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DeZire is the latest creation brought to you by BLISS PARTY. DeZire, The Erotic Nightclub was created in an effort to continue bringing you only the very best in exciting events for selective, younger, upscale couples and single ladies. A beautiful VIP venue, attractive and fit couples, exciting fun, and a sexy atmosphere are just a few of the luxuries DeZire offers you.
There will be a private VIP entrance for ONLY DeZire guests (yes, our own entrance this time), secure VIP area with private outdoor patio and booths, our own dance floor and tables inside, and we have been given even more room for this event.
Saturday, July 31st, DeZire will be held at "The Garden of Eden" in Hollywood, CA. We have secured this VIP club with our own private entrance(yes, our own entrance), private VIP area, private dance floor, and a sexual energy like no other nightclub anywhere! The Garden of Eden is one of the most beautiful venues in town.

Freedom Acres
Welcome to Freedom Acres!

Welcome to the site of Southern California’s premier swinger club!

With a membership that extends from San Diego to Washington State and all over the United States, it comes as no surprise that Club FA is one of the longest-standing on-premise swinger facilities. While many other clubs come and go, Club FA recently celebrated its third decade of existence and the best is yet to come.

Come and join our very inclusive membership and meet sexy couples and single ladies in a very friendly environment surrounded by great music, state-of-the-art, sound and lighting and B.Y.O.B. bar that caters to your every need! What are you waiting for? Come to Club FA: life is sexier around here!

Discounts at Freedom Acres!
Looking to save a buck? Isn't everyone? Well, at Freedom Acres we have many ways you can save a buck and enjoy everything without sacrificing anything! Sound too good to be true? While some people would say yes we say no! It is True! To show you how simple it is, check this out: If you come before 9 p.m. on Friday night, you will receive $20 off the $70 donation! So, by coming to the club just a little earlier on Friday, you can party for $50.00!

On Saturday we have a new promotion! If you come out before 9 p.m., you can come in for $70! that's a $10 savings and after 9 p.m. is still only $80.

Where is Freedom Acres?
Freedom Acres is located in the beautiful San Bernardino County here in sunny Southern California. It's remote location lends itself perfectly to the mystery and intrigue new members may experience. While we cannot give an exact location or driving directions here on the website, we can however give you a rough idea of where we are. If you are concerned about the travel, rest assured that every mile driven is well worth it. The parking area is large enough to bring your RV if you are so inclined, however there are no facilities for hookups. Members come from all over the world just to be a part of the Freedom Acres experience. A great idea is to make a weekend of it. Book a hotel room in one of the below listed hotels and attend both parties. Both of the nearby hotels give discounts to Freedom Acres members. See the website for more info.

What can we expect to experience?
After you and your partner have completed the phone interview you will be given directions to Freedom Acres. When you arrive on Friday or Saturday night you will be greeted by the office staff and a tour of the facilities will be given. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions that you and your partner may have. The staff members at Freedom Acres were once new and nervous, as you may be, don't feel embarrassed to ask as many questions as you want. The staff is there to answer them. After the tour and your questions have been answered you will need to decide if you and your partner would like to become members and join the party that evening.

The club offers a very open atmosphere of sexuality, you can expect to see partial nudity, full nudity as well as sexual activity almost anywhere in the club. Each couple is free to become as involved as they are comfortable with. It is a very low pressure atmosphere and ideal for couples just beginning their adventures into this lifestyle.

Freedom Acres is like any social function you might attend. We've all been to a party where we didn't know most of the guests. If you choose to sit and watch that's exactly what you will do all night. If others ask to sit with you remember that it does not constitute a commitment to anything else other than sharing your table, unless of course, all of you decide to go further. Remember that everyone you see at the club was new there, like you. The sooner you speak to other couples, the sooner you will get to know people and the sooner they will get to know you. If you feel shy or awkward about just walking up to someone you'd like to meet the staff is always happy to make introductions among couples at the parties. Again, the staff is easily identified by their name tags.

The play areas at Freedom Acres are in a large room consisting of private and group areas including a group area with closed circuit XXX movies. There are no curtains on the private areas so couples wishing privacy may wish to use a towel or other item to block the opening. Any area with more than one mattress is a group area and you can expect others to want to join you. The group areas come in different sizes and styles with one of them having mirrored walls and ceiling. There is also the Swingers' swing and other sex furniture available for your pleasure.

What about the possibility of meeting co-workers or other people you know? This does happen but remember, we are all here for the same reason. Everyone you meet values their own confidentiality as much as you do. We've seen this happen but, while it was uncomfortable at first, it always provides a good laugh later and we have always seen them back enjoying the club again.

San Bernadino, California

Email: info@clubfa.com

Website: www.clubfa.com

Free Mind, Body and Spirit
The Free Body, Mind, & Spirit Society from now on will hold its retreats on board of the sailing trimaran Alkanimu and we invite congenial people of all alternative or conventional lifestyles, ages, and ethnicities to join us as crew on a expense-sharing basis. We will have a few short cruises off the "Florida Keys"island chain and then embark on a voyage to the lands of our philosophical origins, ending hopefully in South-East Asia. With a few stops in between to enjoy the sights, people and cultures of the islands and countries in between.
The boat is a 57 by 25 (18x9m) large, cutter rigged trimaran sailing yacht and sleeps at least 16 in seven (7) cabins, with stand-up headroom throughout, and two "heads" (toilets) in the three hulls, under a spacious deck big enough for group exercising, yoga, or dancing. She had worked as a live-aboard diving charter vessel in the Caribbean for 30 years before her original owner-skipper turned her over to us upon retiring.
We can sail at 15 knots or motor at 10. Watermaker and refrigerator are aboard. Plenty of electricity is provided by Mother Nature from wind and solar generators, with back up from fossil-fuelled engines.
We are now in the islands of the Florida Keys where the weather is always perfect for naturist sailing. We sail on weekend or weeklong cruises where clothing and swinging are optional. All consenting couples are invited to join us for nature and body worship, and the more mundane, but fun, activities of sunbathing, seeing and be seen, swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing in the secluded anchorages off uninhabited islands, and on one the worlds largest coral reef just offshore.
Wildlife abounds around us in the clean environment of the islands: Dolphins, whales, manatees, turtles, iguanas, manta rays, pelicans, flamingoes, egrets, herons, ospreys, alligators, miniature deer, lobster, crabs, coral and invertebrate, and an abundance of fish of all sizes.
The two end points of our present cruising waters are: Key West, the southernmost and "swingingest", town of the USA, and Miami South Beach, the decadent gathering spot of the glitterati and sophisticates of this hemisphere. Both places are ideal for venturing ashore for local lifestyle venues. There are several nude and topless beaches. The boarding or disembarking points for our sailings are at different points along the 100 miles of the famed Overseas Highway (US-1) connection the Keys with each other and the mainland. Local transport (Keys Shuttle, Greyhound Shuttle) will take you back to the reality of the big city airports. Or you can leave from the small airports of Key West or Marathon, FL. Miami and Ft Lauderdale have the most frequent and the cheapest airline connections to anywhere in the world. Of course, you can also reach any of our landings by automobile or bike.
You will sail on the boat with all the privileges and duties of crew, like taking the helm, navigating, keeping a sharp lookout, hoisting, reefing, and trimming sails, learning as you go or applying your previous sailing knowledge under the command of the experienced captain. Minimum crew for day/weekend sails is two (2), for overnight cruises four (4), and for off-shore passages six (6).
Donations towards the goals of the Society are welcomed: 80 per couple (m/f; f/f; m/m) or you can have the entire yacht for yourselves for 500 per 24-hr day. We welcome all libertine lifestyles, ages, ethnicities and cultures. Family cruises can be arranged too (minimum 6 pp). One may confirm ones crew positions by advancing half of the donation, or take ones chances by showing up in person, last-minute (all donations are non-refundable for any reason). In any case, make contact by E-mail for the current harbor location to fkkusa @ yahoo.com (delete the anti-spam spaces.-- Sorry, no telephone on board).
Bring your own food and drinks (no hard liquor). We have a full galley (kitchen) on board, but do not allow meat preparation since most of us are vegetarian for health and spiritual reasons. If you must have animal proteins you may try to catch fish or lobster (check local restrictions) and grill them on deck. You may have us cook vegetarian food for you at 20/pp/3 meals/day. Drunkenness and drug-use will not be tolerated, suspected violators will be put ashore. Smoking will only be allowed on deck, downwind from everybody else. (Whoever wishes to join the crew for the long-term should be non-smoking, drug-and-alcohol-forsaking vegetarian.)
The weather in the sub-tropical Florida Keys seems to be an endless summer, with lots of sunshine and steady breezes all year long, keeping every body comfortable, on deck or in the shady cockpit, especially nudists. Below the well-insulated decks it never seems to get too hot, with plenty of natural sea breezes blowing through. Clean ocean waters around the boat invite for a cooling swim when we anchor (water temperature is usually above 80 F/27 C). Fresh water showers may be taken on deck and in the bathroom.

Friends Under Covers
A safe haven for Younger Couples and Single Women, FUC Club was started when several college-age swingers decided that there weren't any swing clubs that really fit them.
They wanted a place that they (as college students) could afford, was laid-back and didn't have the older swingers who just couldn't seem to take "no" for an answer. Most importantly, they wanted a place where they could just relax (and swing!) with people their own age. And thus FUC Club was born...
Our parties normally range in size between 70-90 people and due to the median-age of our attendees, are GREAT for newbies and couples and women checking out the scene. However, because all of our party-goers are around the same age and therefore more comfortable, all of our parties ALWAYS end up becoming extremely WILD by the end of the night

LACouples (Adventurous couples)
Adventurous Couples events take place in the Los Angeles area

There are many different types of opportunities we make available to our members from social nudity to exploring the swinging lifestyle.

Some past events have included:

Group hike to Deep Creek Hot Springs, one of the most beautiful clothing optional natural hot springs in the West.
A class on swinging followed by a group trip to a swing club.
A visit to a couple friendly strip club.
A day long series of seminars at a clothing optional retreat in Palm Springs.
Flashing Photography adventure with a hike into the Santa Monica mountains and the opportunity to take some very interesting pictures.
Meet and greets to meet other like-minded couples.
Group trip to Erotica L.A. with prizes.
The cost of membership is $20 a year. That gives you access to the Web site as well as to our events. On the member's section of the site you will find:

Free online classes on swinging, polyamory, bdsm, and bisexuality.
$20 discount on Erotic University Virtual Campus software.
Calendar of Los Angeles area sex related events.
Articles on sexy adventures in Los Angeles for adventurous couples.
A message board to share ideas with other couples.
A match making area to help you meet couples with similar interests, with instant messaging, chat, your own blog, picture and video upload (private and members only), and more.
Listings of our upcoming events.
Discounts on adult products.
Discounted prices to clubs, conventions, retreats, and classes.
Free membership to other sites, including Sex in Review, Erotic Games Online, and the World Strip Poker Federation.

Options Socials 
An upscale location with a festive party atmosphere, Dancing, Top Dj's, Socializing, Mix & Mingle, Catered Buffet & more. Attended by 100+ couples per party. Safe, secure & a no pressure atmosphere. Overnight accommodations available.
We are the largest social dance club in Northern & Central California.
Since early 1996 we have grown to over 3000+ members state wide, by creating a safe and sensuous surrounding in a "no-pressure" location. You are invited to experience our comfortable relaxed style of socializing, which only adds to a well balanced atmosphere, with a touch of class.
We have prided ourselves with providing quality buffets, attractive party decorations and a few special added touches of our own.
"Options" to us means:
The option to be yourself, to express your feelings and be accepted for who you are. You always have the right to say "No", it is as simple as that! And there can be so many more options...
We strive to make you feel comfortable and our passion is to provide you with quality parties. We hope your experience with us, is a memorable one.

Panther Palace
Panther Palace 2000
A Swingers Haven For Couples & Singles
"A Membership Club" - Founded May 5th 1985
Located in Costa Mesa, CA.
Piano Bar, Dancing, Karaoke, Cocktail Bar, Giant Buffet Tropical Patio, Cabanas, Movies in the "Panther Room"
For information about the parties. (Even if you've already been to parties in the past) Call (949) 631-5485 Friday 9am to 8pm or Sunday 9am to 2pm (949) 631-5485 Msg. - (949) 646-7016 Gordy (Hm.)

It's all about the girls
Back in 1997, we set out on a mission to provide an oasis in the San Francisco club scene. We wanted to create something that simply did not exist: a sexy club atmosphere where girls could dress, dance, and interact as freely as they wished without all the difficulties that are so common to most clubs. What we created was PleasureZone (or simply "PZ" as it's commonly referred to now): a completely new concept of hip, sex-positive, girl-centric entertainment for women and couples. PZ set a new standard in urban clubbing, and since its pioneering inception, the ideas at its core have spread across the country, with our blessing.
What is PZ?
It is like no other party or dance scene you've ever witnessed. It's an erotically-charged, yet classy experience free of the pitfalls and uncomfortable pressures common to the usual club landscape. At all PZ events, the gentlemen are expected to be appreciative and polite, and respect for the ladies is paramount. Where else can girls be comfortable enough to don their most daring, sexy fashions, indulge their curiosities and innate powers of seduction, and not have to worry about unwanted advances and hassles from prowling single men?
Every PZ is a steamy playground for the senses that draws our diverse crowds together with the girl-friendly and flirtatious vibe that is our trademark. World-class DJ's entice you to move your body to an intoxicating mix of sensual rhythms and pulsing beats. PZ is simply all about the girls, and they are the ones who set the indulgent tone with their truly stunning and outrageously sexy attire. Girls are encouraged to show off outfits they wouldn't dare wear anywhere else. From barely-there clubwear to playful and sexy outfits, anything goes, and the resulting eye candy is indescribable. PZ has thrived because girls can feel safe exhibiting the beauty and power of their sexuality here, creating an exhilarating energy you won't find anywhere else.
Whether you're just a little curious or downright daring, looking for a wild time or just a break from the ordinary, PZ is the sublime experience you've been waiting for. Exciting, original, and sexy as hell, it's an open invitation to experience a playful world ripe with possibilities, but free of pressure or judgment. Dance with wild abandon, or simply chill and absorb the breath-taking scenes before you, do as you please, as long as it turns you on. That is the beauty of PZ. You get to be as sexy as YOU want to be.
The only requirement, is to have fun.
Check out what the Bay Area's number one club resource, NiteVibe.com, has to say about PZ's Special Event: the Bikini Bash.
"Pleasing to the eye, ear, and mind, Pleasure Zone's monthly parties have catered to couples and single ladies with a sensual, girl-centric vibe that is unmatched by any other SF scene. This month's celebration of summer, the annual Bikini Bash takes their already sexy style to a whole new level. Ladies flaunt their hottest and most outrageous "swimwear" to a vibe that is very erotic, but not raunchy. One of Nitevibe's top 10 djs, Dimitris Mykonos, presides over it all in his signature style with the finest in hot house beats. Pull out all the stops and enjoy the sexiest party of the year."
Our PZ Signature Party
This is the party that started it all!!! we are very proud to continue bringing you the best in progressive house music infused with a very sexy atmosphere. The PZ Signature Party runs every 4th Saturday of the month, except when it is pre-empted by our Special Events.
This is the party that launched the super-sexy vibe that has caught on throughout the club scene. Be sure not to miss it as it is the standard by which all others are compared.
The PZ Lounge (every 2nd Saturday)
While the PZ Signature Parties and Special Events usually take place in larger nightclubs and venues, the PZ Lounge is all about a more intimate, sophisticated and downtempo alternative. As all PZ events, the PZ Lounge still provides a very safe and upscale environment for a super-sexy, girl-centered vibe.

Power Exchange - S.F.
The Power exchange is an adult sexual playspace in San Francisoc that caters to all sexual & gender preferences & exotic sensibilities. It is the best place to go and have sex in an open safe club environment.

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