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Florida Clubs

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Club Cinsual
Events are held once a month for people of like open minds to meet and unleash your inhibitions in a safe friendly comfortable environment.

Club Destiny
What is Club Destiny?
A Premier Swingers Membership Club for Quality Adult Parties at Luxury Private Homes on the Emerald Coast
Our adult parties are for those who enjoy the lifestyle and like to attending well organized consensual events "with class" where they can "socialize", "watch as voyeur", or "join in" as they wish in a relaxed no pressure secure environment. We have been holding successful swingers parties regularly for several years and have a following of genuine swingers who actively participate in our adult lifestyle/ We meet now at local Bars, and private house parties and other swingers socials in our area.
The Club is not open now, we are looking for a place to purchases and will be open weekly. We hope to see you at one of our parties soon!

Club Dutch Delight
WE ARE THE LARGEST ON PREMISE PRIVATE RESIDENCE HOUSE PARTY IN THE SOUTH!!!!Pool,hot tub,10,000 sq ft,5 video monitors,12 bedroom 4 bath,huge sound & light show,dance floor,lockers & towels,3 massage tables,love swing,pool table,bar,Tampa st pete area!Come See why we are the best on premise party! We have parties every wed-thur-fri-sat-sun we are a lifestyle party for and by lifestyle couples! fri and sat we party all night the rest of the week till 3 or 4 am!Please review this site and email for printable directions from the email page!please do not call asking questions that are already answered here thank you!
if you need to call 727-518-1465
we do not charge anything to attend our parties we do accept voluntary donations the last couple donated 30 and attended wed thu and sun without another donation they donated 30 again on fri and 30 again for the huge couples party sat night!
The last single guy donated 40 each wed thu and sun night he attended he donated 60 for each fri or sat night he attended!
we do not accept donations from single ladies ever!
we never charge anyone anything! setups are free, bottled water free,lockers and towels free!
Tampaybay's only on-premise party with neeekid glow in the dark volleyball!!

What is Club Elite Florida?
Club Elite Florida Caters to sensually erotic couples and singles.
Our goal is to provide a clean, no-pressure environment where fun, passion, romance,incredible excitement and more
are all possible in a first class upscale atmosphere. The friendly staff and management are always available to insure
your experience at our club will always be a memorable and pleasant one. Erotic memories will be made at this prestigious club.

Dress Code
Many newcomers are unsure just how tantalizing or seductive their clothing can get, so they tend to be a little conservative
on their first visit. That's okay to! The bottom line is to dress however you feel most comfortable, as revealing as you want
(mini skirts, provocative or sexy lingerie underneath, low cut tops, etc.) or as conservative as you want. Remember that
we do not pass judgment -- except that no jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, sweats, bandannas, jerseys, or shorts, work boots,
ball caps or unkempt clothing are not permitted (unless a theme party is requiring the above items).

Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to the party to anyone if their clothing is unacceptable.
We ask that everyone dress to impress!

What is BYOB Club?
All parties are BYOB. You supply the liquor and we supply all the mixes. You will then be asked to pay a small set up fee
for each drink that is served back to you. We DO NOT SELL ALCOHOL! You can not request the bartenders to sell alcohol
if you are found doing so you will be banned at once without refund! You are more then welcome to take your unused portion
with you when you leave or leave it at the club for your next visit. Beer and Wine are disposed at the end of each evening.
We do not have the space to store beer and wine. You are more then welcome to take your beer and wine with you when
you leave.

The bartender will then mark off your alcohol once it is checked out. All unused portions must be taken off premises when you leave.

ALL BOTTLES MUST BE CHECKED IN THE BAR! Anyone found drinking out of a bottle of alcohol that is not labeled
will be asked to leave at once and banned from club.
No coolers or bottles are allowed to be placed at your table or seating area. By law all bottles must be checked in!

It is Illegal to request alcohol from the bartenders or staff. We DO NOT SELL ALCOHOL! YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE!
Anyone found requesting alcohol sales will be removed and banned from the club at once (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Is Alcohol Allowed?
Alcohol is not permitted on the on premise side of the club due to county ordinances.
Bottled water is the only drink allowed on the On Premise side. You can, however, drink at Club Elite Private Members Club
which is conveniently located in the same building as the On Premise Club. It is BYOB with a small cost for your set ups.
You must bring your own bottle of Alcohol if you will be drinking and check it in with the bartender.

What type of members attent Club Elite Florida?
Our members range from all ages from 21 years of age and up, races, cultures, shapes and sizes.

What is the "Life Style"?
Swinging could be exciting, a turn on, and a chance to explore your sexuality and find out more about what turns you on.
Having sexual experiences with different partners could give you, and your partner, more ideas about the range of
sexual experiences that you could try, either in a swinging situation or in your own one-to-one relationship.
It could give you a chance more commonly for women to explore sexual situations with someone of the same
sex or just one on one with your partner. The lifestyle varies on your preference what you and you're comfortable with.

The lifestyle has taken a large turn over the years other then the simple full swap image it use to be.
Over the years the lifestyle has catered to the curious to the very seasoned swingers. No matter if your curious
or just not sure if your ready for the whole swinging experience, you will find that today's lifestyle has become a
no pressure atmosphere for all ages who can explore the lifestyle at there own pace with no obligations of any sexual encounters.

What if I should feel swinging is not for me during a swinging encounter?
Depending on your level of self esteem and trust in your partner, swinging could be fertile ground for jealousy and feeling threatened.
If you are not secure in your partner's attraction to you, seeing them attracted to and turned on by another person could be devastating.
Similarly, the opportunity to see lots of other people without clothes on and having sex may not be as much of a turn on if you are insecure
about your own body or sexual technique and can't help but compare yourself unfavorably with others. Your self esteem would need to be
able to cope with the constant possibility of rejection. Everyone has different tastes, could you cope with not fitting theirs?
As we have told our members in the past to always make a signal for the other to see (rather a tap on the arm, wink of an eye let's the
other know this needs to end at once. But be honesty is the main key in a happy lifestyle!

What if we just want to watch and go and dance?
Of course you can do anything your comfortable with. Just because you're at a swingers club does not necessary mean you have to have sex.
We have found a lot of couples prefer to take it at a more slower pace(like a night out together) Sometimes some couples just find the more
erotic side of just being around the lifestyle can sometimes enhance there own intimacy at home.
One thing you will see is that people in the lifestyle are judgmental free.

We have never been to anything like this, what should we expect?
Expect nothing! Expect to have a wonderful evening out with your partner.
Make it a night for you both to go out and do some dancing and meeting new friends.
As we have always told our members this is an evening out for you two together
Anything extra happensis just the icing on the cake of you should take it that next level.

Will we feel uncomfortable?
No, This is just like a regular night club with other open minded adults just looking to have a good time and meeting others.
If at any time you should feel uncomfortable? Please stop at the front desk and ask for a host couple or management who can
better answer your questions you may have. If any other member makes you feel uncomfortable please report it at ONCE
we do not tolerate any of our members feeling uncomfortable at any time

Will the be any pressure?
"NO" means "NO! Anyone at anytime can say NO, even if you are in the middle of an encounter and they
decide to change their minds! If you at anytime feel uncomfortable in a situation, just say NO.
The friendliest way to say it is "no thank you, not tonight, but thanks for asking.

What about our privacy?
One thing you will see at Club Elite is that we and our members are very discreet. We will never give
out your personal information or name to anyone.
We do not put your personal information into a computer or hold your personal information after three days.
All your personal information is destroyed after three days and the only way we know if you're a member is from your membership
which only your first names are put on the membership and member number.

Why do we need to give our ID when signing up?
You must show an ID each visit so we will know that is you on the membership but your information will not be copied after your fist visit.
If you loose your membership you will be asked to purchase a new one before entering the club.
Only your first names and membership numbers are kept on premise.

Any information obtained when you sign up or attend the club is kept confidential. We will never contact you by mail or phone.
The only info we keep on file id your email address so that we may send you info on weekly themed parties and events.

Are reservations required?
No, we do not ask that you have reservations to attend Club Elite. Even though we are a private members club it is not
required to make reservations to attend a party. If you wish to make reservations for a party you simply call the club and make arrangements.
We do however limit the amount of members each night. We are a first come first serve basis only.

Club Elite
9721 US 19
Port Richey, Florida 34668
Phone: 727-845-8808
Email: lacyntastee@aol.com

Club Hedonism
Want more than just one bite out of life...?
Want to add some excitement to your relationship?
You've just found the most enjoyable way to meet interesting free spirited, sensuous people at:
Club Hedonism. Elegant, private, intimate, on-premise club in the Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida, for sophisticated couples, bi-females and select singles.

Explore fantasies at one of the finest private clubs in the USA, where discriminating, adventurous, secure adults enhance their relationship, experience alternative lifestyles and pursue the pleasure of the senses (Hedonism) without pressure or obligations.

Dancing to Live DJ's
Bottle Club
Free Set-Ups and Mixers
Gourmet Buffet
Theme Parties
Pool Table
Private Play Areas
Special Shows
Exciting Events

Is a membership required?
Some clubs do not require membership!! Club Hedonism is a private club and by law requires membership. There is security and control to insure appropriate and compatible adults are the only people in the club.
What sort of people are in the lifestyle?
Average people such as yourself. Membership is non-discriminating as to age, color, creed, social class, education or income. Primarily in the socio-economic middle to upper class. Members are mature, happy, and exploring people with a zest for living and a curiosity of life who on the average enjoy successful relationships and are generally successful in both their social and business lives.
Why swing?
Contrary to popular belief couples do not become involved with swinging out of boredom but out of a sense of adventure. Basically couples who already enjoy a good relationship and want to add another dimension to the relationship. It is a shared experience that appeals to their sexual and emotional needs and fantasies and their desire to explore them together rather than apart. Couples with trouble in their relationship are cautioned not to become involved in the lifestyle. Emotional and sexual growth is often an added benefit.

What's in swinging for singles?
Essentially for the same benefits that couples are involved. For the swinging single female there is a discovery that it is more honest and leads to better relationships than the ordinary single bar scene. For the single man the opportunity to deal with couples and single ladies in an honest and sensual manner not afforded them in any other seting.

Should everyone swing?
With much to recommend the lifestyle, like so many other things, it is not for everyone. If swinging poses a threat to either part of a couple, becoming involved would not be pleasurable not advised. If it is of interest to you, and you feel able to handle it, explore swinging and the experience.

Is the lifestyle all the fun that I have heard it is?
You bet it is! It is every bit as erotic, exciting, and fulfilling as you imagine it to be! You can explore your favorite fantasies securely! You can engage in private intimate sexual activity, share your mate with another in a threesome, enjoy another couple, or engage in the famous group swinging, all in one evening!

Can our relationship be damaged at a swingers club?
Relationships, reportedly have generally been improved with swinging. It is a shared activity that promotes understanding, intimacy and communications. Swinging can remove inhibitions imposed by society, breaks up the "routine" and removes the need of role playing. Encourages honesty between couples.

Do we have to join any activities?
No, of course not. You are free to experience your own erotic adventure without getting other people into it. Many are just looking for a little extra excitement to spice up their own relationship. Some members are active in the lifestyle, some are exhibitionists, others are voyeurs, some are into fetish wear. Yet all share one thing in common, they all are open minded & fun-loving people.

What kind of music do you play?
We have a live D.J. that plays the best latest sounds in today's music.

Is there a dress code for the club?
Generally speaking, CLUB ELITE FLORIDAs slacks and a sport shirt while ladies come dressed in sexy, sensuous outfits. Many members look for the theme that evening and dress accordingly. The main thing to stress is to
dress for yourself, be comfortable. No sloppy attire!!

What's the average age?
While age is not an issue, most of our members range from the late 20's to the late 40's and early 50's. Some are younger and some are older, the bulk is in their 30's and 40's.

Are our names ever given out?
No, your name, address and phone number are personal and kept confidential! We never give them out to other members without first getting your permission.

What's the best night for us?
We are open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Saturday's are for couples and single females only.

What if we meet an acquaintance?
If this happens, it will be a surprise for both parties. Greeting each other is the best thing to do and most of these meetings will result in a better relationship with acquaintance.

Can a woman ask another woman to dance?
Sure, a lot of women that come to the club feel attracted to other women. And when the feeling is mutual it might end up in an exciting erotic experience.

We are very shy but want to meet other couples?
As a group, members are friendly outgoing people, but it's a two-way street. You should introduce yourself to the others. If you are unusually shy, or if the group appears cliquish, ask your host to make some introductions for you. That's why we are here!

Can we be up front about our sexual desires?
It is essential that everyone knows up-front what they are getting into, and Avoid an embarrassing situation later on.

Very Important!!!

Don't allow yourself to be forced into an uncomfortable situation! You should never feel pressured into doing anything you don't want to. You are here to have fun, being coerced is "not fun". So if anyone persists, please inform the management.

Respect other peoples right to privacy and be discreet.
What you see, or what you hear and where you saw it, is all privileged Information. Don't abuse it.

Club Relate
A Masturbation Swing Club For YOU!
Scroll Down For Party Calendar and Dates!
Featured On Playboy Channel - Sexcetera #16!
Join Us And Explore Your Sensuality!
Watch us on HBO RealSex-Segment 23 and"Size Does Matter"
Featured in Penthouse
Club RELATE grew out of a tremendous response to our specific ads. When we first started we wrote a very general ad and received, as might be expected, a very general response. We thought we would reduce the response and increase our rate of success by narrowing the scope of our ad. WRONG!!! We simply opened another door for hundreds of people who enjoy MASTURBATION as much as we do but had no outlet for sharing this pleasure except through swinging. Swinging is great but, there's no guarantee that you will find another couple or people with similar interests in MASTURBATION!!!
The response to our ad was so fantastic we decided to try to link everyone by way of RELATE, the internet site and Club RELATE was born! CLUB RELATE, and this site, covers MASTURBATION in all its forms; watching, being watched, helping, photos, movies, books, stories, toys, talking, listening to others fantasies, parties and perhaps most important, contact with others through a specific form of communication....your letters to RELATE!!! Through RELATE we all belong to one family. We update daily and have many corresponding members that contribute regularly.
Club RELATE is a club for people that enjoy and include MASTURBATION in their sex play and desire meeting other people in a party setting for group MASTURBATION. Club RELATE'S members generally have three things in common:

ONE - A tremendous attitude and desire to have fun.
TWO - To make new friends within our lifestyle that share our interests in MASTURBATION.
THREE - To broaden their sexual experiences with MASTURBATION
by intimate involvement with others.

Currently, the Club's parties are held three Saturdays per month in Orlando and Tampa! Having Club RELATE functions in this way, offers everyone an opportunity to participate and have fun! We are not shy and are always looking for new members to join our parties. Swinging and/or penetration is an option among consenting participants but is NEVER forced and no one is obligated to participate with anyone that they don't wish to be with. Again, the primary reason for Club RELATE's existence is MASTURBATION so most of the people enjoy watching and being watched while practicing their favorite sport in a group setting. It is a totally safe and emotionally protective environment.
Because of the nature of our lifestyle and Club, discretion is of the utmost importance. We are sure you understand the need for this philosophy and agree. ALL Club RELATE members have attended an informal orientation session designed to fully answer all of your questions and ours regarding the lifestyle, MASTURBATION and Club RELATE in a non-threatening atmosphere. All Orientations begin at 3:00PM and are usually on the days listed in the party calendar. The orientation session must be accomplished BEFORE attending any other Club RELATE party or social.
So that we may better understand what your experience and expectations are please complete our confidential application/questionnaire. After receiving this information from YOU, please check the Club Relate party calendar and advise us of the orientation session you selected.
We hope that this page has answered some of your questions, if not your prayers, about our favorite sexual pastime- - MASTURBATION, and peaked your interest in Club RELATE so that you would like to become a member and join us for one of our parties in the near future. Currently our fee structure is as follows: Annual dues are $45.00. A one time Orientation fee $30.00. Each RELATE party fee is $50.00.
One other special note: When you decide to attend a Club Relate function...plan on having the time of your life...it is important!

WHERE DO YOU HOST YOUR PARTIES? Currently all of our parties are held in Orlando and Tampa, Florida. We feel that this gives many of our members at various locations an opportunity to attend most of our functions as well as a little vacation for everyone else.

HOW LONG DO YOUR PARTIES LAST? Generally about 6 hours but to be honest with you we really don't time them!

DO PEOPLE COME AND GO OR ARRIVE AND LEAVE DURING THE PARTY? Good question! We have a start time that is covered at orientation and unless you have made prior arrangements before: after the party begins we don't allow interruptions or other similar distractions to interfere with the flow of things!

WHAT ABOUT DRUGS AND ALCOHOL? Indeed! Let us make our policy on these two issues clear! If your intention is to join and participate at any Club Relate function you may NOT have any drugs "in you, on you or around you!" Period! In addition, we do not permit or allow any alcohol to be consumed at or during our functions.

HOW MANY PEOPLE USUALLY ATTEND A PARTY? A typical party will have about 25-35 members attending. All are members. All have completed at least one CLUB RELATE ORIENTATION prior to attending any other function.

WHAT IS THE RATIO OF MEN TO WOMEN AT YOUR PARTIES? There is a balance formula that we adhere to in order to insure the success of the parties and fun for everyone attending. We have arrived at this formula after years of experience in hosting these types of parties.

WHAT ARE THE AGES OF THE MEMBERS? Generally, the ages are above 35 but anyone over the age of 21 is invited to join that has their head on straight about masturbation!

DO YOU VIDEOTAPE OR TAKE PICTURES DURING THE PARTIES? No! Many have requested this but we don't believe that this is in the best interest of all members so we don't do it!

ARE YOU REQUIRED TO PARTY WITH SOMEONE/ANYONE THERE AT THE PARTY? Strange as this may seem, no one is required to play with anyone else while in attendance at a Club Relate function. Since we follow a philosophy of "No Thank You, But Thank You For Asking!" we can honestly say that this is a problem that we have NEVER encountered and once a new member becomes acclimated they usually fit right in with whatever their agenda is!! Bottom line for a Club Relate party is this...you only have to please yourself!

WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS OR DAYS OF OPERATION? Currently Club Relate Parties and Orientations are held only on Saturdays!

DO YOU HAVE A CLUB NEARER TO ME THAN FLORIDA, I/WE LIVE OUT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA...OR OUT OF THE COUNTRY!? We know of no other club like Club Relate anywhere else in the US, or the world for that matter! Many have written and want to start one closer to where they live but have never followed up on it. If you want to entertain such a notion, please let us hear from you.

CLUB RELATE SOUNDS GREAT, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO JOIN AND ATTEND A PARTY? We appreciate your enthusiasm very much but because we are a PRIVATE club we do have a membership and attendance policy that we have developed over the years. First: Complete the application questionnaire included with this package. Second: Select a date for your orientation which has also been included. Third: Send your application in either by e-mail or to the PO Box along with your orientation and party fees (a total of $80.00, checks or money orders made out to PP please). Also, now you may pay your fees by credit card, on-line. This will confirm and guarantee your spot. Last but not least, call us for more information between 7:00PM - 11:00PM on Tuesday before the Saturday of the Orientation you selected.

IF YOU WILL BE VISITING US FROM OUT OF TOWN? We have visiting members that attend regularly from out of town. If this might be the case with you we ENCOURAGE and URGE you to complete your APPLICATION/QUESTIONNAIRE, select your ORIENTATION date and pay your fees BEFORE leaving home (and your computer). The three items mentioned above must be completed PRIOR to attending Orientation or any other Club Relate function. If you plan on arriving by Airlines please be aware that ALL Orientations begin at 3:00PM sharp on the Saturday you have selected so you should plan your trip accordingly. i.e., PLAN FOR DELAYS!

JUST WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF MEMBERSHIP TO CLUB RELATE? First and foremost we would say meeting and getting to know people that share a similar interest in masturbation as you. Second, by communication with others in the club through the newsletter and Club Relate Internet Site! Third, instead of having to play by yourself, now you will have many friends to play with that will already know what you like to do. It is our goal to have everyone that is a member actually participating with other members at some club function, not on the computer and not on the phone!

WHAT TYPE OF CLUB IS CLUB RELATE? Club Relate is a PRIVATE swing club of members that wish to remain discreet in their sensual and sexual play! That is our first obligation...to protect the discretion of all of our members as well as you the prospective member. At Club Relate we provide a safe play environment for everyone involved! There are no walk-ins or non-member attendees. Every member that attends a Club Relate party has attended and completed an orientation so that we all are on equal ground. Every member knows why they are there and the advantages of their membership. The only Club Relate function that a non-member is allowed to attend is the Orientation!

WHAT CLUB RELATE IS NOT! Club Relate is NOT a phone sex club, or a cybersex club, or an organization that exploits it's members or even non-members. If you would like to meet other members of the club that are in your area you must do so as a Relate member yourself. If you meet someone through the web-site or newsletter that enjoys phone sex that is fine with us! However, we will not divulge personal information about our members with any other group or a non-member. We understand the need for discretion and privacy by anyone and everyone! To that end we are glad to report to you that we do not sell, trade, or in any other way communicate details of our membership or membership data base to anyone.

DO YOU HAVE THE INVITATION/NEWSLETTER AVAILABLE ON THE WWW? Yes we do! In order to receive it you must complete an application and request your newsletter by emailing us so we may have your correct address!

WHAT ABOUT AIDS AND OTHER STDs? Excellent question! To date, we know of no one contracting ANY disease through the practice of masturbation! Additionally, we know of no one who has ever become ill in any way at a Club Relate function.

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS WE DIDN'T ANSWER? If so, please do not hesitate to call, email or write us about the Club. Gentlemen, if your wife is hesitant about joining or attending you should have her call and talk to Lynda, she can answer all your questions and hers about participating in the Club's activities in a way only ladies can relate.
E-mail... rel8girl@cfl.rr.com.

Club Tastebuds
Club Tastebuds is an "off premise" alternative lifestyle club. We're the perfect place to mix and mingle with old friends, meet new ones, and dance the night away! And unlike most other lifestyle clubs, Club Tastebuds features a fully-stocked liquor bar!
We're located inside Heritage Hotel Orlando on South Orange Blossom Trail near Florida Mall. Click the "Directions" link on the above menu bar to find out how to get to us.
Every Saturday night from 8PM - 2AM we throw our famous "RSVP Party". These HOT events draw guests from all over Central Florida, and advance reservations are preferred (but not required) for admission. However, Club Tastebuds strictly adheres to its legal occupancy limit. So it's wise to make reservations early and plan to arrive early to ensure your admission to the Club. You must be 21 to enter.
few things to keep in mind to ensure a good time is had by all:

A select few single males are permitted. You are expected to be on your best behavior at all times, and failure to do so may result in permanent expulsion from Club Tastebuds. ALL SINGLE MALES MUST PAY IN ADVANCE!

The possession or use of any video or audio recording equipment, or the possession of a "camera" cellular telephone, is strictly prohibited at Club Tastebuds. To ensure your privacy as a guest, we reserve the right to search you or any possessions you are carrying to prevent anyone from entering with unauthorized video or audio recording equipment or a camera cell phone. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we ask that you NOT bring these devices into Club Tastebuds at anytime.

Club Tastebuds
(Inside Heritage Hotel Orlando)
7900 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, Florida 32809

For room accommodations at Heritage Hotel:
Telephone: 407-859-7900 or Toll Free: 877-464-7900

Q: How do we get an invitation to Club Tastebuds?
A: Reservations for our famous Saturday Night RSVP Parties are encouraged. Club Tastebuds strictly adheres to its legal occupancy limit. So make your reservations early and plan to arrive early to ensure your admission to the Club.

Q: Why do we have to make reservations every time we want to come?
A: This is a private party. For our many regulars, making advance reservations online speeds up the check-in process. When someone comes to the door without being on the guest list, it slows everyone up while we chat with the newbies to determine if they should be invited to come in.

Q: Is this an "on-premise" club?
A: No. Club Tastebuds is a great place to meet new friends. And with accommodations at The Heritage Hotel close by, its easy to act on your impulses when the mood is right.

Q: What about singles?
A: Single, unescorted males are limited to about 6 at each party. There is no limit to the number of single females. ALL SINGLE MALES MUST PAY IN ADVANCE!

Q: What activities do you have?
A: Dancing, of course. And most nights, we have some sort of a mixer to encourage people to meet and mingle. We also have theme parties, costume contests, dance contests, and so on. All things that add to the sexually charged atmosphere our guests enjoy!


Never been to Club Tastebuds?
** I have never seen such a great bunch of people, but when I became a member of Club Tastebuds, I think I found a home and a great family of friends. I will tell all my friends in Tampa about this place. Club Tastebuds gives you a great place to be yourself and that is rare these days. It gives you pride and joy, with their Trips and Travel Plans to be free and be yourself most of all. I think I have found my 2nd home at Club TasteBuds. I tip my hat to Club TasteBuds; please keep up the great work!

** Hey guys...GREAT time last weekend! The new DJ was OUTSTANDING! Loved his choice of music which he shared a variety. GREAT NEW ADDITION. Also, I want to thank you personally for the quick attention that I received when I became ill at the Club Saturday night. I had a sugar reaction which hit me rather rapidly. I want to thank Patrick, your security guy, and the owners for their prompt attention and concern. Thanks SOOOOOO much for being alert to what is happening within your Club. You guys are great...keep up the good work and thanks for supporting the lifestyle and giving us a place to live the lifestyle. We will be back! :-)

** THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING ME AND UPDATING ME ON THE CHANGES AND THE GRAND REOPENING. I feel that Tastebuds is a great place and a place my husband and I can go and feel very comfortable. You are so correct about the many clubs that have come and gone in the last couple of years. We too, have noticed the other clubs but have stayed true to Tastebuds. We like the people we meet and are very happy with the service and location. I was not aware you were open on Friday nights but I wish I had been because we have spent many Friday nights looking for a place to go. Once again, thank you for the e-mail response.

** We had a great time when we attended Club Tastebuds. Such a good time that in my Yahoo group I have put your website there as a must do item! The music was great as they played all types of music and did not stay very long on techno sounds which is a very good thing. He seemed to play to the crowd he had which was mid 30's to 60's...this is very difficult to find. The people we met, along with those we knew, where wonderful as always. Over all we would say it was one of the best events that we have attended; clean, nice looking place! Keep up the great work and best of luck in the future!

** Club Tastebuds' proactive stance to attain appropriate accommodations for its out of town guests reinforces my reasons for joining this club. Thanks!

** Excellent party last nite! Lots of good people and lots more mixing going on. That girl that went from the long red dress to the lingerie and stockings to the g-string was a freakin' SUPERSTAR!! Hope to see that couple around a LOT more! Just wanted to say thanks for the great party.

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