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We have been to an array of parties in the city, so we're trying to bring together what we liked on different parties (kind of make a "perfect party" of our own). Finally we found a location where we could create something like that, and we created Twist Private Party. Twist is a members only private club which caters to lifestyle couples who wish to share adult intimacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. The club encourages members to explore all aspects of sensual pleasure and human sexuality by providing a positive, non-threatening forum for discussion, communication and meetings. The intent of Twist is to promote and facilitate membership gatherings to explore, exchange and share in various human sexual behaviors in a safe, discreet and non-judgmental way. Whether you seek to participate or observe, Twist provides the venue in which open minded people can meet like minded people for on-premises adult fun. Dress code: Always sexy and classy, if we will have themed parties special suggestions will be indicated on the invitation. Membership to Twist is NOT open to single males. We are open 10:00 pm - 4:00 am Contact Lana: 415.694.0877 lana@twist-sf.com

Kypris and Steven invite you to awaken your body through tantra! Explore through private sessions and playshops your full potential as a lover and sexual being. Yabyummy is committed to the concept that sexuality is yummy, healthy, and healing. Tantra teaches us that sexuality is not only fun but also blissfully spiritual. It is the art of learning to be fully present in the pleasure and sensuality of your body, as well as in your feelings.
Do you want to explore new horizons in your sexuality?
Do you want to learn to be a more scrumptious lover?
Do you want to experience the sensual pleasure of fully receiving someone's touch and passion?
Do you want to give completely to someone while they totally surrender to your loving caress? Whatever it is that your heart desires, let us be your guides.
Sessions are Available in San Diego, California Contact Kypris at kypris@yabyummy.com or 760 522-2554 Steven at steven@yabyummy.com or 619 321-8599 to schedule

S.C.P.S. is about upscale venues, elegance, and class combined in an erotically charged atmosphere. We are above all about pleasure, fun, and enjoyment. Our number one concern is you, our audience. We want to provide a pressure free environment to enhance your ability to socialize, dance, or just kick back, and relax if that's your desire. Most importantly we are there to make sure you enjoy the evening. Our hosts are there for your pleasure, and to ensure you have a memorable experience. Socializing, meeting new, and exciting couples is what our experience is all about. Let us be the icebreakers if you wish. We will make any introduction requested, you just need to ask, think of us as your private concierges.
Parties are invitation only to ensure comfort and enjoyment for all guests. Entry is granted to established guests, and new invitees at the organizers discretion; if you would like to attend an event and feel that you would make a valid addition, contact us so that we may asses your suitability. S.C.P.S. reserves the right to refuse admission to any single females, couple, or group at our sole discretion. We do not grant invites to ANY SINGLE MALES. We reserve the right to remove any guest from our venue, guest list, and database as deemed appropriate. Behavior that is not conducive to the total enjoyment of other guests shall not be tolerated. Your attire, comportment, and composure will determine your suitability for the party. Anything that has a negative impact on the enjoyment of other guests will result in your immediate removal from the venue and a possible ban on all future events. So please, be responsible. We do not condone the use of drugs, overindulgence of liquor, or any other antisocial behavior.

Steve and Silvers
Our parties are from 8:00 PM till 2:00 AM and typically held on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month. During the holidays some exceptions are made.
Please arrive prior to 9:30 PM as we lock the front door which provides Steve, Silver and our Friendly helpers the opportunity to join in the party also. Your consideration of this request will be greatly appreciated.
The average age of those who attend our parties is between 40 and 60 with some younger and some older. The minimum age is 35 years old.
The majority of people who attend our parties are over 40 years of age (mature but active adults). Body types of those who attend vary but the majority of women are BBW's (Big Beautiful Women). Most men who attend are of average body type with some middle age spread.
Large bath sheet towels will be provided. You may want to bring a robe and slippers, since its cooler outside in the evening.
Please bring your own condoms and lubricant.
You are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages; we will provide soft drinks, ice, cups, etc. and we'll provide labels to mark your drinks.
Attendance is by invitation only and limited, so be sure to request an invitation early. Invitations can only be extended by Steve & Silver. If someone has referred you to our parties you still need to receive an invitation directly from Steve & Silver before attending. Please contact us REQUEST AN INVITATION.
Who's invited? - Invitations are extended to Couples, Unaccompanied Females and Select Unaccompanied Males in the lifestyle.
All Couples must enter the house together and depart together.
Contact us for an invitation by clicking here: REQUEST AN INVITATION
Smoking Policy
We provide both smoking and non-smoking areas to accommodate our guests. Smoking is prohibited within the house, except as listed below.
Smoking is permitted on the outside patios.

Orange County , California
Phone: 818-917-3122
Email: info@studio54x.com
Website: www.studio54x.com

Indulge your senses and party with the elite at the most outrageous and unique adult playground in the world... STUDIO 54X!
STUDIO 54X parties are produced by the same Hollywood Production Company that produces Emmy & Academy Award events.

STUDIO 54X produces private parties for the Lifestyle including state-of-the-art Sound, Lighting and Video systems, erotic dancers, poles & playrooms.

STUDIO 54X is committed to bringing the finest Celebrity-Caliber events to the Lifestyle. Our parties are non-pushy, erotically charged & safe for couples to explore their fantasies. Couples attend to dance, peruse, socialize and privately meet other couples and single girls. Cameras are not allowed to ensure our guests privacy.

STUDIO 54X has provided DJ's, Dancers, Sound, & Lighting to lifestyle parties and resorts around the world...

Desire, Cancun
Hedonism, Jamaica
Yolo Cruises, Grand Cayman, Belize
Swingfest, Miami
San Francisco Swingers Convention
So. Cal. Pleasure Seekers
Bliss Party, L.A.
Lust Party, L.A.
Lovin' Life Party, Palm Springs
Lifestyles Convention, Las Vegas

STUDIO 54X is currently producing parties at the THE MANOR - The hot new on-premise Mansion party located in Woodland Hills, CA. Open on select Saturday nights for Couples and Single Girls.

Suite Connections Private Parties
We are two Socal couples on a friendly mission to bring you a different kind of sensual experience.
We are not your typical lifestyle swap fest. What we are is a place where you can come have a drink, relax and make your own unique erotic experience at your own pace. Our parties incorporate a seductive ambiance. They are low key, private and only for couples. We select hotel locations accessible to dining and nightlife so that your night has a pleasant beginning and a fabulous end.
Your invitation to our event is confidential and subtle. We do not mandate you to do anything except enjoy yourself. We don't charge outrageous amounts and we don't make you feel out of place. You and your partner are treated with respect at all times. The only thing we ask is that you're a couple or a single female, drug free, between the ages of 21 and 41, respectful, educated, stylish and open-minded.
Our parties are held at Hotel Luxury Suites throughout Southern California. The parties usually commence at 10PM and go well into the night. An invitation to one of our parties gives you a specific time, location and suite number(the day of the event). Please keep in mind that hotel rules apply to everyone and IN NO WAY IS THE HOTEL AFFILIATED WITH "SUITE CONNECTIONS." All party inquiries must be made directly to us. Anyone holding an invitation to our parties must be extremely discreet.

Thad has hosted swing parties for consenting adults in San Diego County since 1974. Here is some insight into the "King Of Swing", and why his club was started and some of the notorious history behind him. Take a website tour of Thad's, the most erotic party house in Southern California.

The Carnal Manor  
Welcome to The Carnal Manor (TCM). We are a private Lifestyle party established in May 2000 and currently located at an exclusive three-acre estate, in Thousand Oaks, California. Our guests enjoy the several play rooms in our 5000 sq. ft. house along with the sexy heated pool, the hot steamy spa, the rockin' dance floor and of course, the selective, incredibly sexy TCM guest list. If you are among the hundreds of couples that have attended our wonderful wickedly wild parties over the past 4 years, then you know how awesomely sexy and outrageously sensuous our guests are. If you haven't yet experienced our incredibly seductive environment, be ready to fulfill your fantasies and get your world rocked! This sophisticated soiree is for couples and select females and is about your sensuality and desires.
For your refreshment, enjoy the many varieties of soft drinks, delicious juices and waters at our pool-side bar. If you wish alcoholic beverages, we ask that you please bring your personal favorites with you. TCM does not sell alcohol to any of its guests. We do provide the appropriate mixers for your favorite libation.
If you're hungry, we serve a catered buffet dinner. Perhaps a more sweet, delectable taste is on your mind, in that case, enjoy our rich and scrumptious desserts that will make you a hedonist after the first bite. The hosts always take time to personally meet each couple and throughout the evening assist in making introductions.
Every sensual amenity is meticulously looked after, especially for the ladies. When you enter our doors, expect to experience a grand night of erotic decadence, combined with a wickedly wondrous fun time while meeting a really cool group of people! TCM is in its 5th year producing Lifestyle parties and is proud to offer to its guests, this exciting, new hedonistic playground. Complimentary Valet Parking is on our estate grounds. We are now hosting 3 Saturday night shindigs each month.

Valley Flirts  
Oxnard Street
Tarzana , California

Phone: 661-400-8733
Email: valleyflirts@yahoo.com
Website: www.valleyflirts.com

We are John and Jessica founders of the newest sexy parties VALLEY FLIRTS in the LA area! and Riverside with fifty to one hundred and thirty couples and single females attending
Valley Flirts is an all new private upscale party for couples and single females looking for more! It doesn't matter if you've been in the lifestyle for years or just curious, we welcome all! It is our goal to make sure that everyone is comfortable and have a great time!
Being in the lifestyle for awhile we have been to some amazing parties, and not so good parties too! We want to make sure that you always feel that Valley Flirts is an amazing party. We know how to do it right and what people want.
Valley Flirts is an on premise all new sexy party for couples and single females looking for more. We will be having weekly parties at a 5,000 sq. ft. secluded hill top house in TARZANA, Ca 5 bed room 5 bath with a pool, jacuzzi, pool , large dance floor with dj lighting and sound stripper pole lots of play rooms and pvt rooms and many other sexy luxuries! BYOB, but we have the mixers and food! lots of on street parking.security gate very pvt and upscale.Come out and party with us! We promise you'll have a great time! jessica and john :)
New couples and single females wanting to attend a Valley Flirts party should contact us and we will then be able to send you an invitation for our upcoming party. Once we have you on our list we will continue to send to party invites!
Please feel free to let others know about Valley Flirts! Just ask them to e-mail us and we will be able to invite them.
Hope to see you at the next Valley Flirts party! Come feel the Energy at valleyflirts

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