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Allure is a private club located in southern San Diego that provides a fun safe environment for Members to meet other sexually open COUPLES and SINGLE FEMALES. Set amid the rolling hills of east county Members can dance to the music of the club DJ against the backdrop of the evening lights, relax in the spa or pool while the waterfall spills down the hillside, or play in one of the group or private rooms. Parties are held bi-weekly in our private residence, with the dress code being clubwear or party theme. Dinner and standard mixers are provided at all events. Members who wish to indulge in alcoholic beverages must bring their own drink of choice for the evening. Join our hot and sexy couples for socializing, dancing, friendship and sharing intimate, fun, nights of sensual adventure. You will feel comfortable and welcomed at Allure a couples sexual and social playground.  You may reach us at allurecouples@yahoo.com or by calling (619) 925 - 1406

ADV8 Swingers Club
Orange County's hottest club. Couples and singles welcome. A party every weekend. We have a no pressure, relaxed party atmosphere. Come and see for yourself.
If your looking for an evening you won't soon forget, then the ADV8 Swingers club is for you. Join our Saturday Night "Swingers Party", and meet the sexiest swingers from all over S. Calif....
Our parties are for everyone, young and old, experienced or newbie ! You come to our parties for only one reason, to have the greatest sexual experience possible....
Saturday Evenings - SATURDAY NIGHT SWINGERS PARTY - Our parties are for the beginner, as well as the experienced. Couples and singles are welcome.
Both single men and women can attend, as well as married, committed, or casual couples.
8pm-10pm This time is dedicated to couples and single women. There are no single men allowed during this time. This time is very low keyed, and non pressured, and perfect for couples to interact with each other, and for new couples to get into the swing of things.
10pm-3am This time is dedicated to the real hard core swingers. Expect orgy / group activity, and extreme gang bang fun. If your a woman nymphomaniac, this is your opportunity to have as many men as you can handle at one time. If your a single guy, this is the time you want to attend. These party activities go from wild, to very wild, and everything in between.

Anne's PleasHER Party!
The ONLY Place for the Insatiable Sexual Woman to have good, clean, safe homegrown fun and be as
naughty as she wants to be!
I want everyone at my party to be completely compatible. When I talk to each person on the phone, I look for wit, perkiness, and a sense of humor and if I like them. Those who sound shy, aggressive, uptight, hesitant or weird, will not get invited. A great personality is a big plus with me.
My party philosophy is geared to the woman's needs and desires; that's why I call them PleasHer Parties. Since I am such a horny slut, I figured that there must be other women like me out there. Guys always seem to be having all the fun, but at my parties, the women are the center of attention, as it should be.
I do invite a few AESM (Anne's Elite Single Males) to my parties; I got to have em! These guys are perfect gentlemen and they can fulfill every woman's desire. They are guys whom i have known for over 2 years, theyhave been Anne's PleasHer Party faithful, they know my rules and htey follow them; that's how they made it to my Elite list.
I believe in variety and I believe in being very selective with my guests. Quality far out weights Quantity! I don't invite just anyone off the street or the Internet. I'm not here just to see how many people I can get into a room. I have developed and I am the pioneer of a process that I follow with every single person that requests a "wet spot" at one of my parties. It's certainly not foolproof, nothing is, but it seems to be working as every one of my parties has been a complete success, with the last one being even better then the previous.

THE ARENA is a private membership, on-premise, lifestyles gathering located in the Bay Area. Parties are held Friday nights for Couples + Single Men, and Saturday nights for Couples and ladies only!
Completely Pressure Free.
Made to be comfortable for all levels of experience in the lifestyle.
If your curious about the scene, or looking to try out a new place, The ARENA is the place to be.
As your hosts, we strive to make your experience at The Arena enjoyable, and memorable.
This is what has separated us from the others.
Over 3000 Sq. ft. of fun!
Cocktail Lounge w/Fireplace Tables and Couch Seating
Theme Rooms
Private & Large Group Rooms
Voyeur Rooms
3 Restrooms Game Room w/ Pool and Video game
Outside Patio Smoking Area
Free Parking
Complimentary Appetizers
Special Theme Parties, Events, & More

A sea mountain lifestyles nude
Reflect, relax, spa, enjoy the premier nude spa retreat in Southern California, Enjoy a whirlpool and contemplate the mountains above you - Relax in the sun all day and swim free in a mineral water pool - Our curative mineral waters have been used for centuries as the most pure and healing in the world - Feel the 24 hour mineral water whirlpool massage the tension from your busy life at our refreshing, up scale and sensual desert oasis - Sauna bliss - sun bathe au natural - Sleep all day in newly designed 5-Star guest rooms - Escape to the number one California exclusive VIP retreat - Enjoy the world's only 24 hour lounge club Taboo Gardens as music pumps you day and night - Slip inside to enjoy beverages and wines - A Lifestyles friendly experience, the ultimate nude resort hotel experience with nude pool and nude spas - Fresh foods set out for you all day long - Party like a rock star or retreat to your private flat-screen TV and Four Seasons bed with Egyptian linens - Remember laughter? - Are the clouds in the way? Do not fret - Enjoy our world famous Sea Mountain Inn Tandem Massages for one or two - An experience dedicated to pleasure. A spa fantasy land for you - magic returns, your wishes are fulfilled.
Luxury Romantic Spa Nude Resort and Hotel.
USA Premier Adults Only Day Spa Hotel.
Awarded Private Romantic Nude Inn and Day Spa
Reservations and Information. - 877-928-2827 Email: info@seamountaininn.com

BABYLON is an on-sight erotic fantasy. We are located in Beautiful Lake Elsinore easy access from all over So California. High above the city on 2.5 acres. Hi, a little about the Parties.
Adults Only!! Proof of Age Required!!
We have private parties every friday and saturday night.
We are invitation only! Couples and single women only!
No single men!
We offer two built in spa,s a tournatment pool table with its own room.
Fetish dungeon, buffet,dance area with a dancers pole,one of a kind swingers swing, oriental pleasure chair, its byob and byoc.
The average age is 30 years old.
You can make reservations and get directions by calling us
between 2 and 8pm on friday or saturday at 760 861 5977.
We get a good cross section of people.
Feel free to call or email me back
"BABYLON" 760 861 5977
DRESS is casual for men, sexy for the Ladies
That can be from outrageous to conservative what ever is comfortable.

Barry and Shells
Barry and Shell have been hosting swing parties for couples and single women for over 30 years. We offer a safe and pressure-free place to explore sensual fantasies and meet like-minded people. We welcome guests who are 21 years or older.
We have parties EVERY SATURDAY night from 8:30 PM to 2:00 AM in our three-level home in a lovely East Bay neighborhood. New guests are asked to arrive between 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM for a tour of the house. A delicious buffet is available throughout the evening. Our large indoor redwood hot tub, dancing and music add to a delightful party. We have areas for intimate encounters and group play throughout our home.
Please call us with your partner to obtain more information. We don't accept email reservations. Our phone number is 510-834-5808.

Bliss is the most creative, upscale, and original event for couples you will ever attend. You will find our locations truly unique. We at Bliss create an extraordinary setting that will take you into another world. Bliss standards are first class. You will find the most attractive and dynamic individuals that the lifestyle has to offer. It takes more work to provide you with the best themed events in the lifestyle, but we at Bliss think our members deserve it.
Bliss members are the hottest, most upscale, stylish, attractive crowd anywhere. In order to maintain our high standards of class, fashion, looks, and attutude, we ask all couples and single women to send us a picture to be considered for membership.
Membership is free. No single men will be admitted. Pictures are NEVER posted or shown to anyone else. All member information and E Mails are strictly confidential and will never be shared or sold.

Club Kiss
Prepare yourselves for an evening of seduction, sensual exploration, and explicit rendezvous at our private, on premise venue!!!!!
Club Kiss is a female-centric event open to couples and single women only. Our guests are all pre-screened so you can be guaranteed that the crowd will be upscale, fit and attractive.
If you are new to this sort of party, rest assured there are plenty of places to just chill out, chat and make new friends in a no-pressure environment
Our big, beautiful space is luxurious and intimate with amazing decor, great music and plenty of "horizontal socializing space"! It's a private venue, there are no restrictions on nudity or sexual behavior- anything goes, as long as you are respectful of people’s boundaries and always play safely!
To attend this event you must be on our guestlist
for more information send us a mail!
We guarantee you have never been anywhere quite like Club Kiss!

Lustfully yours
Princess Polly and The Barron
Email: kiss@clubkiss.us

Club Lussuria
Northern California's Elite Adult Play Arena. Where Desires turn to Fantasy, then to Reality". Club Lussuria's sensual desires create an erotic and seductive night of entertainment for your pleasure. Club Lussuria is a private membership adult play arena, we are open every friday and saturday night from 8:30pm to 4:00am. Our events are all inclusive, drinks, appetizers, dancing, and all the play you can handle.As a member of Club Lussuria, you truely understand that with style, elegance, and design, we create the erotic, seductive, and down right tantalizing enviroment that you desired.

Club Sesso
Sesso is Italian for sex. Club Sesso is all about sex. If you are looking for an upscale club to meet other couples or meet singles and explore all your sexual fantasies you have come to the right place. Club Sesso is a swingers club. Club Sesso makes it possible for you to meet other people with the same or similar sexual fantasies as yours at our social functions. Single males are welcome under strict guidelines.
As a Club Sesso member you will meet other couples and singles looking for everything you are looking for in a sexual relationship, you will also find: Swingers information about this lifestyle. You will find what's happening in California and Nevada with other Club Sesso members. On the Club Sesso website, we feature articles and book excerpts of interest to help you learn about swinging, whether it is right for you and your partner, and how to get the most pleasure from your play.
Club Sesso is a private membership full service swingers club. Everyone who attends our social events must be 21 years old or over and must be an approved member or visitor. Photo ID is required at all events and parties.
Photo ID is required to protect the privacy and safety of our membership. Our membership lists, addresses, and phone numbers are held in the strictest confidence. We do not release any of the information you provide to us, for any reason, to anyone without a warrant, including our other members. You however may share as much information about you self as you care to with the membership; this is why you want to become a member. Join and meet other couples and singles looking for other swingers and singles with similar or the same sexual fantasies as you. We are a no limits club. We do however have some basic rules.
A personal meeting with all new applicants and visitors is required prior to membership final approval or attendance to social parties.
Unlike other dating or swing sites, we specialize in personal contact. The principle function of our club is regular socials; we will hold special events such as house parties, weekend outings at lakes beaches and parks, theme parties, charter party boat trips, casino trips and events for all the major holidays. We also provide a concierge service for private parties.
We are an off-premise club
There are essentially two different kinds of swing clubs.
An on-premise club rents or owns a building and operates with regular business hours. Members meet and mingle in the social room and can make use of one of the other rooms for more intimate experiences.
A club such as ours (off-premise) generally holds socials in various locations. These socials give the members a chance to enjoy themselves in a planned party setting and to get to know one another with less pressure.
Our socials are usually held in hotel ballrooms. We offer a cash bar (Licensed by the Host) and have negotiated lower room rates for those who wish to enjoy a more private setting.
There is something (or someone) for everyone here at Club Sesso. Take your time, look around and we are sure you will find just what you are looking for.

on -premises 3500 sq ft home privaterooms, pool table, indoor spa, group room, dungeon room, dance floor with d.j. every friday and saturday.

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