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  Swinger Clubs:

Missouri Clubs

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Lifestyle Club
Lifestyle Club is a private membership only Missouri and Illinois Adult
Entertainment Social Club where adults can have fun and mingle.

Offering Free 1 Year Memberships!

Everyone one is welcomed to the Lifestyle Club regardless, of your
marital status, sexual orientation,weight, height, color,race, religion and
etc. However, one must be 18 years of age and be accepted.

Lifestyle Club was formed for the following reason:  To have adult fun,
liberate oneself and to be apart of something that is accepted by
others of like-minds and interests. 


Passions of St. Louis
Couples Only Lifestyle Club
Email: aands80@sbcglobal.net
Club 64 East, the only "on-premises" couples club in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Couples party every Saturday night. Located just 5 miles from downtown St. Louis. Take I-70 East to I-64 East, exit right on St. Clair Avenue we are 1/2 mile on the left.

Telephone: (618) 875-0221

4-SPC is an off premise club, for couples only. We are located in the corner of all
4 States Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas & Arkansas. It is BYOB, we provide the snacks & soft drinks. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, and the couples are great!
Our party's are on the 4th Sat of each month unless we have to work around a Holiday like Thanksgiving, our December party is always on the 31st (NYE) We never give out the exact location over the net to insure the privacy of our members. We always speak with each couple over the phone to make sure they are a real couple, I'm sure you understand that, you just never know on the internet. This protects both you and our club members. So if you are still interested email us and give us a # where we can speak with both of you and we will be glad to give you a call, without a phone call we can not approve your membership to our club site or give you any club info. We will always be very discrete.

Club Eden of Kansas City
Club Eden is a private event held at a local nightclub in an upscale hotel. Our events are for discriminating couples who either practice a swinging lifestyle or are curious, open-minded and enjoy dancing and socializing in a sensually-charged atmosphere with no pressure. Couples and single females only. At least one event held per month. Live DJ. Cash bar. Hotel rooms available at special rate. Membership not necessary, but you must reserve to be invited to each event. No walk-ins.

CSR is a lifestyle organization dedicated to Alternative Lifestyles, specifically Swinging. Dances are held once a month at a hotel in the greater St. Louis area, with a party area afterwards on a private floor of the hotel.

Couples may visit a CSR function upon meeting one of the three following criteria:

Arrange for an interview with CSR staff at a mutually convenient casual restaurant.
Present proof of a membership at another Lifestyle club from a different geographic area (NASCA members preferred).
Be invited by a CSR member in good standing.
Memberships are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Membership fee for new couples is $40.
Renewal fee is $25. (Renewals are free if a member couple attends five dances in the previous membership year.)
Dance fees are $35, with cash bar at the dance, munchies and refreshments after the dance.
Dance times are:
Doors Open 7:00 PM
Dance 7:30 - 11:30 PM
Hospitality Suite 11:30 - 3:00 AM

CSR functions are held at a local hotel near the airport. All rooms are booked throuth CSR, and requests for specific room configurations (e.g. two queen beds) are filled on a first come, first served basis. There are only a small number of double-queen rooms, so if a reservation is not received early we may not be able to accomodate a request. Also, if a membership is late, your room might not be in our main building, so be sure to make your reservations early!

A membership application is required of all members. All information provided CSR is confidential, and will not be shared with anyone. Should a member contact CSR staff to contact another couple (e.g. a telephone number is lost), we will contact the other member and pass along the message. At no time, under no circumstances, will CSR divulge information about any member to anyone other than CSR staff

What/Who is CSR?
We are a couples organization that provides a social and recreational atmosphere where couples can meet and share in the friendliest of atmosphere, completely free of any pressure. This sharing includes conversation, friendship, good times, and of course, a caring atmosphere where exchange of sexuality may be accomplished with absolutely no pressure or negative connotations.

Is CSR different from other clubs?
There are thousands of lifestyle organizations across the world today. Many operate like bars or other party clubs while restricting access to Lifestyle Members.

CSR is different, however, in that we are a Lifestyle organization first, and a party place second. We feel that is much more important for our Members to be fully acquainted with the Lifestyle, especially when they have no prior experience.

Meeting this goal is the reason we do interviews, ensuring that prospective members have every opportunity to ask questions of an experienced Staff couple before committing to an event..

Code of Conduct
Standard rules of etiquette and social behavior shall prevail at all times. Respect, Dignity, and Discretion is the motto and foundation of CSR - Qhat is seen, who is seen, and what is heard is and must always be kept in the strictest confidence. No one shall be allowed to engage in illegal acts, including the possession or use of any illegal drugs or substances. Additional Etiquette guidelines may be found here.

Couples Orientations
It is our policy to meet with couples interested in joining CSR to answer any questions, discuss policy, jealousy, discretion, etiquette, or any other issues that may arise. Aside from the informative role orientations play, couples get a chance to meet the staff of CSR.

What is a Social?
A social is a dance/party. Socials are always on a Saturday night, and provide a social setting in a non-threatening environment where couples can meet, socialize, and seek compatible relationships. Many swingers find dancing to be an excellent bridge between the social and sexual aspects of swinging, allowing couples to determine their compatible interest(s). The dance is a closed environment, where only member couples are admitted to the room, and security personnel will be on hand to ensure privacy. After the dance/party, a social area is provided in the form of a hospitality suite or area, however couples are always free to seek entertainment in the privacy of their own rooms at any time. No swinging takes place at the dance, and no swinging takes place afterwards unless arrangements are agreed upon between the couples involved.

Alternative Lifestyles
Lifestyle is defined by Webster as an individuals way of life, and alternative is defined as providing a choice between things. Alternative Lifestyle represents couples who believe that sexual freedom of expression between consenting adults is highly gratifying. For couples contemplating the lifestyle, a considerable amount of thought and discussion must take place between you and your mate. Please understand that this lifestyle is not for everyone - your relationship and attitude must contain stability, openness, and sexual honesty before entertaining an alternate lifestyle. Our lifestyle is a viable alternative to the traditional monogamous, pair-bonded marital relationship. It is a lifestyle whereby two people can enjoy the benefits of a monogamous marital relationship and still recognize and enjoy the need for polygamous social-sexual recreation. If you are a couple interested in expanding these horizons; have a solid relationship with open lines of communication; are ready to discard petty jealousy and possessiveness; are committed to maintaining your existing relationship yet feel the desire to expand your social-sexual activities together - you are ready for an Alternative Lifestyle, but remember, complete openness is a must! This Lifestyle is a fantastic and pleasurable experience, and is for anyone who wants to share in the friendship and sexual pleasures of others of the same philosophy.

Swinging is a term used consistently among members of our circle. It is usually defined as choosing a partner who is not your mate to engage in social, recreational sex for the mutual satisfaction of all involved. Within the definitions given above there are several variations of swinging activity, but in every case swinging is a couples recreation. Swingers may engage in (1) twosomes, (2) threesomes, (3) open swinging, , (4) closed swinging, (5) group swinging, (6) bisexuality. In every case, the spouse or partner of the participants, if not mutually engaged in the activity, is most often on the premises. Do not confuse swinging with playing around or having an affair. Swinging is an open relationship with others of the same lifestyle, and both parties always know what pleasure their mate is experiencing - nothing is hidden. Definitions: 1. Twosome - one male and one female engaged in sexual activity. 2. Threesome - a couple and a third party (extra male or extra female) mutually engaged in sexual activity. 3. Open Swinging - two couples (two men and two women) engaging in sexual activity in the same room at the same time. 4. Closed Swinging - two couples (two men and two women) engaged in sexual activity in separate rooms on the same premises simultaneously. (One couple in bedroom A, one couple in bedroom B.) 5. Group Swinging - sex with multiple partners for the sheer pleasure of the experience. 6. Bisexual - adults capable of enjoying sexual activity with members of their own sex as well as members of the opposite sex - much more common in the Lifestyle between females.

Why do couples swing?
It is an old wives tale that Couples begin swinging because they are bored with their marriages, and Couples who swing need therapy. In fact, it is the alive and adventurous couple with a good relationship who is apt to add swinging to their lifestyle! Swinging appeals to their sexual, emotional, and recreational needs and fantasies, and the desire to explore these together rather than apart (Swinging vs. Playing Around). Swinging is exciting and fun - a sharing experience, often enhancing emotional and sexual growth. A good, healthy relationship and open communication are perhaps the first prerequisites for a successful introduction into swinging, and typically the ability of a couple to openly discuss the prospect of swinging is an excellent indication of healthy communication. To most people it is inconceivable that a person could allow his/her partner to engage in recreational sex. To swingers, this is considered an acceptable form of social recreation, because a relationship between a swinging couple is strong enough that each enjoys the enhanced sexual pleasure of his/her partner, and takes gratification from that pleasure, instead of misplaced jealously or concern. Sexual intercourse, for the swinger in the context of the party situation, is viewed as being purely recreational and does not pose a threat to the integrity or security of the marital relationship. To a swinger, sexual play at parties is very much in its overall significance like a game of bridge might be for a non-swinging couple. At bridge parties, it is quite common for the participants to select someone elses spouse as a partner - a state of affairs seldom perceived as threatening by those involved. For swingers, taking someone elses spouse as a sexual partner has much the same lack of emotional significance - they pursue sex as a shared leisure activity. Swingers highly value their friendships with the couples with whom they share the recreational pursuit. Seeing or visualizing your mate with another person often serves to activate a swingers sexual interest in his/her own mate, and swinger talk enthusiastically about how they arrive home from a party even more charged toward their spouse then when they left. The expectation of similar feelings in themselves arises even in those who are relatively new to swinging. Swinging couples do indeed tend to engage in more sexual activity with their own spouses than non-swingers. We believe and accept the fact that while we want partners for life, we are not sexually monogamous by nature. We recognize and accept each others needs and desires, and have no desire to inhibit each others growth, rather we share in one-anothers experiences. True people of our lifestyles are dedicated family people who have successfully separated sex from love, not love from sex. Sex within the framework of the marriage or committed relationship is a moving, emotional experience of immeasurable beauty and excitement. Sex in a swinging situation is a stimulating, satisfying change-of-pace that satisfies the libido and curiosity. Lifestyle sex is recreational sex with friends; exciting, enjoyable, harmless, and extremely satisfying.. People in our lifestyle find no need to cheat or lie to one another. In fact, they share and enjoy each others experiences as if they were an extension of their own. We believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to sex as long as the experience is being shared by mutually consenting adults. Our lifestyle is a vehicle whereby couples can explore their sexuality and fantasies in a non-threatening environment with like-minded people. The key word is consenting, and both parties must agree that they are mutually interested in what they have to offer each other. Everyone has the freedom to be their own person, find what they most enjoy, and experience it on a social, sensual, and mature adult level. There are as many varieties of interest as there are people, so there is someone for everyone. Talking with other people is often helpful and sometimes essential. You may find yourself discussing things with another couple that you never dreamed youd talk about with anyone! Listening to a variety of opinions, talking with experienced couples, and fitting all this into your own individuality can help greatly. No one is ever under any obligation to swing, rather swinging is an individuals prerogative and a disinterested person need merely say No Thank You, which always means no. No one is being pressured or coerced under any circumstances - free choice is the first rule of our lifestyles etiquette. To everyone who becomes interested in the swinging way of live and living, the question arises, sooner or later, shall we join a group. This is necessarily a personal decision, and each individual must make up his or her own mind, however there are some consideration which may be helpful to anyone seriously considering swinging. The first of these is the fact that no binding commitment is involved. If you decide to try swinging and then find that you dont especially care for it, you can withdraw and the matter ends there. Most people who do decide to visit a swingers group have a thoroughly good time. For a couple planning to swing, its very important that you discuss your reasons and motivations. Make sure that you have discussed the matter freely, so that there will be no possibility of misunderstanding between you. Be sure this is something you both want to do, and that you both look forward to your first visit as something of an adventure. If only one party wants to swing and the other is uninterested, reluctant, or feels pressured to go along, it will be impossible to swing without complications. Be honest about your feelings and make sure youre in agreement before you decide to take the first step. It is reasonable to hold some reservations, most people do; rather the important issue is that you both are aware of each others feelings and keep the lines of communication open. Generally, a trial period of visits and getting acquainted is necessary before a final decision is reached. Approach the situation with the attitude that you are with a group of congenial people, and if something happens beyond casual conversation and good company, its something to be enjoyed, not avoided. The basis of Alternative Lifestyles is friendship - no one expects you to walk through the door and do a strip or head for the bed within five minutes of polite conversation. So relax and enjoy the company and friendship of people like yourself who experience the lifestyle. You have every right to ask what you can look forward to receiving from the swinging lifestyle. Normally, you can expect to receive sexual excitement and companionship from people who are good candidates for becoming valued friends. A swingers group has even more to offer than most - it provides for a complete change of attitude, a new type of freedom, and a new type of living that can give you a new lease on life. You can expect that you will acquire a thoroughly healthy attitude toward sexuality, your own body, and a more open relationship with your spouse, both verbal and sexual. When it is all summed up and you are at the point of decision, you may hesitate because, you are, by inclination and upbringing, a moral person. If this is the case, then chances are better than ever that you will find swinging very much to your liking. The group is filled with people of exactly this background - if this philosophy appeals to you, you will find that the swingers way of life is well beyond your expectations.

The desire and hope for friendship is the major reason people give when they are asked about their interest in the lifestyle. Because of this, we make every effort possible to help you meet a variety of people. Making new friends takes courage and some sort of effort on your part - you dont have to swing with everyone you meet, nor is the purpose of swinging to try and set records for your sexual stamina. Swingers establish solid friendships which continue long after the party is over; remember, the best swinging encounters start with good verbal communications. Dont be in a hurry, but take the time to find out about the other couples desires and interests. Just as this lifestyle is not for everyone, you will not be friends with everyone you meet, but you will find friends if you are honest and sincere. We cannot guarantee you will like everyone, but we will do all we can to help you feel welcome, meet people, and learn about the lifestyle in a setting without pressure or obligation. Swingers separate romantic sex from recreational sex - sex with a lover or partner is magical, however enhancing the pleasure in your relationship by sharing sexual fulfilment is an extremely potent aphrodisiac. Many non-swingers also feel that jealousy is a part of our lifestyle, but in reality jealousy is a learned emotion that we have been taught to link with romantic sex, but recreational sex is non-threatening, as one truly has nothing to do with the other.

Advantages of a Swinging Group
There exists an exciting array of social interaction in the swinging community! Attending a dance or party is certainly no obligation to swing, but there is an opportunity to meet several couples at one time that all share the same mindset - a propensity to consider a recreational sexual relationship in pursuit of mutual pleasure. A potential for twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, or group activity is available. Couples may swing open, closed, or couple to couple. No pressure exists on the timing, frequency, or number of activities, and each half of a couple may participate however they wish, within their own guidelines. Couples especially enjoy the spontaneous, unplanned sensual happenings the party scene provides. If a man or woman is interested in swinging with someone, it is not necessary that his or her partner appeals to or swings with the other partner. A couple can easily relate to one another whenever they wish, privately discussing their feelings and attitudes, expressing affections, without being concerned that their actions will be interpreted by another couple as a lack of interest in swinging as a couple - all options are open, as long as the proper attitude is maintained.

What will swinging do to my relationship?
Couples who engaging in swinging activities have reported that swinging has enhanced their relationship, and the activity of sharing pleasure can promote understanding, communication, and intimacy. Sometimes you may swing as a couple; sometimes you may swing as a threesome; sometimes you may swing open, closed, separately. The point is that all of these activities can enhance a relationship, however care must be taken that your mate/partner is always cognizant of what is happening, the pleasure you are having, and the result of your pleasure - more fun for your mate!

What kind of people are in CSR?
Many different types of people are part of CSR - enrollment is open to all interested adults, regardless of race, education, religion, or social class, but all share a common objective, a willingness to explore the joys of living. People who swing successfully are emotionally mature, tend to have excellent marriages and intimate relationships. They generally are successful in their social and business lives.

What is CSRs objective?
CSR strives to provide the finest food available, the best dance music, and the best possible facilities for your dining, dancing, and getting acquainted pleasure. CSR brings together old friends and helps to establish new ones in an evening of relaxation and enjoyment. CSR has made every effort to assist in fulfilling your desires and fantasies.

Is CSR different from other clubs?
Within the world of swinging there are swing clubs, party houses, cocktail lounges, bars, bottle clubs, socials, and contact magazines - all offer swinging, but in different styles and structures. Unlike most swing organizations, CSR is private, and to many of its group, a community with a sense of intimacy and belonging. CSR offers social and recreational activities not commonly offered by others.

Are CSR activities private?
All CSR functions are private affairs - none are open to the public. If anyone appears or tries to enter and is not a member of the group, he/she/they are quietly escorted from the premises before entering any CSR gathering.

What is the Hospitality Suite?
The Hospitality Suite is open to all those who attend the function, a social area with snacks, soft drinks, and coffee. It is not a designated party area.

Are cameras allowed?
You may take pictures only if you ask the people involved for their express permission, and then go to the designated photo area so as to not accidentally include others from whom you have not obtained permission. No cameras are allowed in the social areas.

What rules apply to the public areas?
Public areas are to be used for what they were designed - getting from one place to another. Good judgement and taste should be exercised at all times.

Will my name and telephone number be published?
CSR will not give out any information about Members to anyone, even other Members - all information is strictly confidential. If you wish to make contact with someone else in the group, we will gladly try to pass a message to them; at no time, however, will we divulge any information, even to other members. The other couple is then free to return your email or call at their discretion.

What are the accommodations?
Accommodations for overnight guests are made in the same hotel, in one section dedicated to CSR. Those who wish to continue the festivities may do so without being annoyed by outsiders, as our own security staff ensure privacy of the CSR area.

Is swinging all the fun it is said to be?
You bet it is! Swinging can be every bit as erotic, exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling as you imaging it might be. Explore a favorite fantasy, engage in private intimate sexual activity, share another with your mate in a threesome, enjoy another couple, or engage in group swinging -- all in the same evening! Furthermore, swinging can add spice to your relationship and personal life.

How can we experience this lifestyle?
Give us a call, and we will schedule an orientation for you. We will discuss enrollment, swinging, answer your questions, and verbally take you through a typical CSR function describing the party structure, what to wear, what to bing with you, how to ask how to decline, and swinging etiquette. We will give you the information you need so that your first function will be a pleasurable and memorable experience. On attending your first CSR function, whether a newcomer to swinging or a trooper, you will be introduced to a host couple who will show you around and introduce you to others. The staff of CSR is available to you at any time to answer questions.

we are a couples only off premise social club. BYOB with snacks and mixers provided. Private hall with rooms nearby. must comtact owners for membership verification.

Springfield Social Club
Probably the most asked question by couples considering whether the" Lifestyle" is for them is " how do we get started?". One of the reasons we started our club was to create a place where consenting adults could come and meet others with the same interests. This means anyone who comes to our dances is open-minded. It does not mean that anyone should ever feel obligated to participate.
We encourage people to get to know each other in a social setting with no pressure to do anything more than enjoy a great party and meet new friends. It is our intention to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to do just that. We are first and foremost interested in making new friends and sharing ideas. The decision to actively enter "The Lifestyle" is always yours. Go at your own pace.

The Hideaway
The Hideaway is a private members only club for couples..

We provide a very upscale environment, where you would be just as comfortable having your wedding reception as attending our weekly dances. Cleanliness, new furnishings, great organization, clean restrooms, tablecloths, romantic lighting These are just a few of the things that make The Hideaway different.

What is The Hideaway?

The Hideaway is a private, BYOB, off-premises club for couples who either practice, or have an interest in, alternative lifestyles. Located in the greater Kansas City metro area, The Hideaway provides an upscale, discreet, no pressure atmosphere where members can dance, socialize and meet others who share similar interests in alternative lifestyles.

What does BYOB mean?

Unlike a bar, The Hideaway does not sell or serve alcoholic beverages of any kind. We allow our members to bring in their own alcoholic beverages and we provide complimentary setups. You are even welcome to bring a small cooler if you wish. However, we do ask that you keep it tucked away so as to keep the aisles open. We have a full service setup bar providing; glasses, ice, Coca Cola products, fruit juices, water and coffee. We also provide complimentary snacks. Please remember that the States of Kansas and Missouri have open container laws so if you are leaving the club with any opened liquor bottles please lock them in your trunk before driving off.

What does off-premises mean?

Off-premises and on-premises are two terms used by swing clubs to describe whether sexual activity takes place in the club. The Hideaway is off-premises, which means no sexual activity can take place in our facility.

Is The Hideaway a swingers club?

The fairest answer to this question would be yes. We are a membership club that holds dances in a private environment. This environment allows for more a bit more self-expression than many other clubs, but does not take away from our guarantee to you of a no pressure, relaxed and comfortable environment in which to socialize, dance and meet others with interests similar to yours. You do not have to be a "swinger" to be a member of, or enjoy the hospitality of The Hideaway.

Who are the people who attend The Hideaway?

The most common ages of the people you will find at The Hideaway are from the mid 20s to late 40s. All age groups however, are welcome. Most are married couples although some are singles in committed relationships. Many are professionals. They all have one thing in common though; a desire to socialize in a sexually charged, friendly, no-pressure atmosphere. Our members are friendly and respectful, creating an atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable.

How do I obtain a Membership to The Hideaway?

You must be at least 21 years of age. You must be a male/female couple. Before your first visit to The Hideaway please give us a call at (816) 215-5550 for a reservation and directions. Upon your first visit to the club you will receive a membership card that allows you entry to the club. Please remember to bring your driver's license or state issued ID with you for age verification purposes.

It's Our First time. What should we expect?

Our advice is to come with an open mind, and no expectations. You are under no obligation to do anything with anyone simply by attending. You may dance, socialize, flirt, tease, tempt or just sit back and watch. We strive to create a fun, flirty and erotically electric atmosphere. No one is obligated to do anything with anyone if they choose not to. This is an Off-Premises club. That means there is no total nudity or sexual activity in the club. However, we do allow and encourage conversation, heavy breathing, dirty dancing and seductive behavior. Keep in mind the number one rule for interaction between people here is: No Means No. If anyone at the club makes you feel uncomfortable at any time let us know. We absolutely will not tolerate aggressive or rude behavior. If you like, check out these

Guidelines For A Good Time.

What Should I Wear?

Most every upscale establishment has a dress code. We believe a dress code makes for a more pleasant environment in which to socialize. So while we do have a dress code, we're not tyrants about it. Here are our guidelines:

Sexy, yet tasteful attire is recommended for women. Men generally wear slacks, or jeans (in nice condition), and a nice shirt. Some people dress as though they are going to a nightclub.

Those who have been involved in the lifestyle for a while tend to dress a little bit more risqu. While total nudity is not allowed in the club we have seen, and certainly appreciate very sheer and see through garments. We ask only that you please cover yourself in the parking lot.

If the evening has an announced theme feel free to wear the appropriate theme related items. Dressing to the theme is not required but it does make for a fun evening.

Please do not wear torn or ragged jeans, T-shirts (with the exception of dress Tees), tennis shoes, hats, or sweatshirts. And on men, please, no tank tops, shorts, or sandals.

What time should we arrive?

As early as possible! Doors open at 9 p.m. on Friday and on Saturday. For the best seats you will want to get here early. If you have a special occasion or a large group, please contact us ahead of time so we can make special arrangements for you if necessary. Please plan on arriving before 11:00pm. At 11:00 pm we lock the entry doors to allow our guests their privacy and to allow the staff to enjoy the evening as well.

How should we approach someone if we are interested?

The oldest relationship advice in the world is probably "smile, and be yourself". This works wonders when you're trying to meet someone. If you see someone that you're interested in walk up to them and introduce yourselves. Be prepared to support half of a conversation. Not all people are gregarious or outgoing. Some are shy, or new to the scene, or overwhelmed by the atmosphere. If they don't seem interested, or if you're not invited to sit down, don't take this personally. Everyone has their reasons for coming to The Hideaway and theirs may not be the same as yours.

Where is the club located?

The Hideaway does not publish the location of its club. For privacy and security reasons we attempt to limit information about the club and its location to only those who are members or choose to become members. However, in general terms, The Hideaway is in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Additionally, this is a private event with controlled access. We do not allow the general public in.

Why don't you have hotel rooms?

The Hideaway's goal is to create the best atmosphere for your enjoyment that we can. This includes privacy, security, and the freedom to express one's self (within limitations) without unnecessary restrictions. We don't believe that a ballroom, or bar in a hotel provides that atmosphere as well as we can with a discreet, private club.

What if we have more questions?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call at (913)-788-4433. We would be glad to answer any specific questions.

Xtra Sinsual Couples

Kansas City's finest Social Club

Couples (male & female) and single females
(at select socials *) with a couple escort.
21 & up

Socials are BYOB

Reservations Required


The dance is $25.00 pre couple pre paid and 10.00 per single female with a couple escort pre paid. Or 30.00 (cash only) at the door per couple and 15.00 per single female with a couple escort. Checks or money orders must be received at least one week in advance of the dance date..Make it out to Amber.Send to XSC /Ron & Amber PO Box 503 Grain Valley Mo. 64029. Please include your names and email. Reservations required.
Since we are a PRIVATE CLUB a membership is required after attending one social. A lifetime membership is $30.00. A yearly is $15.00.The membership fee Is Not Due until you come to your second dance. You must bring your membership card and valid IDs to each dance you attend.
Rooms are 45.00 plus tax for a single or double. You can walk to your hotel room to carry on the party so you don't have drink and drive.
Verification of Couples
All new couples must be verified either by phone contact or personal meeting.

Call 816 668 5245

You can also email us with number to reach the two of you at as well. For more info email is

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