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Swingers Clubs:

Pennsylvania Clubs

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Club Kama Sutra  
is Philadelphia's premiere club for sensual couples and single ladies.

The Kama Sutra is a centuries-old manuscript from India dedicated to the art of lovemaking and sexual fulfillment. Its chapters contain detailed instructions for stimulating, seducing and satisfying one's partner. It is considered by many to be the "bible" on the study of pleasure and intimacy and is the most famous sex manual ever written.

Club Kama Sutra was designed to offer a unique and exciting dinner and dance club atmosphere where couples can ignite, explore and satisfy their fantasies and desires. Whether you come to play or just to watch, our palace of pleasure promises to surprise and delight you in a no-pressure, safe and clean environment.

Explore your fantasies.

Club Kama Sutra is a restaurant and dance club open for private parties each weekend. Although situated on a very popular and busy street in downtown Philadelphia, there is no sign for Club Kama Sutra or any evidence on the outside of the building to indicate the nature of the club. To maintain discretion and protect everyones privacy, the address of the club is provided only to those requesting a reservation to attend a party. We invite you to come and explore our unique, three story on-premise temple and experience the most captivating time of your life!

Every weekend offers something new at Club Kama Sutra with theme parties, lingerie shows, toy demonstrations, body painting, massage and more. As a no-pressure club, absolutely no one is ever required to take part in any theme, contest or game, with one exception: at our Halloween parties, costumes are mandatory.

Because the club is in a very popular area of Center City, we offer parking at a secure parking garage within a few blocks of the club. Our shuttle driver provides continuous service between the parking garage and the club during party hours.

Club Kama Sutra is like nothing youve ever seen. Experience it for yourself.

Club Kama Sutra offers private parties every Friday night for couples, single ladies and single men and every Wednesday and Saturday evenings for couples and single ladies. Reservations and club membership are required to attend a party. Party reservations can be made online by going to Upcoming Events and selecting the party you wish to attend. If you are new to the club please see Becoming a Member for more information about club membership and attending your first party.

The club is open every Wednesday from 8:00 pm until 1:00 am, and every Friday and Saturday night from 8:30 pm until 2:00 am. Each time you attend a party you pay a party fee which varies according to which party you are attending and if you attend as a couple or as a single. Friday and Saturday party fees include candlelit dinner, dessert and breakfast buffet, coffee, tea and mixers. The club is BYOB you must bring your own alcoholic beverage. We have plenty of coolers to keep your bottles chilled and friendly bartenders to serve you. Massage, body painting, tarot card readings, toy demonstrations or other amenities may also be available compliments of Club Kama Sutra; however, gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Party fees are payable at the door by cash or credit card, with the exception of four big parties each year. New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Mardi Gras and Halloween are the biggest events of the year and always require prepaid reservations. These parties sell out quickly so make your plans as soon as possible after these events are announced.

Some parties will have a fun theme that may suggest certain attire for the evening. You are not required to dress for the theme, however, we do ask that you dress to impress. Nice casual is suggested for the gentlemen. Ladies usually enjoy wearing something a little sexy or slinky, but you may wear whatever is comfortable for you. Please do not wear jeans, cut-offs, sneakers, t-shirts, sweatsuits, caps or work boots. No jeans means NO JEANS. If you arrive wearing jeans you will be asked to remove them or pay a fine. Fines can be doubled for each subsequent violation. Dress shorts are permitted during the summer months beginning Memorial Day and ending Labor Day.

Club Kama Sutra caters to sensually erotic couples and singles. Our mission is to provide a socially exciting, no-pressure environment. Nudity and sensual activities may occur. Management is in place to control all parties and allow members to enjoy the best possible experience. Membership and attendance is limited. You are required to apply for membership in order to attend a party. CKS reserves the right to reject any applicant.

First Timers?

For many of you this may be your first introduction into what is commonly referred to as the "lifestyle." You may find this intriguing and intimidating at the same time. Many couples are nervous and hesitant on their first visit to a lifestyle party or club. Weve all had the experience of being new once and would like to share some thoughts and suggestions to assist you on your journey.

The terms lifestyle and swinging are often used interchangeably. Swinging generally means social and sexual intercourse with someone other than your mate, or recreational social sex. This may occur at a house party, a couple-to-couple encounter or at a club. Club parties can be "on-premise" or "off-premise." An off-premise party allows for social interaction and mingling, however, couples must make other arrangements and go elsewhere to pursue further activities. The parties at Club Kama Sutra are on-premise allowing couples and singles greater opportunity for social interaction and activities with others in a safe, secure and clean environment.

The club is for sensual couples who are looking for a place to have fun and enhance their relationship. Many couples enjoy the relaxed atmosphere where they can freely express their sexuality and sensuality in the company of other friendly and open-minded people. Many couples come to watch, others enjoy being watched. Some will never sexually interact with anyone but their mate. Some enjoy a softer form of swing that allows for flirting, fondling, kissing and perhaps oral stimulation with others, but does not include intercourse with anyone except your partner. And many enjoy and participate in the full range of pleasures available to them. Your presence at a Club Kama Sutra party does not obligate you to participate in anyway. Each person must decide what is comfortable and acceptable for them.

If this is all new for you, please have an open and honest conversation with your partner about this lifestyle BEFORE you attend a party. We strongly encourage you to make an agreement that you will not do anything on your first visit to the club. Come enjoy the food, the dancing, the mingling and the watching without feeling pressured to do anything more. Then go home and have a great time with each other (were sure you will) while sharing vivid memories of the evenings sights and sounds. After attending a party you will both be better informed and able to decide what is right for you and your relationship.

We have a dress code partly because this is a night to come out and be sexy and flirty and look your best. And guys, dont forget to tell your woman how hot she looks. We believe the ladies are in charge of this scene. If the lady is happy then everybody is happy. Go slow. Allow your partner time to get comfortable with this atmosphere and the different ways you may explore your fantasies. This is not for everyone. But many couples enjoy more intimate relationships with their partners as the result of their experiences in this lifestyle.

Club Kama Sutra caters to sensually erotic couples and singles. Our mission is to provide a clean, no-pressure environment where fun, passion, romance, incredible excitement and more are all possible in a first class atmosphere. Staff and management are present to serve members, maintain the facility and control the party in order to allow all members to have the best experience possible at every event.


September 14, 2004
We just joined last Saturday and it is the BEST club we are members of, no need to go elsewhereThanks!
S & B

December 24, 2003
I would like to thank you for your hospitality on our first visit to Club Kama Sutra (12/20/03). We had an amazing time and will CERTAINLY be returning shortly...probably before the end of January! We were not only suprised and pleasantly pleased with the positive and easy-going attitude of the memebers there, but we found a group of people who will no doubt become friends, even outside the CKS atmosphere. I would like to let you know that Bryan, our host for the evening, went out of his way to make us feel welcome. It was so nice to go to a new place and have people who understood our concerns and reservations and not just brush them off. Bryan made us feel welcome and it is because of his positive attitude that we were able to enjoy our first visit (actually, we enjoyed it a bit more than we thought we would). Best regards and happy holidays.
J & L

November 30, 2003
Hi Folks, just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at your club this past Saturday. It was our first time, and we're out-of-towners, so even though we initially felt a bit out of place, everyone made us feel welcomed. Thanks for all the hot fun. We're looking forward to our next trip to Philly and CKS!
C & J

October 28, 2003
We must say that your club was everything you said it would be. One might say our goosebumps had goosebumps. We would like to take this time to compliment you and your staff for your wonderful service and attention to details. Friday, October 24, in addition to being our anniversary, was our very first time at any lifestyle club. The level of comfort and security we felt was reassuring. Your hostess Angie was informative, patient and was just being simply a doll. However, all your staff should be praised from their wonderful customer care, from the third floor bar maid to the young lady serving in the dinning room. Never did we feel pressured or unsafe thanks to your secure surroundings. We assure you that we will be back!
A & B

September 2, 2003
Hellow, and thanks for Friday night. It was our first night and it was a blast! We really enjoyed the club, People were respectable, the hosts and bartenders were great! We'll back again soon!
P & C

July 26, 2003
I went for the first time last weekend and had the best time.... can't wait to go back!

July 17, 2003
Last night, Friday 7/11, was our first time at the Club. Thanks for a very special, no pressure, unique, and definitely exciting evening. It was exactly as advertised and what wasn't was better. Will see you again, and thanks for existing.

June 1, 2003
Just wanted to drop you a line about how we really enjoyed ourselves at your club. Our first party was May 9th and everyone made us feel totally welcome and comfortable. Our tour guide was the best and the bartenders and staff were awesome. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and look forward to our next visit. Thank you so much for providing us with such a beautiful club in which to explore our fantasies. See ya real soon!!!!
K & M

April 11, 2003
Well my wife and I finally went to the club and what a fucken night! We have been married for 8 years and the sex we had Saturday night was like when we first got married! For the last 3 days I was a walking hard-on! It was a blast and we will be back for my wifes B-day, look forward to the next time, see ya.
D & AM

March 5, 2003
Hey, just a quick thanks for a great time! We added kudo's to our profile we liked so much and can't wait to return!
S & M

March 3, 2003
I want to tell you that my boyfriend and I had a great time at Club Kama Sutra. My boyfriend wanted to bring in a third person (female) into our relationship for fun and I didn't think I was ready for it. I saw the club's ad in the City Paper and thought this might help me to open up my mind to the possibility of a threesome. It was the best time I've ever had at a club and my boyfriend felt the same. Thanks for such a wonderful place!
L & T

January 29, 2003
Just wanted to let everyone at the club know that they made us feel right at home. It was a nice atmosphere. We appreciate how you ran the place as a business with the security of getting in/arriving. We'll be back soon. Thanks for having a place like this. You know how to throw a good party! I am glad my husband introduced me to you.
C & J

January 7, 2003
Our computer went crazy New Years day and we didn't get a chance to tell you that the New Years party was a blast. We think everyone had a super time. Everything was clicking and the joint was rocking. Can't wait till next year's party, sounds as if you two have plans for a super blast next year. Count us in! We're up to anything that is fun and naughty!
P & J

January 6, 2003
We had a wonderful time New Years! Thanks so much for throwing such a great party!
T & J

December 15, 2002
I attended your sensuous singles night last night and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had at your club. All of your staff were courteous and professional. I hope to attend another party very soon. K

December 7, 2002
Hi, I am just writing to comment...we (my husband, my cousin and I) attended your party on December 6 and just wated to let you know that we had a great time and are excited about our next visit. You guys are doing a great service! Thanks, C & C

November 25, 2002
I just wanted to thank the club for allowing us to come as guests of one of your members.We met them Saturday,they said they were headed to the club and invited us.They told us upfront we would have to become members at the door and the rest was history. I finally got to live out our fantasy of including other women to our sexlife.I appreciated the respect other men had for the women.I never felt intimidated. We had a blast and will be back many times. Thanks again, Y

November 16, 2002
Wow, I just wanted to drop a line and say what a fantastic time we had last night. I know that we had some questions and some anxiety prior to coming, but, your staff both before we got there (on the phone) and your people there last night were great. Alyson and Fred were so nice and placed us so at ease. My fiance and I where very nervous, but, we met a couple that we became instant friends with and next thing we knew we ended up in the group room (under the glass, no less!!!). We will definitely be back, probably after the New Year, Getting a Fri or Sat night off together is tough. But, again, I wanted to say that we had such a great time, everyone is so nice and we felt so comfortable. Thank You and your staff for letting us have the most erotic and pleasurable night of our lives. Thanks, O.

Delaware Valley Synergy (DVS)  
Far more than a swing club, Delaware Valley Synergy (DVS) is a group of friends and acquaintances who believe in and/or practice open, non-exclusive relationships. We find the traditional roles of men and women in marriage, dating, and relationships too limiting to our personal growth.

We have a strong emphasis on honest communication and respect for others. We expect thoughtful consideration as a matter of course. We treat men and women as equals. We see sexuality from the perspective of a holistic human lifestyle. Our level of honesty and genuine mutual respect make us a very warm, nurturing group. DVS offers a supportive and encouraging environment for new approaches to relationships that may or may not include sexual intimacy.

We frequently establish long-term, loving associations. We advocate the acceptance of a variety of lifestyles, including open marriages, expanded families, and voluntary monogamy.
Synergy members come from a wide range of backgrounds, careers, and life experiences.

Many of our members find Synergy to be a terrific support network. Members can provide insight, guidance, and encouragement to each other. We conduct rap groups and workshops on topics such as jealousy, possessiveness, sexual roles, intimate relationships and social interaction.

Delaware Valley Synergy sponsors many social events, parties, game nights, brunches, restaurant and theater outings, business meetings, hot tub parties, massage, and presentations by guest speakers.

DJs Island   
Our Club
DJ's Island is a "unique" and exquisite addition to the lifestyle environment in Western Pennsylvania, where you will have the opportunity to meet others who share in the same interests and to develop new friendships. Upon entering, you will be welcomed at our reservation desk for a no pressure evening of excitement. Couples, as well as singles, are welcome. New members will be given a tour of our new facilities by the host couple. A full staff is available from a doorman to waitresses to someone that will make sure all the rooms are clean and ready to be occupied. DJ's will take great pride in making sure that everyone who comes to our club will want to return again. DJ's Island is owned and operated by Jim and Debbie, who have taken all the good things from other clubs and put them all together under 8500 square feet of area, including:
A large dining area seating 200+ with dance floor with State of the Art Lighting and Sound Equipment.
A 5 sided open bar with seating.
An open room with two king-size beds.
10 private rooms with complete baths in each.
A 20 person hot tub with open shower area.
A full staff including: doorman, receptionist, host couple, waitresses, cleaning staff, DJ and bartender.

Membership Information:
To become a member, a rules and membership application must be filled out and signed. A Driver's License must be shown at time membership is issued. For more information contact djsprivateclub@aol.com or call (412) 519-8608.

Club hours are 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Friday and Saturday). Doors will open at 7:00 PM and will be locked at 11:00 PM. We request that new members arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 PM for your exclusive tour and introduction to the Club.

The salad bar and h'ordeurves will be out at 7:30 PM. Dinner will be served from 8:00 PM until 11:30 PM. Deserts and finger sandwiches will be available at Salad Bar from midnight until closing.

DJ's Island is a BYOB club with a large bar and a bartender to mix your drinks. All mixers are available, including an Oasis frozen drink machine.

Computers with AOL Access will be available for your convenience.

appetizers: chicken wings, chicken strips, calamari, cheese sticks, onion rings and french fries
sandwiches: hamburger, cheeseburger, grilled chicken and fried fish
salads: grilled chicken or steak
dinners: chicken parmesan, steak, crab cakes, spaghetti and meatballs, fresh fish and jumbo fried shrimp
All dinners will be served with baked potato or french fries along with vegetable of the day.
Nightly specials will be available. A salad bar will be available.

Membership Rate $50.00 per year.

Single Male $75
Single Female $10
Couple $55

Single Male $75
Single Female $20
Couple $65

Membership Card must be presented at the Reception Desk upon entering club. Payments can be made with cash, check or charge.

1. No one admitted without a membership card that must be presented at Reception Desk upon entering.
2. No one admitted without a reservation.
3. Alcohol must be given to bartender and the bartender will have the right to determine if member has had too much to drink.
4. "NO" means "NO" and should someone choose to pursue another member after this has happened, please report to a staff member and that member will be asked to leave.
5. No blue jeans will be worn on Saturday Evening.
6. No cameras or video equipment.
7. DJ's Island is a private membership association! No one may attend any function or come in the property without being accepted as a member of DJ's Island. The Club is not open to the general public.
8. As a courtesy to our newer guests, please do not engage in heavy sexual activities in the nightclub area.
9. No glass permitted in the Jacuzzi area. Get a plastic cup from the bar.
10. No smoking is permitted in the private playrooms.
12. Staff members are volunteers, not your servants, please be polite.
13. This is a binding privacy agreement. The privacy of the members and the activities of the club are protected by this privacy agreement.

Neon Nights is a club that provides an opportunity for open-minded people who are involved in, or curious about the Swinging Lifestyle to meet, dance and otherwise socialize together in a Sexy, Erotic atmosphere.
It is a place where they can explore their deepest fantasies with each other in a no-pressure , drug-free and safe environment.

Neon Nights is a meet and greet only club. No sex or nudity is allowed in the club .

We understand, share and respect your desire for privacy. You can be assured of total discretion at our events and completely relax and enjoy an exciting evening out.

We are located at 627 Main Road Dallas, Pa 18612

If you need directions you can use the above address and go to www.mapquest.com for the directions or you can call and ask for Mark.

Gourmet Pizza, Chicken Wing Pizza
Loaded with savory chunks of fresh, tender chicken & chunky blue cheese. Topped with diced celery & Desi's famous wing sauce & smothered with Wisconsin Cheese.
Bacon Cheeseburger
Loaded with bacon, ground beef, sauce, mozzarella & cheddar cheese.
BLT Pizza
Special blend of cheeses & crispy bacon. Topped with mayo, lettuce & tomato.
Hawaiian Delight
Loaded with hickory smoked ham, Dole pineapple & smothered with cheese.
Deluxe Broccoli
Fresh California broccoli, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, topped with fresh mushrooms & onions. Veggie Pizza
Fresh combination of onions, mushrooms and peppers with cheese & tomato sauce.
Meat Lovers
Pepperoni, sausage, ham & ground beef, loaded with cheese!
Deluxe White
Topped with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers & onions.
Thick & Chewy
Double thick dough with lots of cheese.
Steak & Bacon
Ribeye steak & hickory smoked bacon loaded with Wisconsin cheese blend.
Desi's Supreme
Pepperoni, sausage mushroom & onions


Traditional New York Style
Thin Pan Pizza
Thick Pan Pizza
Fully Tray of Sicilian
Giant Sheet Pizza 32 slices!

Pepperoni, Ham, Garlic, Fresh Mushrooms, Anchovies, Sausage, Bacon, Hot Peppers, Extra Cheese, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Ground Beef


Small Garden
Large Garden
Large Garden with tuna
Antipasto Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad

Italian, Ranch & Blue Cheese


Mozzarella Sticks
Straight or Curly Fries
Chicken Fingers
with BBQ sauce
Mini Potato Pancakes
Jalapeno Poppers
Mini Tacos
Onion Rings
Fried Mushrooms
Fried Broccoli
Fried Cauliflower
Veggie Sampler
Mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower & onion rings
Side of Nacho Cheese

Subs & Burgers

Ham & Cheese
Chicken Cheesesteak
Chicken Wing
Meatball Parmesan

Extra Toppings
Onion, Mushrooms, Sweet Pepper, Hot Pepper & Extra Cheese

Desi Burger
Half pound of 100% ground beef, charbroiled and served on a fresh roll with melted cheese. Dressed with lettuce, tomato and onion


Pepperoni & Cheese
Chicken Wing
Ham & Cheese


Four Cheese Calzone
Sausage Calzone
Ham Calzone


10 Piece, 30 Piece, 50 Piece

Mild, Sizzler (Hot), Inferno (Our Hottest), BBQ, Cajun, Butter & Garlic and Red Garlic

North East PA Encounters  
The purpose of this group is Fun, Friendship, Flirtation and Possible S e x. NEPA Encounters is for people living in the NEPA area (Luzerne, Lackawanna, Columbia County...ect )who want friendship w/ no strings attatched encounters. Members will meet several times a year(or more frequently, depending on the # of members and interest) at various locations. This is an 'Off Premise' Club at the moment - this may change in the future.

Philly Orgies  
Your source for sexually based fun public and private events in Philadelphia and in the tri-state area. Singles, couples, gays, lesbians, transexuals are all welcomed. Only members are invited to parties and events so be an active member and support your local orgy organizers.

Poconos Paradise   
This club (PPSC) has a large, heated indoor swimming pool, an outdoor hot tub, a nice dance floor and immaculately clean playrooms. The memmebers are friendly, but most play with their own partner. Great for swingers of all levels of experience.

Swingers Palace  
Swingers Palace is Pittsburghs most unique swingers club. Spacious 2 story Club operating over 21 years. We are the ONLY *Bi-Friendly* club that breaks all barriers in the swinging lifestyle, by giving you a place to openly and freely express your sexual preferences. Open to Any and All Swingers over 21 regardless of race, creed, national origin, or sexual preference. Newcomers to the lifestyle are more then welcome. Open every Friday and Saturday from 7:00pm to 5:00am.

The Farm Travel Club  
We are one of the Largest On-premise upscale Clubs for Couples, single females and select single gentleman. Located only 60 minutes north of Baltimore MD, 90 minutes from Washington DC and 45 minutes from Harrisburg PA. We serve the PA, NY, NJ and MD areas. Surrounded by 200 acres of private land, our on-premise Farm Club offers extensive amenities. Parties are every Friday and Saturday evening, we offer dinner in our dining room, two pool tables, lingerie shop. We have a 45ft. bar with two bartenders, exciting DJ's, a huge dance floor, State of the art lighting and sound system, and mirrored stage with 10 ft. brass pole. Watch our large screen TV, soak in our two jacuzzis with fiber optic lighting and turbo jets or party in one of our twenty five theme designed party rooms. large locker room and private ladies lounge. During the summer days we have a large heated pool, sand volleyball court, 3 decks for tanning & RV hook-ups. Enjoy hiking along trails through our woods and picnic tables along our stream where there are private cabins. Visit a day, a night or a weekend....... Call us and we'll send you a color brochure. Out of area NASCA affiliate memberships honored. Membership required.

The Mountain Retreat  
The Mountain Retreat is a modern Adult Bed & Breakfast situated on 23 rolling acres in southwest Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh, PA and Uniontown, PA. It is one of the finest adult Bed & Breakfasts in America. The Mountain Retreat has a spacious house (8600square feet) with a large party area and has all the amenities that truly makes it a veritable paradise.
There is a large outdoor pool; we have pool parities on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. (Weather permitting). We have two large self serve bars (BYOB) ice and mixers are provided. There is a large indoor spa and a dance floor. Seven private rooms, you can reserve a room for an overnight stay or sleep under the stars in your camper or tent. A Buffet is provided on Saturday nights. We have two lounge areas to sit and meet some of the greatest people you will ever meet. There is a large parking area, lockers & shower facilities, television with Adult Movies, Ladies powder room w/bidet, and large dance floor. For more info you can go to our web site at.


E-mail us at- retreatfun@aol.com

Call for an Interview Today (724) 246-8012.


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