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Georgia Clubs

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Swinging Atlanta New
We are Metro Atlanta's newest, hottest, and fastest-growing group of swingers and party animals! We do not hold house parties or small meet-and-greets. Our parties are huge, fun, and wild swinging affairs! Membership is open to couples, single ladies, and respectful single males over the age of 21. We ask that all who join live withing driving distance of Atlanta, or travel here, as the only purpose of our group is to get together at parties. We are currently hosting at least 2 big parties a month. Please check our website for updated party information and to join our mailing list for free.

Experience Atlanta's Risqu Style! Slip into the sexy nightlife only brought to you by Atlanta's Premier, Private Couples Club. 2Risqu blends the Flirtatiousness of Buckhead, the style of Mid-Town and the candidness of Atlanta's Private Clubs to create Atlanta's hottest and most diverse celebration of erotic pleasure. Our elegant and luxurious 22,000 Sq Ft facility is contemporary and stylish featuring: Italian Marble, Pennsylvania Bluestone and Spanish Limestone in our BYO full service bar, piano lounge and bar tops. Natural rock water features are mixed amidst our accommodations. Leather sectioned areas provide intimate areas adjacent to the dance floor with multi-media monitors for visualizations, closed circuit television, and video sensualization overhead.We offer a spacious 1500 sq ft dance floor as the heart of our private club with wide open areas and intimate seclusions. Our multi-level dance stages are outfitted with dance poles, ornamental iron columns and canopy which frame rooms for a time of seclusion and imminence. Other amenities include: personal lockers to provide security and convenience for personal items and beverages, valet parking for your personal convenience, and a warm friendly staff to cater to your every need. No one has ever dared combine the elegancethe eroticthe naughtiness.
On-Premise Open to ALL.

ATLANTA , Georgia
Phone: 404-472-2110

We cordially invite you to Atlanta’s premier international alternative lifestyle private membership club……Dirty Ratts. Our lavishly renovated 7,000 sq. ft. facility is located @ 4830 Fulton Industrial Blvd-Atlanta, GA 30336. Dirty Ratts is open from 6pm - 8am every night (Mon-Sun) and has a $30 nightly membership fee and a BYOB bar / all you can drink!!! . Dirty Ratts is a play palace for all to enjoy with sights and sounds that tantalize the senses. We play host to entertaining members on staff that perform hourly shower shows in our 20 ft shower and encourage crowd participation. Dirty Ratts has 2 levels with a VIP balcony, several large movie screens playing the latest XXX adult films, incredibly plush private rooms for getting up-close and personal, extremely comfortable group party rooms, live DJs nightly, valet parking, state of the art sound and lighting systems, and much more!!!

Little Wings
Atlanta , Georgia
Phone: 404-327-5268
Welcome to Atlanta's hottest adult lifestyle club. Let your imagination run wild!!! Little Wings offers you an upscale environment, great music, night club atmosphere, private rooms or if you prefer, semi-private rooms and dungeon. Formerly known as Velvet Heaven. Totally new management.

Come out and party with the HOTTEST, FUN and COOLEST people in Atlanta THIS WEEKEND!
Little Wings is the most centralized swingers club in Atlanta! We are located off Cheshire Bridge at 2241 Faulkner Road. Click here for directions. A Private Fraternal Organization for Members Only. To apply for a membership you must be 21 or older and provide a valid picture ID.
Annual Membership Fees
Couples: $75
Select Single Males: $150
Single Ladies: $25

Nightly Fees
Friday: $40.00 per Couple, $75.00 Select Single Males
Saturday: $50.00 per Couple, $90.00 Select Single Males
Ladies flyin' solo are always FREE!

Club Hours:
Fridays: 9:00pm - 3 am. Saturdays: 9:00pm - 4:00am.

DRESS CODE STRICTLY ENFORCED (no athletic-style clothing such as tennis shoes, workout clothes, etc).
A purchased annual membership does not guarantee nightly admission. You may be denied admission at the managements discretion.
For more information, please email info@littlewingsofatlanta.com or call 404-327-5268

Southern Socials
For those of you who have never attended here's a little more about our group and parties. We have our invitation only socials at a hotel ballroom. Dj, dancing, Cash bar, free midnight buffet, sexy mingling games, and around 80 attractive couples. These parties are a great, safe way to meet people in the lifestyle without all the hassle and disappointments of endless correspondence.
Nothing is expected of you at the party except to have fun and meet some other really nice people in the lifestyle. No one is pushy. If anyone were, we would ask them to leave and they would not be invited back. Most of our members are attractive professional types who are just looking for other like minded couples who want to add a little spice to their already exciting lives. We have personally made a lot of wonderful friends at these functions and are sure that you will too. The average age of the couples is 25-45. Nothing sexual happens during the parties themselves other than a lot of flirting (no nudity or overt sexual activity is allowed). We have different sexy themes and mingling games at each party to encourage everyone to get to know each other. So even if you're a little shy, it will be easy to get acquainted with new friends

The Cost
We hope that you can make our next get-together. The cost of most parties is $50 per couple and we also have membership fees, which start at $10 for a 28 day membership.

We do not give out location online!!
If you would like more information (party location, etc.) and would like to attend a party, email your full names, regular mailing address (or PO Box), and phone number to SouSocial1@aol.com

Newcomer's orientation is at 5:30 pm (required for newcomers). We have a "get acquainted" hospitality gathering from 1-5 pm on Saturday afternoon. We encourage you to drop by for free soft drinks and snacks. This is an opportunity to meet some of the other newcomers as well as some of our regulars. That way you will not walk into a room full of strangers at the party. Many couples will meet in the afternoon and get together for dinner at some of the local restaurants before the party.

What are Southern Socials & Carolina Friends?
Southern Social / Carolina Friends are couples swing clubs. Our clubs are designed to bring together couples interested in making friendships that are deeper, more interesting and, likely, more lasting than outside the lifestyle. Where we can offer a safe, pleasant atmosphere with no obligations or pressures; just a place to meet, talk, dance, and develop whatever level of friendship you want with others. This provides a relaxed situation that is particularly comforting to couples new to the lifestyle. We do not allow or provide areas for sexual intercourse, hotel rooms are available for overnight accommodations. No one is ever required to do anything other than enjoy themselves socially.

How often do you meet?
We have a party every weekend in one of these locations; Augusta GA, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, & Raleigh, NC.

What are the costs ?
The Party fee is $50.
The membership fees start at $10.
( If you attend 6 or more parties a year, membership renewal is free)
How many couples will be at the party?
In Augusta currently we have about 50 to 60 couples at each social.
In Charlotte we have around 200 couples at each hotel party and around 100 couples the Estate every weekend.

What is the age of most of the couples?
Ages vary between 21-60 with the average age being between 25 to 40.

What if I find myself in an uncomfortable situation?
If a couple or a situation make you feel ill-at-ease, perhaps it's time to invoke the rule of "NO Thank You" You should never feel pressured into doing anything you are not comfortable doing. You're here to have fun. Being coerced is NO FUN. So if anyone persists, talk to the host couple or a staff member.

Can we visit the club as nonmembers?
Yes, if you are a current member of another club. If not, memberships may be obtained by filling out a membership application and showing picture ID at your 1st party. If you have attended six or more parties at either/both locations your next year membership is complimentary.

What do you wear to these parties?
We get everything from jeans to suits (and even some formal wear on new years eve), on theme parties most couples dress to match the theme, but dressing to the theme is not required to attend.

Do we have to be a married couple to join Southern Socials?
You'll be welcomed whether you're married, dating, living with your significant other, or going steady. Today's world has changed dramatically from just a few years ago. Marriage is not a condition of belonging. The club is for male/female couples only. You must be of legal age and both of you need to know what the club is all about.

Are our names ever given out?
No! Your name, address and phone number are personal and kept confidential. We never give them out to other members without first getting your permission and we do not sell our mailing lists. EVER!

Is it like going to a big orgy?
NO!! We supply you a place to meet and dance with other couples with similar interest in the lifestyle. No sex or nudity is allowed in the club ballroom.

What does the term "Lifestyle" mean?
"Lifestyle" is the politically correct term for swapping of partners for sexual pleasure also called "swinging".

Can we be up front about our sexual desires?
Yes by all means be up-front. It is essential that everyone know up-front what they are getting into. You could save everyone from a potentially embarrassing situation later on. If you are bisexual, and it is important that your partner also be bisexual, make sure your new found friends are too. Also find out about everyone's limits.

Are we expected to do anything?
No!! The only thing you have to do is pay your party fee, attend the New Couples Seminar and have a great time.

What is the New Couples Seminar?
A seminar that is mandatory for all new couples. It's an informal way to learn about the lifestyle, Club Rules, and that evening's events.

Trapeze Club Atlanta
Atlanta , Georgia
Phone: 404 699 0100
Experience all of the erotic pleasures offered at world famous TRAPEZE, the most talked about alternative lifestyle club in the country, upscale in every detail.
Come to the club where hot, sexy couples and singles meet, a Garden of Eden devoted to transforming your wildest fantasies into reality. Dance to the wee hours under the sway of our talented DJ, savor our gourmet buffet, excite your senses with forbidden sights, satisfy your deepest desires with uninhibited adventures. Experience in reality what dreams are made of.

The nation's most celebrated alternative lifestyle private membership club sizzles with non-stop erotic excitement five nights a week, Wednesday through Sunday. Located on Commerce Drive in Atlanta, our 10,000 sq. ft. environment's amenities include valet parking, complete BYOB bar service, state of the art lighting and sound systems, delicious dinner and breakfast buffet, open group party rooms, intimate private rooms, a beautifully appointed back lounge area, private lockers, showers, and much, much more.

As you enter Trapeze, you will be greeted by our courteous and friendly staff who will assist you with registration. Please note that our dress code is strictly enforced.

Dance Floor
Two Dance Poles w/Raised Staging
New Sound System
High-Tech Lighting
Private Rooms
Large Two Level Area w/Stairs
S&M Dungeon
Dungeon Master
Friendly Staff Locker Room
"Lofted" Rooms
Soundproof Room
Free Buffet on Fridays & Saturdays

Thursday: 10 pm - 2 am; Friday and Saturday: 10 pm - 4 am; Sunday: 9 pm - 2 am;
please check the site for any themes.
Single men are admitted Thursdays and Fridays; single women are welcome ALL nights.

Only annual memberships are available at $50 (couples), $75 (single men), $20 (single women) - per year
However, you must continue to pay the user fees after you pay for your membership.
ATTENTION: Single women must pay for their membership (above fees will apply).

What should I wear?
Most people dress as though they are going to a nightclub. People familiar with the lifestyle tend to dress a little bit more risque, such as lingerie, short/tight dresses, etc. However, you may wear WHATEVER you are comfortable in.

It's our first time. What should we expect?
The most important thing to understand is that nothing is ever expected of you. The club seems much like any nightclub. Feel free to dance, talk, or just hang out. Our members are very respectful creating a comfortable enjoyable atmosphere. You are ALWAYS in control.

What are the members like?
The average age of our members is 28-38; most are professionals. Our clients are very friendly and respectful, creating an atmosphere that is easy to feel comfortable in.

Are people aggressive or pushy?
No. Our club members are very respectful of one another. 'No' means just that, 'no'. We have never had to ask anyone to leave due to inappropriate behavior, but will do so if necessary.

What time should I arrive?
As early as possible! Doors open at 10 pm.

We're not sure that we'd like this type of club; can we visit once without buying an annual membership?
Unfortunately, no. You must purchase an annual membership to enter the club. We do not offer trial memberships.


You may have a closed-door session where the individual or couple has the option of inviting others to join them.

For the more exhibitionist, an open door session where all who pass by the dungeon door are witness to your play.

Please note...Open door sessions can get distracting. Some people dontrecognize when they are interrupting a meaningful experience. Please keep voices low when you pass by the dungeon and a public scene is in progress. Loud voices, loud laughing, knocking or banging or trying to play with dungeon equipment when a scene is in progress, generates a negative environment for the subject. It also distracts the Dom who needs to concentrate on the responsiveness of the subject. Soft voices, murmuring, gentle laughter (there are often funny moments in a scene) are turn ons for the subject who has the exhibitionist nature. It lets them know they are being observed by a respectful audience that is sharing a unique experience with them.

Dungeon sessions will generally be limited to about 45 minutes

Safe, Sane and Consensual are the "by-words". Venus is a club that provides an environment where individuals and couples may explore,demonstrate and share their erotic natures. Safe play is expected. This is fantasy and role-playing. The submissive is always in ultimate control. Stop means Stop. No means No. Extreme play is discouraged. Heavy scenes require the permission of management. Management may interrupt or stop a scene at its discretion.

On nights when Sir John hosts the dungeon, he is to be present in the dungeon for all scenes. Couples may direct their own play with or without the assistance of Sir John. If you like, Sir John will act as Dom for any member(s) (single or couple) and conduct the scene.

FYI, for those in the group room,. the dungeon is always open to view. Dungeon toys may be checked out in the office. You may bring your own toys No smoking is allowed in the dungeon.

BD/SM Theatre:
If you have an interest in doing a scheduled, public scene on the main dance floor, with Sir John or as a couple, please let us know. We are interested in developing a "leather, lace, spandex, patent leather, rubber, chains, rope" theme night and welcome the participation of the members in putting on a show. Sir John has been very impressed with the responsiveness of many dungeon explorers. Some very light scenes have produced some intensely erotic responses. Don't be discouraged from participating in BD/SM Theatre because you feel like you don't have enough experience or that you level of play is at the beginners stage

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