the possibility of swinging, is considered the height of swinging pleasure by many.

What is Sex in Swinging Like?

The actual sexual activity of swinging is varied. Though important, swinging is rarely centered around the orgasm but on the various pleasurable acts that lead to orgasm. Once on a bed, the participants will generally begin with kissing and caressing each others body. Both the womans and mans nipples are favorite places of fondling, sucking and gentle nibbling, followed by licking and kissing around the genital area, then the genitals directly. Most develop techniques they feel pleasure their various partners.

Sixty-nine or mutual oral-genital pleasuring is popular. Either partner may masturbate the other, and vibrators may be employed, especially in group swing scenes such as in the swing clubs group room. These activities may be intermixed with intercourse done in a variety of ways. Anal sex is popular with some swingers. Bisexual swinging is more common among women than among men.

What is "Soft" SWING?

Soft swinging is basically anything, except intercourse with the other couple. Many people assume that "swinging" means "swapping", but there are other types.

What is a "Hardcore" swinger?

A person or couple who's only interest is sex, and lot's of it. Their life tends to revolve around swinging. Most swinger's prefer to be "friends first" and are not hardcore swingers.

What is a "Wannabe"?

Usually a single or married male that is trying to get involved but doesn't have a partner. So they will lie about a partner to meet you. The partner then "conveniently" can't make it. Even worse is the "wannabe" that will bring an unsuspecting person as their "ticket" into a couples party.

I'm interested, but how do I get my partner interested in swinging?

Swinging is not for everyone, so first you must determine whether your partner could handle swinging even if he or she became interested. The next step is to get them interested. This can be easy, because most people think that their fantasies can never become a reality. The fact is - they can! But you have to be prepared. Start by discussing your thoughts and fantasies with your partner. Then move on to imagination, story telling, or role playing. You may want to sit down together and talk to other curious couples or couples who already are swingers. Take your time. It takes time to become comfortable with the whole idea. Don't ever pressure your partner or make him or her feel guilty for not swinging.

How do I talk to couples who swing or are curious about swinging?

The easiest way is to "chat" with them in SoftSWING LIVE CHAT. Some couples would rather look through the directory and talk with someone that they have an interest in. You can make arrangements to e-mail them, chat with them on SoftSWING, or maybe even talk on the phone.

How do I bring up the subject of swinging with my partner?

Communication! This is biggest cause of couples problems. You should have good communications, or develop it, if you are going to swing. Talk about your fantasies. Show your partner web pages like SoftSWING (be sure the page has something that will interest him or her). Some sites are not tasteful and may not be the right thing to show.

How do we start?

Depends on your situation. If you have a club near you, you can visit it. Most of them have an orientation for new members. You can look through a swinger magazine or look right here on SoftSWING. You can even place ads if you would like others to contact you. The benefit of meeting a couple through an ad is you know up front, that you both share a common interest, or curiosity, in swinging. Then you can build a friendship, or get to know each other, before you make any decisions.

We are going to a party. What do we wear and what do we expect?

Dress depends on the dance or party. Ask your host or other club members. Usual dress will be casual, but neat. Remember, you are trying to make a good impression. What to expect depends on the event. But whatever it is, be relaxed. No one will make you do anything against your will.

What kind of people are swingers?

Very normal people, just like you! Swingers tend to be married, friendly, outgoing people. They tend not to be religious. Physically you will see all types; tall or short, skinny or fat, young or old, and all mixes in between.

Swingers are just about everywhere. Finding them may be difficult. Check your local adult book or video store for any local swing publications. If that still doesn't help, advertise on SoftSWING or in print. Many couples answer ads, but never place them.

If we place an ad, what should we say?

Say the truth. Honestly describe yourselves and what you are looking for. Be specific. If you are placing an ad, photos will increase your response. Remember, sexy is better than slutty. When answering ads it is recommended that you don't send nude photos until you know the person on the other end is for real. There are many "photo collectors" posing as couples. Photocopies or g-rated GIF's or JPG's are fine for first letters.

We answered an ad! How should we meet?

Meet at a neutral setting (i.e. restaurant or lounge). This makes it much easier to leave if things don't go well. Be on time and make sure that you have given each other specific contact information (i.e. What kind of car, dress, etc). Prepare preset signals to communicate between the two of you, such as "Yes", "No", "Maybe", and "Let's get the hell out of here!"

Now we've met and want to get down to business. Where do we go from here?

Don't be shy, ask! Make arrangements. Talk between the couples. What are the rules? Same room, different rooms, swap, or just soft-swing, etc. Once the ground rules are set, go for it. Just remember, "NO" means NO, at any time.

I'm a single guy. How come so many ads say "No single males"?

Swinging is not only physical, but philosophical. Swinging is sharing. Sharing is two-sided and single guys tend to be takers and not givers. Single guys seem to be self-centered (i.e. "What's in it for me?"). They tend to be rushed (i.e. "Hi. Let's fuck.") They become too attached and clingy (i.e. falling in love with the woman). Single guys are viewed as being a greater health risk. This is not to say that a single can't be successful finding couples. It happens all the time, but you must realize that swinging is still a couples game.

What about safe sex?

Many couples insist on it, some don't. It is a personal decision for you. There are many scary diseases out there so, do what you feel comfortable with. AIDS shouldn't be the reason for not swinging, because it is easily prevented. Never let anyone tell you not to use protection, if that is your choice.

My wife and I are a little overweight. Should we wait until we lose weight to swing?

It's always nice to lose a little weight if you need to. But don't let that stop you. You will find all types (and shapes) of couples at events. Don't worry, but being HWP (height and weight proportional) does give you more options.

What's the most important thing to know about swinging?

Communication! Be as attentive and courteous to your partner as you are to the other couple. Set rules and limits, and stick to them. Finally, just relax and have fun!

Friendship Plus   
Friendships Plus provides an off premise, upscale, exciting and secure atmosphere for committed couples to experience the swinging lifestyle, explore sexual fantasies, develop lasting friendships and be confident that discretion is of utmost importance

Oklahoma G Spot   
We are an upscale members only club. We are a lifestyle BYOB club. Our parties are by invite only. Please include a current pic of you and your spouse when you email for an invitation.

We provide complimentary drink sodas and light snacks. We have a spacious dance floor with a variety of music. We are a "No Pressure" environment but allow enough room for Play. Smoking and Non-smoking sections are available.

Oklahoma G Spot is a Members-Only BYOB club located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Everyone must become a Member to enter. Until we move to a permanent location we are waving the usual Membership fee. We do ask for a $20 donation per couple to help cover cost. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
Single Men are NOT ALLOWED and membership is not available. A couple constitutes a male and a female.
We feel this is important to keep a couples oriented, no hassle atmosphere. Men are not allowed to give unwanted attention to women in any way.

Oklahoma G Spot Club Rules

Proper Attire Is Required
Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone based on overall appearance.

Common Sense Rules:
Your membership ID card must be presented to gain entry to any event or function.
No one must ever give unwanted attention to another member. Men must treat women with the highest respect and courtesy, and must defer politely to their wishes.
Even the most subtle "no" means NO!
Be discreet and respect the privacy of others: No cameras or recording devices.
No illegal drugs or illegal activity will be tolerated.
Anyone behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave.
You are welcome to bring any alcoholic beverages. We do supply some mixes (Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Diet Soda, Water & Coffee). We do not provide Juices or other special mixes.
Playful behavior is welcome, but not actual sexual activities while at the club.
For your protection, Never give out the location of the club or discuss what is seen or heard. Discretion is a must!

Oklahoma Players Club 
Located in Tulsa, OK with easy access from Oklahoma City, Wichita, Joplin and Fort Smith metropolitan areas ~ Oklahoma Players Club is Oklahoma's newest swingers club for couples and single females. Inspired and managed with input from couples experienced in the swinging lifestyle to create a positive experience for all who attend.

The focus at Oklahoma Players Club is to be "couple friendly" with a relaxed atmosphere, great music, and complimentary snacks and set-ups all provided by a knowledgeable and helpful staff of club directors and host couples.

At Oklahoma Players Club, your privacy will be strictly protected. You will NEVER have to worry about your information being shared with other couples or clubs.

It is the desire of Oklahoma Players Club that the Lifestyle continue to grow and flourish! We promise to be available to address your questions and concerns

We have a special every nite of the week! Fridays are no cover and is considered meet and greet and open D.J. We have a full time request list available to all customers for FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. We are independetly owned and cater to ALL couples in and out of the lifestyle.

Guys Night Out
& Bikini Contest
Cash Prize
$1.50 Domestic
All Night

Monday - Sunday Happy Hour 12-7
$1.50 Domestic

Pool League 7pm

Karaoke 8pm
DJ DWayne

Ladies Night
Free Beer
Domestic Longnecks
8pm to Close
Live DJ

Meet & Greet
Couples & Singles
No Cover
Live DJ

Couples Night
$10 per Couple
Single Ladies Free

Oklahoma City's Adult Party Headquarters - Twisted Events  
Twisted Events (TE) is a social group for adults. TE is for couples, singles, Trios, swingers, BDSM enthusiasts, kink, fetish, all trans-gendered communities, cross-dressers, and any adult who is looking to explore an alternative lifestyle. TE supports all adults looking to discover a more intimate side of themselves. Enjoy our web page, and always remember to act responsibly.
We welcome your comments & suggestions.


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