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Hawaii Clubs

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Eden Group
Honolulu , Hawaii
Phone: 808-861-0170
The Eden Group...
provides events and activities for adults interested in the swingers lifestyle. We're a fun loving group of people who enjoy each other's company, and we welcome friends from the poly, naturist, and fetish communities. If you're brand new or curious as to what swinging is all about, we encourage you to attend one of our strictly social events, so you can meet others who share your same interests and you can have the chance to have any questions answered.

Tantra Connection
Maui, & Oahu, Hawaii, New York City
Couples, break out and have fun at Club Tantra. Singles, join one of our groups and find a date to bring to the Club Tantra. Our formats unique with fun mixers, tantra demos and coached practice following by an intimate party. Many rave about this experience. This is our most successful event now in our 7th year. Weve expanded to three locations: Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii and New York City. Our highly-trained professional staff supports and encourages you to maximize your experience. You enjoy learning tantra in a safe, playful atmosphere.

Club Tantra combines the best of Tantra, Polyamory and Lifestyles which we call TANTRA SWING!
We're a club that's devoted to sensual parties featuring tantric techniques, structured sensual energy, sharing and communication opportunities followed by free-flowing lifestyle relating for couples and singles (gender balanced).
This novel approach combines positive eroticism and gentle loving energies elevates lovemaking to a high level creats a safe, comfortable environment for newbies while sensual enough for experienced polys, tantricas, swingers, playcouples and lifestylers.

Club Tantra is a private, by invitation-only club. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO ATTEND. All Members must fill out a MEMBERSHIP & PARTY REGISTRATION FORM, sign it and return it to us along with your payment. Only Club Tantra Members may attend Club Tantra events.

Maui, HI: This is our primary location. Club Tantra Parties/Classes are most Saturdays from 7- midnight pm in Maui. We meet when we get two or more couples to pre-register. If we can't get two couples and you wish to have private instruction, private classes are available as a option for Saturday evening. Private instruction cost $150 per hour. You may have the class with just the two of you or share the cost with more couples and singles. Couples sometimes connect with a third or another couple and come to Club Tantra to receive tantra instruction.

Oahu, HI: We live a hop, skip and a jump from Oahu. When we get 20 or more couples interested in a Club Tantra Party, we book a flight and go to it. Indicate your location on your MEMBERSHIP & PARTY REGISTRATION FORM when you apply for Club Tantra Membership.

New York, NY: Our New York parties are hosted by Anton. Times to be announced. See www.sexyspirits.com, www.clubtantra.com and ask Anton about Club Tantra, NY fees.

Membership, Hawaii: In Hawaii, Club Tantra annual membership fees of $50 per couple or single must be renewed each year. Your Club Tantra dues must be current to be admitted to the party. Club Tantra Parties cost $50 per couple, $50 single men, $25 single women for the first party then $100 couples, $100 single men and $75 single women thereafter until your renewal time. We charge less for single women as we get far more single men contacting us and we want to encourage single women to attend. If you're a single man and wish to connect with one of the single ladies interested in Club Tantra, increase your odds of getting admitted, pay to admit a single lady to the party you attend. Ladies love generous men. Let us know if you wish to take advantage of that offer.

Location: In Maui and Oahu, Hawaii our location varies every week as we rotate where we meet among our members. The location is kept private until the day of the event. Members agree not to reveal the location as we wish to maintain our privacy. Members who host Club Tantra at their venue receive free admission that evening.

Dress: Dress casual, comfortable, inconspicuous especially if our venue for that week is in a private home. We don't wish to attract undue attention to ourselves. If you want to dress up or down, more sexy or casual, bring outfit changes. That actually ads to the fun. Most importantly, make yourself comfortable. Many of our exercises are on the floor. Bring pillows and things to make yourself comfy.

Format: The first half of the evening is informal, casual "mixer" exercises where we get to know one another a bit. If you want to use a pseudonym, that's fine. We're here to learn about your personality and soul.

Second part is a tantra class. In this part we do exercises which focus on the upper chakras: relationship and communication skills, pujas (sacred ceremonial tantric rituals), white tantra yoga, party mixer exercises and ice breakers and more. This part lasts a couple of hours and is perfect for newbies. Then we take a break. If you are shy or feel complete, you may want to exit at this point. The next part gets sexier.

In the third part of the evening we shift our focus to the lower chakras. We often do demonstration of tantric sexual techniques or lead other activities which activate the lower chakras. In this part typically the only people who tend to get naked are the teachers who demonstrate tantra techniques. However, this part is open and others may join in for coaching. Also, if we have a lot of repeat party goers, we may not have a demonstration but will offer other things. It all depends on who shows up. If we get a core group that shows up repeatedly, we may move into more advanced things like yoni pujas and tantric sacred geometry. What's that? Well start coming to the parties on a regular basis and you'll find out.

The fourth part shifts to high gear. We often do tantric massages and practice what we've learned in the earlier part of the evening. This part can get quite sexy.

As always, there's never any pressure to participate. You may simply watch or go to other areas of the venue if you wish.

What to Bring: Options: Bring a potluck dish to share, drinking water, snacks, fruit juice, flashlight, massage oil, towels, a sheet, health and hygiene products, BYOB. Some locations allow alcohol and some don't. Please check first before bringing alcohol. Food and alcohol are not brought out until after the class part of the evening which ends between 9-10pm. Dress is casual. Bring a bathing suit. Some locations are clothing optional and some aren't.

Who comes to our Club Tantra Parties? We get many curiosity seekers, newbies and beginners in the Lifestyles (which includes tantra, polyamory and swinging). Many are voyeuristic and want to stay with their partner. They like the erotic atmosphere and seductive pheromones that fill the air when people get excited and turned on. We also get a lot of polyamorous people. These are usually couples who seek other couples or individuals to create on-going relationships and repeated experiences. We get a few who seek episodes only and wish to avoid emotional intimacy. All choices are valid and we respect and honor each person's personal preferences.

Check-In: Please be on time or early. This is a structured evening rather than a drop-in format. We create an energy and ambience as a group by the check-in. If you're late we'll all have to wait for you, may feel resentful and won't have the best impression of you because of your tardiness. We have a check-in up front and state our limitations, expectations, desires and boundaries. You may, if you like, express your relationship status or sexual preferences. This is the opportunity to express your fantasies as well. Who knows? Maybe tonight's the night your dreams come true!

Gender Balance: CLUB TANTRA is mostly gender balanced. If we have too many single men the energy feels kind weird. So we've come up with the following system: Single men and women are admitted as openings become available. If you are a couple and are seeking to meet single men or single women, let us know as far in advance as possible and we'll be sure to invite a few extra singles the times you attend. The best thing to do if you wish to meet another single or couple is go to www.tantraconnection.com, fill out a profile and start promoting yourself. Bring your blind date to the party or ask them to meet you here. We're experts at making new people feel comfortable. Meeting in a public place like the Club Tantra party is often more comfortable and safer than meeting in a bar.

Singles : Registration as a single does not guarantee you admittance but does get you on the waiting list. It's your responsibility as a member to inform us when you're available to attend a party as a single. Please try to gender balance yourselves and match yourself up as much as possible if you're particular. Or if you're adventurous show up and see who else the universe brings to our door this week. Your registration fee will not be processed until and unless you are admitted.

Connect: We encourage you to meet other singles and couples and plan your blind date at the club. Go to www.tantraconnection.com and register for free to find your tantric partner (s) or post a message at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Club_Tantra/ <---- (click here to join our newsletter).

Accommodations are often available in our locations. The New York location is in the heart of Manhattan. Hawaii accommodations vary based on the location of the party. Fill out a MEMBERSHIP & PARTY REGISTRATION FORM and state your preference.

Tantra School, taught by Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin is offered in Maui. We also feature Private Sessions where we work with individuals, couples and moresomes.

Maui, Hawaii: Club Tantra Parties are held most Saturdays at 7PM when we get 2 or more couples registering.
Oahu, Hawaii: Club Tantra Parties are held in Oahu when we get 20 or more couples registering.
Click CLUB TANTRA MEMBERSHIP & PARTY REGISTRATION FORM to register for Club Tantra in Maui or Oahu, Hawaii.
New York: Our New York parties are hosted by Anton. Times to be announced. See www.sexyspirits.com, www.clubtantra.com for Club Tantra, NY

WARNING! This event is rated SE for Sexually Explicit and may have nudity, demonstrations of sexual techniques and sensual touching. You must set and maintain your own boundaries. You must respect the boundaries of all other individuals and couples. Ask first. No means no. No touching other participants without their expressed permission. No rude behavior. Violators will be removed with no refund.
We'd love to bring a Club Tantra Sensuality Party to your hometown. Our events are sweet, full of warm fuzzies because we combine the best of tantra, polyamory, sensulality, sacred sexuality and loving friendships. Many swingers look to us to help them deepen their connections, and get to another level they sense and know exists, but seems to be elusive. Tantra makes this happen for them. Sometimes traditional swing parties leave people feeling drained. Most who've experienced our special combination of swinging and tantra, (which we call Tantra-Swing), leave feeling more more connected, energized, aware and blissful. We are registered with NASCA [4981] www.nasca.com.
To register in Maui or Oahu email: ClubTantraHI@aol.com, 808-244-4103 (Maui, HI)
To register in New York call 212-581-2640 (Manhattan).
Web sites: www.tantraconnection.com, www.worldtantraassociation.com, www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com, www.sexyspirits.com
To join our Yahoo mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/subscribe/Club_Tantra

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